Ty and Dan delve into a healthy batch of college football and non-college football questions courtesy of the listening public.  It gets a little weird.



Show Summary

In today’s episode of The Solid Verbal, Ty and Dan take a break from the guest circuit and answer questions from listener emails, tweets and Facebook messages.

They start off with the shocking news of the day that former four-star recruit Gunner Kiel decided to transfer after spending one year with Notre Dame and later speculate as to where he might land.

The guys open up the mailbox and give their thoughts on who could be the surprise team come next season and stay away from some obvious choices, picking Virginia Tech and Cal among others.

A reader poses the question as to how easy Ohio State’s 2013 schedule is based on a scale of 1-to-10 drunk Paris Hilton’s. They run through the schedule and, at this point in time, foresee the schedule at being an 8 on the drunk Paris Hilton scale.

Ty and Dan get into some movie talk, first discussing what their name would be in a sports-related porno. They shift into talking about what movies they’ve seen lately, which sports movies they’d like to see remade in 3D and which non-human animated character is the hottest.

They get back into the sporting realm by answering which team they put the most the most hope into before the season, only to be let down. The guys keep on rolling hitting on rivalries, the time they tried to get Bill Simmons on the show, road trip plans for the 2013 season and their holiday power rankings.

The show winds down with one last disgusting hypothetical: Would you rather watch your parents have sex in perpetuity or join them once and never have to watch again? There is only one answer.


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