The Alabama-Texas A&M Running Diary: Part II

September 17, 2013

CONTINUED FROM YESTERDAY’S FIRST HALF DIARY… 5:42 – We have a second half kickoff!  Texas A&M has some work to do. 5:45 – Alabama just went three-and-out after McCarron overthrew a wide open receiver over the middle.  I’m torn on how I feel about McCarron as a pro prospect.  On one hand, he’s lost only twice over his career and has two BCS championship rings.  On the other, well, that was a bad throw he just made.  I feel the exact same way about McCarron as I did Greg McElroy, even though I know McCarron has more physical tools.

The Alabama-Texas A&M Running Diary: Part I

September 16, 2013

Saturday’s rematch between Alabama and Texas A&M drew the highest television ratings for a regular season college football game in seven years.  To be sure, it felt like we waited seven years to actually see it played.  Ever since Johnny Manziel rose to superstardom by upsetting the Crimson Tide last November, September 14, 2013 had been circled on the calendar, dissected throughout the college football world, and mentioned as the main event for an entire season. To commemorate this historic event and Alabama’s thrilling 49-42 victory, I decided to keep a minute-by-minute diary…