The Solid Verbal Joining Forces With SiriusXM’s theScore Radio, Channel 98

September 3, 2010

As The Solid Verbal is set to enter its third full season of college football coverage, it is with great pleasure that we announce that, starting this Saturday at 12:00 PM ET, The Solid Verbal can also be heard on theScore Radio, channel 98 on SiriusXM dials across North America. Since the very beginning, the intent of The Solid Verbal was always to be an entertaining news source for all things college football, and, most importantly, a way for everyday fans to have their voices heard. The support we’ve received on this two-year journey has been nothing short of overwhelming. . . .

Join the Solid Verbal Pick ‘Em Pool!

August 29, 2009

Solid Verballers: There’s still time to join the Solid Verbal Podcast pick ’em pool.  Though our first group filled to capacity, we’ve created a second group to accommodate additional participants.  Think of it as the SEC East vs. the SEC West.  Two divisions, only one Three Wolf Moon / Three Keyboard Cat Moon shirt to go around. To enter, go to Yahoo’s main College Pick ‘Em page and create your entry.  Our group ID is 16196 and our password is solidverbal.  Feel free to invite friends. Good luck! –Ty & Dan