The Postgame Tailgate (Wk 1)

September 8, 2010

Hello all, I decided (rather last minute) to do another season of The Postgame Tailgate, my weekly video wrap-up. I generally guarantee nothing in life, but if you don’t like this video series, you’ll receive a full refund by emailing Anyway, the first episode was kind of hastily put together – there will be much more video and segments etc. as the season progresses. Please be kind. Note: You can subscribe to the feed for The Postgame Tailgate here.

Big Eastin’ It with David Fox

August 21, 2009

Ty and Dan talk with David Fox from about the Big East’s national profile, the impact of Greg Paulus on Syracuse’s football team, the trajectory of the West Virginia program, and the impact fantasy players in the conference. Plus, multiple voice messages and a MONSTER mailbag to help kill your Friday in celebration of the Solid Verbal being spotlighted by iTunes! (Episode 53) Subscribe: E-mail: Voicemail: 206-338-1784 Website: