National Signing Day Special (2/3/2016)

February 3, 2016

Ty talks with Brandon Huffman about the biggest storylines from National Signing Day 2016, including Charlie Strong’s big haul, Clay Helton’s late surge, and Jim Harbaugh’s general weirdness. Plus, the instant impact players in this year’s recruiting class, the programs that overperformed on the trail, and much more. Most importantly, the brave story of Brandon’s daughter Avery in her fight against DIPG and how Verballers can help raise awareness for childhood cancer. Photo by Kimberly P. Mitchell (USA Today Sports)

National Signing Day! (2/6)

February 7, 2013

Ty and Dan break down all the news from National Signing Day with Brandon Huffman from, including the rise of Ole Miss, the emergence of UCLA, the arms race between Ohio State and Michigan, momentum of Texas A&M and Notre Dame, and Bill O’Brien’s tightwire act.  Plus, an exhaustive breakdown of the best names (and porn names) in this year’s recruiting class and the dizzying linguistic exercise of trying to pronounce Laquvionte Gonzalez. [powerpress]

Jersey Bore: Better Ways to Make Your Recruiting Announcement

February 2, 2011

If you identify with terms like “college football fanatic,” “recruiting junkie,” or “single,” there’s a chance that today means a little something more to you than the average Wednesday.  Indeed, today is an unofficial holiday, when Tom Luginbill warms the cockles of your heart, message boards come to life with the tales of imaginary sources, and grown men trade Facebook pokes with 18-year old athletes who would hate them if they knew them. Welcome to National Signing Day, where national championships are really won. And dignity is really lost. But not always.  See, as technology keeps creating newer, faster, more . . .