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In this episode, Ty and Dan examine the NFL scouting reports for Bryce Young, Anthony Richardson, CJ Stroud, Will Levis, Bijan Robinson, and Jahmyr Gibbs and compare them to their own thoughts after watching each player over the last few seasons college. Which players would they draft if they were running an NFL team?

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heat up. We got a lot to talk about. We’ve been talking a lot
about the business stuff over the last week or so with
conference realignment and potential media deals and things
like that. And that’s all important. Don’t get me wrong.
But when you start talking about the business administrative
side, when we’re talking about media rights and numbers and
money and people’s eyes, or in this case, ears tend to glaze over.
That’s not exactly exciting listening by any stretch. So today,
today we decided maybe we’re going to heat things up a little bit and get to a
topic that is near and dear to all of our hearts.
Whether you’re a college football fan or frankly an NFL fan, Dan,
we’re going to start talking about the NFL draft just a little, just a smidge.
And not necessarily because I know anything about the NFL and
team’s needs and draft value and anything that would relate to,
Oh, I could see Bryce Young projecting a, like a, this type of
player in this type of NFL system being protected by lines that shift
and slide in this. Nope. That’s not a thing. I, I have, I barely
have college knowledge as anybody who listens to the show can attest.
I don’t watch the NFL until the playoffs and I really can’t help you out in terms of how
Darnell Washington fits in, you know, 12 personnel in the NFC East or something, but I think
we should use this opportunity as like reporters say, like, look, we empty the notebook, right?
Like we’re going to empty the tank cannon, the take cannon, excuse me, when talking about
some of the more higher profile guys and say, here’s how I feel about this player now that
he has moved on from the college game.
And this is how this is his legacy to me, Dan,
or to you, Ty.
Does that make sense?
– It does.
And you know this because we’ve been doing the show
a long time.
Every year around the NFL draft,
there is this natural source of conflict
between college football fans who watch games religiously
every Saturday in the fall versus the draftniks
who try to project how some of these guys
could fit in on the NFL level.
And a recent example, albeit a bit of a problematic one in hindsight, but I remember watching Deshaun
Watson at Clemson. And I remember saying to you, and I remember people sending in to us,
“Wow, he looks like he could probably be a really good NFL player.” There were doubts.
For sure.
There were doubts before he got drafted. We’re talking about football, not about anything else.
But there were doubts and then Deshaun Watson blew up and turned out to be a really good pro,
at least for a moment in time.
And every college fan out there, like you and I,
said, “We told you!
“We knew it all along.”
What were the draft guys thinking?
This show today, this episode,
is really the college fan’s guide to some NFL draft picks.
What we’ve seen, what we’ve gravitated towards,
as you said, we’ve got a handful, a collection
of some of the bigger name guys
that are obviously going to make headlines,
have already started making headlines
the NFL scouting compine was just over the past week. So we thought we’d go through we thought
we’d take a look at what some folks in the NFL side are saying about the bigger name guys and
what we’re going to say about the bigger name guys just the experience of watching them over
the last three to four years. Yeah, we had who do we have on last year who actually knows this stuff
Nate Tice from the athletic right? Yeah, we’ve had Nate Tyson. We had Bob Mays as I like to call him
Robert Mays, who does a terrific job. I think they podcast together, if I’m not
mistaking. That’s right. Robert Mays and Nate Tice. So I think we’re in good
company when we have people like that on the show because they approach it from
a different angle, probably a better and more productive angle. But did you
watch any clips from the combine this year? I did. Do you read news? What did
anything stand out to you just from like, “Oh, I’m glad he performed physically
Like I expected him to because of what I saw on the field these past one, two, three, four, five years.
That is actually a perfect segue to kick this thing off.
That is a pro segue, Dan, if you are ready to come on to dive in here. Stop it.
Here’s here’s what we’re gonna do. So we’re gonna go through we’re gonna name all these guys and then if you
Would want to draft them
Or if you not want to draft them, that will really be like a binary decision
So it’s a pass/fail if they pass, if you’d want them on your team.
Okay, nice little sound.
If you wouldn’t…
Like that.
(Dramatic music)
Maybe a little overdramatic, but you get the point.
Why don’t we start…
I’m with you.
…with that setup with Anthony Richardson.
You talk about what stood out to me at the NFL Combine.
Anthony Richardson ran a 4.43.
He set the all-time record for quarterbacks in both the vertical and broad jump.
Clearly, Anthony Richardson at 6’4”, 244 is a specimen.
Is a specimen, Anthony Richardson, of course, out of the University of Florida.
He decided to enter the draft early.
The NFL looks at this guy.
I’ve read a lot of the scouting reports.
They see a potential Cam Newton, Dan.
They see Cam Newton.
They see the size.
They see the strength.
They see his athleticism.
They can see how he tested at the combine.
And like, it’s all there.
The physical tools are there.
You look at what he did as a runner at Florida,
big runs, right?
Ran for touchdowns this past season
of 45, 60, 73, 80, and 81 yards.
Just over the past two seasons, excuse me,
not just last season, but you get the point.
He’s got a lot of explosivity in those legs
Clearly given his frame. He’s somebody who you would think could stand up pretty well
To the NFL the the rigor of a 17 game schedule
The weaknesses I think will probably speak to the weaknesses here
but when you look at a guy like Anthony Richardson, obviously get excited about all the all the the measurables, but as
For watching Anthony Richardson as a college player as for the experience of rooting him on we both were pretty into Anthony Richardson
What what say you?
The best of Anthony Richardson at Florida. So whether that was sort of in
relief or as sort of a change up two years ago with Emery Jones and the Dan
Mullins system and then the best of him this past year, year one with Billy
Napier were flashes of being the best quarterback in America. Physically, that
arm, the ability to turn a seven yard run into a 91 yard run. The peak of
Anthony Richardson, you understand why there are Cam
Newton comparisons, but I mentioned this before. I’m most
interested in what a quarterback seventh best throw looks like
11th best throw looks like because ultimately that’s what
wins and loses games right the ability to there. What’s wasn’t
a great throw, but it was a 13 yard completion down the field
to a tight end up the seam and so again, I clearly see what
NFL team see an Anthony Richardson. Sure, but with all of these physical
comparisons, all of these just what’s the phrase type built different. He’s
not built similarly. He’s built different. So you understand the
seduction that an NFL scout would feel because of these measurables because of
the best of Anthony Richardson. The concerning thing to me is when you
compare somebody to Cam Newton, Cam Newton started one year and was
actually excellent all year long. When you compare somebody who has that
burner speed like we saw a little, I saw clips of Justin Fields is here,
right? He was great with the Bears. He was actually excellent with Ohio
State all the time. When you see what Lamar Jackson did actually excellent
all the time. So all of the time, all of the friggin time, that’s how you
end up in New York all the time for a Heisman ceremony. And so the
The concerning thing to me is people are going to say, well,
Josh Allen had accuracy issues and was really raw when he was out Wyoming.
I am always going to see Josh Allen as the exception to the rule.
And that was a level down.
So maybe it’s a competition thing.
Maybe it’s what your teammates are thing.
And I understand the, the change of coaches, some change in system, you
know, that they had a ton of firepower at receiver and running back.
And that obviously kind of fell off a slope this year in terms of where they
were with KaDarious Tony and Kyle Pitts guys like that.
But if we’re talking about a first round quarterback, if not a top five
quarterback, is that where he’s being discussed? I think. Yeah. I mean, some
people have had him as high as one Dan.
One overall the experience of being a Florida fan, which I’m not and watching
Anthony Richardson is you are ready for excellence at any given moment,
transcendent excellence or throwing a hundred and forty seven mile an hour,
you know, slant on third and three yeah to a receiver five yards away. And so
I worry that there’s a little bit of makes the impossible seem possible and
makes the possible seem impossible to Anthony Richardson. That’s that to me is
his legacy where he did things that nobody else in the sport could do at that
size and yet it’s that seventh best throw, ninth best throw, 15th best throw that would
have me pretty heartbroken as a Gator fan probably.
Yeah, well look, I mean there’s a reason they compare him to Cam Newton. There’s a reason.
I get it. Like you said, I understand why NFL people are really into Anthony Richardson.
I love the kid. We did a show last summer, one of the Q&A show, somebody asked us, “Which
Which player are you most excited to watch in 2023?
I said Anthony Richardson.
I said he was the guy I was most excited to watch because not only are the measurables
off the chart and he’s a big specimen and he’s a unique talent, but there’s no question
about the big play ability.
He is exciting to watch.
The best of Anthony Richardson is really freaking exciting.
So I get it.
My problem with him as a draft pick is exactly what you described.
It’s that at least based on these projections, you are drafting based on the flashes and
not so much on the body of work.
Right now,
if we’re talking about right now,
he’s a much better runner than a
I think he knows where to go with
the ball when he drops back, but
accuracy has been all over the
Accuracy needs to be fixed.
The Scouts say that’s mostly a
result of footwork.
They would know better than me
that that can be corrected.
I hope for his sake it can,
but it’s not just the footwork
that needs the work.
There are a lot of things that
need work in the passing game.
He can’t just drop back and be a runner at the next level.
He needs a situation with a good quarterback coach.
He needs a situation where he can wait on the bench and get some seasoning,
not where he’s thrown into the fire and expected to lead, presumably a bad team,
right to the playoffs or to a .500 record.
He is not Joe Burrow coming into the NFL where he’s just ready for it all.
Anthony Richardson is an exciting prospect.
He’s going to need a lot of work.
And I hope for his sake, he is given a situation where
it’s a talented quarterback coach that’s willing to help with
help with some of these things that clearly he needs work on.
I personally.
Wow. For as excited as I am about Anthony Richardson as a prospect,
and I’m rooting like hell for all of the kids we’re going to describe,
not rooting against any of these guys openly.
I like Anthony Richardson.
If I were drafting, I wouldn’t pick him.
not in the first round. It’s too big of a risk. I understand where you’re coming
from. Um, quarterback is everything as we know. I don’t think I would either
because he is immediately going to be seen as a savior and they’re going to
try whoever it is. I don’t know if it’s Indy or Houston or whoever ends up
taking him. They’re going to prefer to sit him for whatever amount of time for
him to get comfortable, to get, you know, acclimated to NFL speed and systems
and everything like that. But I just think I think it’s too much pressure on him. And
I kind of understand why he turned pro. I’m sure he looked at where Florida’s roster is
right now and said to himself, I might as well try and get better quicker in the NFL.
And I don’t know if the transfer market was any sort of possibility. But like, where would
he go? Where would he go that he was that there is a an immediate job available that
would welcome him with open arms, probably a lot of schools. But is he immediately going
get better at Alabama? Probably. But you weigh the calculus of
going back to college. And if he has already seen because of his
physical potential as a top five pick, right? What do you have to
prove? You have nothing to prove. You have nothing to gain by
going. You’re already there. Yeah. To a different situation
where you have to learn the offense. And frankly, you, I
think, stand more a chance of devaluing your draft stock. If
you, if you make a move like that, he could be the first
overall pick and he didn’t have to do that. So, I root for him but I think we’re
both on the same page here. We’re saying no.
I would really hesitate unless he got a full year and had that great coach and
had the roster around him. And I have no reason to believe that he isn’t sort of
a great quarterback student and a nerd about the position. You don’t get this
far in life as a quarterback without, you know, having that aptitude. So,
I’m I want to believe right. The old X files, right? Yeah, I want to believe but you know,
there’s just a little bit that that worries me and might say more about Florida than anything
where Florida is at as a program right now where he’s just looking at what’s coming back and what
isn’t there and saying, you know, no, yeah, it’s time. It’s time. It was time. It was time. All
right. Where do you want to go next? Let’s say quarterback. Let’s go, Bryce Young. Bryce Young,
Dan 5’10 and 1/8 inches tall, 204 tipping the scales at 204.
That is the headline.
That is the headline.
The headline is not that Bryce Young won a Heisman.
The headline is not anything that Bryce Young did in his
brief stay at Alabama, albeit very, very, very productive and
very impressive.
Two years, third on the bench.
Yeah, it is. He’s small. He’s slight by comparison. There are all sorts of numbers about
quarterbacks this size and whether or not they worked out whether or not they they didn’t
I know the experience of watching Bryce Young out there on a Saturday
He scared the hell out of everyone who played him
I wouldn’t say he’s a runner
But he is crazy elusive and he always keeps his eyes up. That’s the thing
that killed people with Bryce Young. I think of the Texas game from last season. Down by two,
about a minute and a half left, nine plays, 61 yards, kicking a field goal. He didn’t kick the
field goal, but got him in field goal range. They end up winning 20-19, largely on the back of
his ability to be elusive, to keep his eyes downfield. And when a play breaks down to find
somebody open. He’s very good at doing that. I have to believe
those skills translate to the NFL, despite the fact that he’s
a bit undersized. But the guys that go to the NFL, and we see
this a lot in college, who their primary is not open, they put
their eyes down, they commit to the run, they just bolt, those
guys generally don’t work out. But the guys like Bryce Young,
who have the wherewithal to look downfield at all times while
scrambling outside the pocket. Those are the ones that I think
you keep your eye on. So I’ve said this time and again, if I
were picking any of these quarterbacks, any of the four
that we’re going to discuss here today, the one that I would
take, I think hands down will be Bryce Young. I get the concerns
about his size. I know there’s definitely a durability
conversation to be had. A 17 game NFL schedule is grueling. I
would take Bryce Young.
As would I, I would take Bryce Young for the reason that
stepping into the program at Alabama that has the expectation
of essentially win a national championship or it’s a failure
won a Heisman and whatever shortfalls came to Alabama this
past season losing to Tennessee losing to LSU.
I largely feel like an injured Bryce Young and a defense that
gave up to Tennessee were largely the culprits for why
Alabama didn’t win a national championship this year now,
that’s or at least compete for at least find themselves in
the playoff with the ability to compete for because Georgia
was also clearly beyond, beyond, beyond. But with regard to Bryce Young goes to a high profile high
school, goes to a high profile college, immediately looks comfortable running a show.
Big show on a big stage. The thing that I guess the worry to me, and it’s not as much maybe the
size and like, yes, you’re 5’10”, what’d you say, 204, 5’10” and a half?
5’10” and 1/8″ then to be exact.
5’10” and 1/8″, 204 pounds. Yeah, there is the idea of,
Yeah, he’s smaller. Absorbing contact is, you know, going to be a bigger issue. I think no
quarterback has weighed in in the first round that small. It’s something like that. Like the
lightest one was about 207. Yeah, it’s been a long time since we’ve had somebody this light.
He was able to get away with both literally and figuratively was able to get away with a lot
because of his foot speed, his improvisation ability against really good SEC defenses.
some okay SEC defense. You hit the nail on the head. He always had his eyes downfield.
And people talk about video game numbers, comparing players to video game characters.
The video gameyness of Bryce Young over these past couple years has been,
starts to scramble, all of a sudden a linebacker in coverage sucks up to spy him or to cut him off
before a first down and Bryce Young does that gentle toss over the linebacker’s head to the
the guy he was covering to the safety’s guy, whatever, which you can do in video
games because we’re not the ones sprinting easier said than done on an
actual football field. And so that to me is is Bryce Young’s talent. As we’ve
seen quarterbacks who have succeeded and developed these past couple years, you
have to have the ability to both throw in rhythm within an offense. You know,
you take your three step your five step drop, and this is when the tight end
should appear over the seam. This is when the comeback should appear along the
sideline. Bryce Young definitely has the ability to do this and we talked about this with Caleb
Williams, which I’m sure this is near conversation next year has the ability shows the ability,
but sometimes it seems from afar relies on his own ability to buy time and go for an even bigger
play because of the amount of time he can buy with receivers getting more and more open with space
downfield whatever so i think that’s going to be an acclamation because as good as sec edge rushers
you know harold perkins got to bryce young the top of the top can get to bryce young yeah at
the next level Nick Bosa is going to get to bryce young because everybody’s Harold Perkins everybody’s
nick bosa across the league and so him understanding his limits as somebody who can buy that time
will be fascinating to watch because if he doesn’t calibrate well early on, he’s going
to go down a lot. Yeah, so it is that comfort level. But yeah, of these guys, the quarterback
who rose to the moment most often to me was Bryce Young. And you know, in a number of
ways, it actually feels like he was a little disappointing just because so many Alabama
quarterbacks before him won national championships. And he was the guy who for a number of reasons,
be it offensive line inconsistency,
you know, the receiving talent level,
you know, the coaching attrition
that happened on both sides of the ball,
whatever reason, I’m sure there’s a lot
that went into Alabama not winning a national championship
with Bryce Young, but yeah, there was that little bit like,
huh, that’s just a different kind
of Alabama quarterback career
because he wasn’t able to come away with the hardware.
– He threw 80 touchdowns to 12 interceptions
over his Alabama career.
That includes one touchdown in his freshman year.
But as you said, the last two seasons
have just been ridiculous.
I mean, do the math, 79 touchdowns
to just 12 interceptions.
He’s been very, very solid.
The NFL does not, the NFL.com breakdown for Bryce Young
does not list a comp.
They don’t have a comp for him.
I think it’d be very easy to compare him
to a guy like a Kyler Murray.
– Sure.
– If only because of the size.
Kyler Murray was 5’10”, 207 at the Combine.
Definitely on the extreme smaller side
in both of their cases.
I would caution against going too far with that comparison.
Kyler Murray was and still is an exceptional athlete.
He could have been a pro baseball player.
His arm is stronger.
He’s much, much more of a runner.
He’s quicker.
These are not the same players.
So don’t draw that comparison.
Even Kyler Murray has had mixed results, right?
Nevermind the off-field stuff, whether or not he’s into Call of Duty.
You know, he has had some injury history already in his time in the league.
And so, I think it’s a fair point to raise with respect to Bryce Young.
I just keep coming back to what we saw out there.
He’s incredibly mature and his ability to understand the offense right away.
Right away.
First year as a full-time starter, right away understood it, picked it up, was like a second coach out on the field.
the field. His ability to scramble, to buy time, I think is not something you can teach.
Again, keeping his eyes down the field makes him very dangerous. He’s the type of guy that
you time and again would say, “Well, we left him too much time.”
His command of the offense, always knowing where guys are, being able to adjust on the fly is
something that will definitely put him at, I think, a great advantage as he moves on to whatever team.
He will be drafted at the first round. He should be. I think
somebody will be very happy with him. I get where you’re
coming from.
If your team were drafting a quarterback, though, if your
team is the Giants, correct?
I’ve said before, I would take Bryce Young. Yeah.
You would take Bryce Young.
I’d love to have Bryce Young.
Look, the ability on a certain level that he is going to be
asked for, he will be contained within a pocket to go through
progressions at 5’10”. And look, guys have done it. Whether it’s
Kyler Murray, Drew Brees, Russell Wilson. It’s more difficult to look
over the heads of a 6’7″ left tackle or something. Sure. When you’re
5’10” than when you are when you’re 6’4″, 6’5″. It’s just there’s a difference.
There is an arm angle thing. There is a footwork thing. It’s a it’s more
difficult. The degree of difficulty is there. If you believe that he can do
it and you’re a Giants fan, who am I to tell you but it’s just I’m just
say it’s there’s more on his plate at that size than there would be if you were a little bit
taller. It’s absolutely a challenge, but I’m in on a man. Okay, same. I think so. Same.
All right. Where do you want to go next? Do you want to go? Let’s just round out quarterbacks.
We got a couple more quarterbacks, right? We’ve got Will Levis and CJ Stroud.
Let’s go to CJ Stroud next.
Let’s do CJ Stroud.
The comp that I saw was Jared Goff.
Jared Goff, CJ Stroud 6’3″, 214, official measurements.
I think given where the news is at now with this pre-draft news cycle,
CJ Stroud in a sense has almost been overshadowed by Bryce Young, by Anthony Richardson, by
Will Levis, who we’ll talk about here momentarily.
But he might be the one with the fewest questions.
You know, he is the most accurate passer of this bunch his touchdown interception ratio
We just talked about Bryce Young’s the last two years for CJ Stroud 85 touchdowns to just 12 interceptions
Which is almost impossible. That is an impossible
Collection over two seasons. Are you kidding me? He has done nothing but produce at an
Extraordinarily high level in in these last two years a starter and I know you could say well
Look at the talent around him. You know, he’s got the best receivers. He’s got a great line. He’s got a good backfield. I
Don’t think Will Levis is putting up these numbers at Ohio State
I’m not sure Anthony Richardson is putting up these numbers at Ohio State CJ Stroud has been very very solid
Well, we have seen what we have talked about and I’m sure you’re gonna get into this a little bit
Is a few of those deer and headlight moments with him, right when the play breaks down and the primary guy isn’t open
There are moments like that throughout his college career
Where somebody confused him the play broke down and then we had some strange results
We had some strange throws in those scenarios. I
Think he got better though. I you know, we watched a lot of Ohio State this past season. I feel like he got better
I don’t feel like either of Ohio State’s two losses this past season
Against Michigan or Georgia or his fault in the Georgia game. He was sensational
I thought I thought he showed a lot of growth in a big spot
It was not his fault that they lost they damn near could have won that game
So I think again of all the quarterbacks out there
He may not have as high of a ceiling as a guy like an Anthony Richardson or maybe even like a guy
Such as Bryce Young, but I think there are fewer questions about CJ Stroud coming into this draft cycle
I’m all in men. I’m in on him. I like him a lot
– As do I, I’ll figure out, I’ll talk my way through
the CJ Stroud experience right now.
But CJ Stroud is a quarterback that almost nobody
had the luxury of rooting for these past couple years.
Because the best of CJ Stroud has been and was a quarterback
who confidently took a snap in rhythm,
threw downfield at the exact right moment
to any one of a bajillion terrific receivers.
whether it was Emeka Egbuka or Julian Fleming
or Marvin Harrison Jr. this past year
or Jaxson Smith-Njigba,
Chris Olave, Garrett Wilson the year before,
and good tight ends.
And it almost reminds me of the fact
that Ohio State didn’t necessarily revolutionize offenses
these past couple years with CJ Stroud
in the way that LSU didn’t necessarily revolutionize.
They weren’t doing anything crazy special
with Joe Burrow in 2019.
He was just so incredibly confident and on time
and throwing to excellence.
And so his understanding, like CJ Stroud’s understanding
of their respective offenses was off the charts.
And so the best of Ohio State was,
you’re gonna drop 60 on you in the first half?
Because I just know exactly when Marvin Harrison Jr.
is gonna be open up the seam out of the slot.
I know exactly what defense,
I know exactly where the holes are in your cover three,
and I know the precise millisecond to hit Cade Stover
or whoever.
And I would personally cherish and love
rooting for CJ Stroud as my college quarterback.
Now, only one of our teams beat CJ Stroud in Ohio State.
So I think I can speak to this
a little bit more specifically.
– That’s what I mean.
– You are praying, you are praying that your defense
can do just a little bit to confuse and delay CJ Stroud,
because that’s where his strength seems to be.
It’s in that timing, in rhythm, in the pocket.
And Oregon did a pretty good job of that.
They were able to play the possession game.
I think they at least had one pick,
which is rare for CJ Stroud, as you mentioned,
and you hope to get him off platform.
Now, like you mentioned, he got way better off platform
as his career progressed.
And look what he did against Georgia,
the best team in the country this past year.
He was, as you put, sensational.
So we have that data point now.
Like how does he do not against Michigan State, not against Indiana, not against,
you know, Penn State, which he actually had some down moments against Penn
State’s defense this year, but the best of the best of the best and struggled
against Michigan, but came back and didn’t erase it, but added a positive
data point with what he did against Georgia down, arguably one of his two
best receivers all season long this year in Jackson Smith and Jigba made a
superstar out of Marvin Harrison Jr.
So I come away thinking, yes, you need to be able to improvise.
You need to be great off platform in the NFL because your offensive line is not
going to, you know, bat a thousand.
Your receivers are not going to do exactly the right thing, every play.
So I trust him to develop that feel.
And if he’s a little bit more willing to on third and seven, take nine yards
on the ground and go out of bounds, if he’s able to, you know, figure out
protections on the NFL level, which I confident he will.
and roll out in the right direction and you know fight wait know that a tight
end is going to be open across the middle or
you know a guy running a drag route is going to be open at this moment and buy
himself time to to get the ball to that guy i think
he’s going to be excellent i really do i think all the reports of his work
ethic his command his poise if he’s able to develop that innate
feel when things break down which is not a given
again with Nick Bosa, you know, bearing down on you.
I’m I’m a buy on CJ Stroud. I just am. Yeah,
I think I think I’m with you and look a lot of what you
mentioned a lot of the ifs the qualifiers are things that are
called out here in this scouting report that I’ve got in front
of me hesitance to use his legs labor’s to get square to the
target when rolling out talking about the off platform exactly
stuff right needs to be better at recognizing and respecting
safeties, right? When the primary is not open, make sure you’re not throwing into, you know,
the wrong spot on like a cover to that type of thing. Interceptions arising from when he refuses
to come off his primary. So these are things that feel coachable. I’m not a coach by no means.
Have I been a quarterback? These seem like common things. These seem like wrinkles as opposed to
Really big questions like we might have with a guy like an Anthony Richardson who is still very green in terms of passing
CJ Stroud is a much more finished product at least on the passing side. He’s never been a runner
He’s never been a runner. That’s not to say he’s not athletic. We’ve seen him move around in the pocket
He has a good feel for the pocket
He knows what he’s doing out there for sure
But if he can be a little bit more mobile if he goes to a bad team
He’s probably a top 10 me easily a top 5 pick maybe a top 10 pick
I don’t know how things will shake out for him, but he probably goes to a bad team where he’s gonna have to showcase
Some of that athleticism with a line in front of him that might not be up to snuff at least initially
I really I really like him. I really like him
I think he’s much more of a finished product than any of the other two guys that we mentioned any of the three guys
Does it worry you at all?
There is one game circled for Ohio State and these past couple seasons. He did not necessarily
rise to the stage and meet that moment.
Yes and no. All for four quarters.
Yes and no. Okay. I mean,
part of that, sure,
maybe we can
look at CJ Stroud and what he did in that Michigan game,
but we also need to talk about the Ohio State defense
not being able to stop the Michigan offense. For sure.
You know, that was much more of a factor
in Ohio State losing than CJ Stroud.
I totally agree,
but it also is
a reality that your team is not gonna be excellent
every week and if you’re a quarterback,
there are going to be games, especially big ones,
where you will, like we saw Deshaun Watson do
against Alabama, you will your team to victory
with your unquestionable excellence.
And if we’re talking about somebody in the top five,
top 10, if we’re talking about a quarterback
at Ohio State, which has all of the pressures
in the world that any of these other quarterbacks
that are playing at Alabama or USC
or any of these huge places that they have.
CJ Stroud met the moment against Georgia on a neutral site,
but it was in a dome, you have extra time to prepare,
right, it’s a more ideal situation even with that opponent.
But outside, in the elements,
with the biggest spotlight on you,
it gives me pause.
I saw a quote from him that he would have won two Heismans,
or maybe somebody was about him, I don’t remember.
But if it weren’t for two games,
we’d look at CJ Stroud differently.
And I hate that line of thinking,
because if it weren’t for these wheels,
I wouldn’t be a bicycle.
And that’s the thing that I always like,
eh, man, those were the moments
that I wanted to see just a bit more.
– We are in agreement, shall we get to our final quarterback?
– Let’s do it.
– Will Levis tipped the scales at 229 pounds.
He’s got a six foot four frame.
Um, okay
Okay, let me let me get a few things out of the way here with Will Levis quarterback at Kentucky
Will Levis is obviously very talented. He’s proven that he’s very coachable. He’s tough. He’s big personality
He seems like the consummate teammate. He does have a bit of a disturbing relationship with mayonnaise
Which we’re just gonna put to the side
for the purposes of this draft discussion, but he’s easy to root for he’s easy to root for and
My official stance as we make the turn into home of this NFL draft cycle in 2023
My official stance is I like will love us a lot. I just wouldn’t want to draft him in the first round. I
Wouldn’t want to draft him in the first round. I am in
near constant disbelief over Will Levis.
Complete disbelief for two main reasons.
The first is
Penn State had him on the roster, Dan.
Yeah, it was right there.
Penn State had him on the roster two years.
They used him primarily as a backup,
primarily as a battering ram
when they brought him in.
They didn’t even try to develop him.
The version of Will Levis that we have seen
the last two seasons
has almost been a completely different player
than what we saw in State College.
So good on Will Levis
for getting out of there when he did.
Coaches don’t always play the right guys
so you can’t fault
James Franklin for all of them.
Joe Burrow was a backup, yep.
This is a pretty big miss.
This was a pretty big miss, especially given
the ongoing
Sean Clifford experience that we saw
over the last couple seasons, but
nobody could have predicted that Will Levis
will blow up the way that the way that he did. For me as a Penn Stater, I’d be lying if I said I’m
not at least a little bit influenced by that here. I still think back to the 2020 version of Will
Levis when I’m trying to grade out what I want a guy or not. I can’t get that out of my head, but
he clearly has done great things. The second reason, definitely more football related,
you mentioned at the top of the show, we talked to Nate Tice of The Athletic last year.
And at the time, this was right when they were starting to talk about 2023 mock drafts,
a full year in advance. And we all saw the Will Levis hype starting then. And I remember,
I said to him, “Nate, I like you. You know a lot more about football than me.
I think you’re crazy. Why would you put Will Levis this high?” And at the time, his answer,
which I thought was very smart, was basically that Will Levis had a good frame, that he had a
a good arm, he clearly showed that he could take a big step forward with a new system
if given the chance, and he was somebody, not so much that he was planting his flag
in the ground and saying this is a surefire top ten first round pick, what have you.
He was just saying we should monitor him.
We should monitor him.
We should see if he gets better.
Because if he continues on this trajectory, there is no denying the fact that he’s got
top ten talent.
I thought that was a good answer.
Did he develop this year?
So he was hurt this year.
He lost key pieces, including his offensive coordinator.
There are reasons surrounding the Will Levis experience why it wasn’t where it was.
he loses his best receiver and your guy, wandale Robinson, you’re infatuated.
Love him.
wandale Robinson, who was really, really strong a couple of years ago in the liam cohen offense.
So yeah, they’re extenuating circumstances.
You know, he was out without his best running back the first few games of the season this
year and just nothing really consistently clicked for this Kentucky offense. The defense
was inconsistent this year for Kentucky doing the offense, no favors. My worry with Will
Levis is, and I don’t worry as much about like the Penn State baggage and the up and
down nature of his career because there are always reasons why.
My concern is it seems like things need to be ideal for Will Levis to thrive. And it’s
never really gonna be the case it seems the NFL for things to be ideal now we
saw what Brock Purdy come in he ideal situation that seems rare for somebody
to come in and thrive but he also performed in an unexpected fashion as
far as I can tell the will levis thing I understand it I think maybe not more
than you but I think I’m you have the Penn State baggage which might prevent
some of this for you right that I think what a lot of these scouts are looking
at quarterbacks they’re not necessarily saying what was his record what was his
team like a lot of the base level stuff is he’s got to check a number of boxes
before we even consider him right it’s can he make this kind of throw does he
have the arm talent is he accurate what is his frame like what is his speed like
what is you know how do people respond to him personally and then we’ll get
into the tape against the better teams the more average teams and see where his
strengths and weaknesses are it’s clear that going back to last year before the
2022 season. He was seen as somebody who checked a number of boxes. These are the
throws you need to make in the NFL. We’re not even to consider you if you can’t
and he checked those boxes. So there will be a team that talks themselves into
Will Levis because they feel like they can get him that ideal situation. They
can have the coordinator in place, they’ll have the receivers, they’ll have
the line, they’ll have the system, they’ll have the patience to say we’re not
starting you for 12 weeks or for 12 months, something like that. And I
I understand it. I don’t think I’m as out as you are, but I definitely agree with the risky nature
of Will Levis at this point. Just because, just like I said for Anthony Richardson,
it’s not just showing the excellence, it’s consistent excellence. And whether it was
his own injury this year, whether it was the offensive system change, whatever it was this year,
the Kentucky passing attack left me wanting more. And it wasn’t always because of an
and injured, whatever, but it was also because, I don’t know,
the architecture here and Will Levis is just making some weird
decisions a little bit too often, maybe trying to do
everything himself. And so that to me concerns me. So I, for
those reasons, I’m gonna pass on Will Levis, but I, at the
same time, you know, if I’m gonna, I’m gonna be a fence
sitter here. I also get the Will Levis thing. I think I do.
I’m just if you’re if it’s a make/miss kind of show, I think maybe miss me on
Will Levis.
How do you feel about Lance Zeurlein’s comp on NFL.com to Jay Cutler?
That’s interesting.
Jay Cutler’s arm was just out of this world.
In his prime at his best and I don’t know if Will Levis is necessarily there,
but the ability to rise to an occasion.
I mean, Jay Cutler was showing that kind of stuff at Vanderbilt.
And that was not an amazing situation.
So I get it from a certain, you know, just the ability to will a team forward and, you
know, be that shining star almost unexpectedly at times.
But I don’t know.
Jay Cutler was at times a really good NFL quarterback and I’m just not there.
I’m just not sure that Will Levis got better.
And I think you’re right to mention all the qualifiers.
He was hurt.
team wasn’t as good, this team wasn’t as good this year. This Kentucky team was not as good.
I just would expect something better than 98 yards and three picks against Tennessee.
Yeah. I would expect something more than 109 yards and a pick in a home loss against the
aforementioned Vanderbilt Commodores. Stats aren’t everything, I know that. But how much of this
inconsistency are we willing to explain away because he’s got a good frame and a live arm?
You know, there have to be limits to that.
Accuracy has been a struggle.
His ability to sense pressure in the pocket
has been a struggle.
There are real issues with his game
that need to be resolved.
Doesn’t mean that he’s not good enough to rise above it.
We saw what he did just in one year,
moving away from Penn State,
working with Liam Cohen,
and kind of having this meteoric rise in 2021.
That may be in him again.
I’m not rooting for him to fail,
but at least at present,
I think the draftniks are out of their mind with this
projection having him in the top 10.
I honestly think it’s a case where folks are just so invested
in the idea of will love us at this point that there’s, there’s
no return.
It’s in for a dime in for a dollar.
They’re just all in.
And if he goes down, they’ll go down with them.
Well, I think it’s also that somebody has got to get picked,
But like, it’s not just Will Levis’s,
I mean, it is Will Levis’s merits.
That’s the most important thing.
But you’re also comparing him
against a number of other quarterbacks
that have very specific physical or in-game questions.
And so, Will Levis showed more in 2021 at times
in terms of consistency than Anthony Richardson showed
this past year as the full-time starter.
He is better built to be a successful NFL quarterback
because of his size and the ability to withstand hits than Bryce Young is.
He has the athleticism and willingness to lead a team with his legs that perhaps
CJ Stroud doesn’t always have. And so, you’re looking at the different
attributes of Will Levis and you’re saying, “Well, it’s not a perfect
quarterback class. It’s actually a pretty flawed quarterback class. And so,
Is there a certain amount of safety in taking Will Levis because he’s a B+ at a lot of things and not an A and a C in a couple, you know, when you’re comparing different elements of his games?
That’s, I think, how you get talked into the Will Levis experience.
Yeah. And, you know, there is position scarcity, as you mentioned.
If you need a quarterback, you want to make sure you get one of the four that we discussed because
You know, the next man up is Hendon Hooker. I like Hendon Hooker
Maybe we’ll talk more about him as the draft gets closer, but he’s coming off an ACL
And that may not be an optimal situation after Hendon Hooker. You’re talking about guys like Tanner McKee
You’re talking about guys like Clayton Tune
talking about guys like dorian thompson-Robinson, right?
It falls off in a hurry. Jake Haener.
My guy, Jake Haener, I was about to say. Yeah.
Even Stetson Bennett might be a top 10 quarterback,
not top 10 pick in this class.
So if you need a guy, you need a guy.
And I understand overvaluing it as such,
but I’m just, I think I’m out.
I think I’m out on Will Levis.
I root for him, but I can’t talk myself into it.
All right. I hope he wins a Super Bowl in much like the way that Jalen Hurts got the
Oklahoma and Alabama social media. I hope Will Levis goes to a Super Bowl and we get
a Kentucky-Penn State accord congratulating Will Levis on his contributions to football society.
We have a list of other players here. We probably have time for about two more.
All right. Your choice.
let’s talk about Bijan Robinson. let’s get away from quarterbacks if we could and talk about bijan
yeah, um Bijan Robinson is a tank. he is 5’11”. he is 215. he ran a 4.46 40
He is by all accounts a three down running back
Who is good at everything?
We saw that on display at Texas the comp per nfl.com is Josh Jacobs. That makes a lot of sense to me. He is
physical he can do pretty much everything there were many moments over the last couple years where Bijan Robinson strapped, texas football to his back
And he was the reason
They won the game this past season close to 1600 yards
In the rushing game if you add on receiving yards
He’s pretty close to about 1900 yards from scrimmage
So this was by all accounts a very successful campaign a very successful career
for Bijan Robinson, dan
How many times per your recollection
were we having a conversation about Texas football
where the quarterback situation’s kind of in flux,
the receiver situation, like they have the drops,
but Bijan Robinson, again, if he’s out there,
if he’s not nicked up, he is the guy
who’s gonna lead them to the promised land.
I feel like that conversation happened
on a weekly or biweekly basis.
– Yeah, he’s sensational.
i don’t have a lot to talk about with Bijan Robinson just because there are no
physical questions. There are no game questions as you mentioned a three down
back and was able to put you know his own team on his back for stretches of
the season as the passing game started. I did see you see Xavier Worthy
apparently had a broken hand. I saw that half of this season. Sark mentioned that.
I don’t have any questions. I just if I were a team who had a lot to improve
upon on defense and quarterback, I would just say, hope you don’t kill us,
Bijan, because we’re not taking you. if there is a team who has that like final
piece missing at an all-purpose type back and in drafting in the top 15 or
whatever, I don’t have it in front of me, sure, you absolutely should take
Bijan Robinson and then probably not sign him to a second deal because it’s
just that weird position unless he is so good in the receiving game and is such
a matchup nightmare getting linebackers and slower safeties or whatever in coverage that
it’s just a position that I don’t value that much again not as a real NFL fan but we’ve seen
countless teams do incredible things not paying running backs so no I don’t have questions about
him because his burst his ability to sense where defenders are coming from which I guess would be
revision. all of that, all the boxes are checked for Bijan Robinson for me. and i’m just so
I’m exceedingly curious that if he can get to the right team with the right play caller
that can we figure out how to use them as sort of a reverse. I mean there’s a bunch
of guys who fit this mold but like I’m I know I’m saying a lot of 49er players because that’s
the only team I pay attention to. But like Debo right we’re just like we’re going to
move them all over the field. He’s going to be a running back but we don’t want him to
get hit 30 times a game, but we’re going to get creative with
them because I don’t think there is any better piece of putty in
this draft than Bijan Robinson in terms of what you can mold a
player into creatively. So yeah, take take all of my money and
give it to Bijan Robinson. but luckily i am not a gm. yeah, i
mean, here is the pool of other running backs. Tell me if you
would take any of these guys over bijan robinson, Jahmyr
Gibbs. yeah, i would consider it depending on draft value. yeah,
Zach Evans. nope. i wouldn’t take Zach Evans over bijan robinson. israel
Abanikanda. Depends where and who I am, which team I am, but not if I’m
sitting there with the top 15, top 20 pick. No, any of Devin Achane, Zach
Charbonnet or Tank Bigsby.
A chain is interesting, but I don’t find him to be as tantalizing even though he was just
full on great. No again with top 20 top 18 whatever value if my owner and if all of the
decision makers are saying running back running back running back running back game changer
versatile running back who can catch out of the backfield. Bijan Robinson is the if
They’re all on the board.
Bijon is the only answer to me.
– Yeah, I mean, he played 12 games this year at Texas
and was just sensational.
– yeah, Jahmyr Gibbs is interesting to me.
if you were like bijon at 12 or Jahmyr Gibbs at 27,
that is interesting to me because I’ve,
since his first game in college,
and I’ve always mentioned this,
i’ve just been a Jahmyr Gibbs fan club president
just because of the shiftiness and the ability
to change direction without slowing down.
– We can talk about it next. – But short of that?
– yeah, let’s talk about Jahmyr Gibbs next.
– Okay. – We’re, I think,
both in agreement.
Bijan Robinson.
Bijan Robinson first running back off the board.
6.1 yards per carry this past season at Texas.
Very, very good.
1894 from scrimmage.
– I especially like those numbers and like his game
because watching Texas games,
we saw, especially against some of the better teams
and second halves and such that the Texas passing game really
struggled. Yeah. And so it became clearer and clearer do
everything you can to take Bijan Robinson out of this game
and let Quinn Ewers beat you became the strategy for a number
of these teams and yet he’s still produced by and large
still produced. let’s talk about Jahmyr Gibbs. um bijan
robinson had 6.1 yards per carry. so did Jahmyr Gibbs this
past season at alabama Jahmyr Gibbs is a little bit smaller.
He’s 5’9″, he’s 199.
He ran a 4.36 at the combine, which is blazing.
Absolutely blazing.
Um, he projects, again, not my words, these are the words of scouts and people who do this.
He projects as more of a running back too.
You know, not a three down back.
The comp I saw is Alvin Kamara.
Alvin Kamara’s had a really good NFL career for the most part.
So, the fact that he would draw those comparisons I think is very interesting.
He’s also a guy as compared to Bajon who’s a little bit more active out of the backfield.
Caught 44 passes for 444 yards. Very symmetrical, thank you.
This past season. It was something that we talked about in the run-up to the 2022 campaign.
That in lieu of any obvious targets out wide for Nick Saban and Bryce Young,
that they would use Jahmyr Gibbs a little bit more out of the backfield and they’ve done that.
done that. They did do that this past season. Still, I feel like we didn’t talk enough about
him. And I wonder if you can speak to that point because on many of the preseason shows
we did this past year, we were all in on Jahmyr Gibbs being like the best thing since sliced
bread coming over from Georgia Tech. He is going to be a difference maker in this Alabama
offense. That’s not to say that he wasn’t. I just feel like we didn’t talk enough about
him and I wonder why that is.
Well, I think part of it has to do with the fact that some of those running backs, you
know, this string of running backs at Alabama have been so good. Most recently, what Najee
Harris or Harris Ranch with Najee and Damien Harris. They’re around Alabama for a long
time and there’s probably no more household team in America than the Alabama Crimson Tide
just with how many huge games on huge networks against huge opponents Alabama plays. They’re
They’re on CBS all the time.
They’re on ABC in the playoff or ESPN in the playoff.
They’re playing all these huge games.
Jahmyr Gibbs is in a, all due respect to georgia tech, kind of a relative wasteland at the
bottom of the ACC until this past year.
So he does it, his profile coming into the season is, oh, this was the one really strong
offensive player for this down program and now he’s coming to Alabama.
But you’re also now dealing with a Heisman caliber quarterback and the best coach of
all time.
So you’re not really afforded the opportunity to sort of flex the shininess of your star
That’s barely English, by the way, when you come in as essentially a one-year rental.
And Alabama’s defense took its lumps.
So then that got a lot of attention.
The offensive line, you look at the Texas game, that took some lumps.
and so Jahmyr Gibbs was just sort of quiet greatness who didn’t necessarily become a
constant enormous problem for every team that Alabama faced,
like, you know, Derrick Henry, you know, somebody who had built up
their name over time or those great receivers for Alabama. So
I think you can get lost in the shuffle and it almost makes
Jahmyr Gibbs a little bit underrated just because of his
path and profile at Alabama. But I’m just enamored with him. I
am. I don’t know. I shouldn’t. There’s nothing I can really
complain about his game with I don’t know how huge he is how tall and what
is it height and weight by the list that at the moment yeah five nine one
ninety nine right which is a little worrisome if you’re gonna you know be a
receiver if you’re gonna be asked with being an all-purpose player be John’s
taller than him correct yeah yeah so that worries me a little bit but not in
any sort of serious way but yeah I just think he’s gonna end up being an
enormous weapon if he ends up at the right place and somebody is going to
kick themselves and there will be a conversation of like, “Hey,
and they drafted this guy a pick before Jahmyr Gibbs. how
about that? Great job, sarcastically.” So, no. I’m in
on Jahmyr Gibbs, the change of direction, the speed, the
willingness to be an all-purpose guy. I guess it’s just a size
thing and a profile thing at this point. Yeah. I mean, he’s
gonna go in the second round. He’s not a first-round player
per the mock drafts that I’ve seen. It’s been two decades
now where the running back position on draft day has been greatly devalued. It’s just you burn
through running backs very quickly in the league, their knees go, their bodies are blown to
smithereens because of the wear and tear of the position. So teams have devalued it on draft day,
they don’t pick running backs as highly as they used to. and i think Jahmyr Gibbs is probably a
guy who’s very versatile. You can fit him in almost anywhere. I wanted to see more from him
this past season. He already had a good year, but I was a little disappointed by the fact that we
weren’t talking more about Jahmyr Gibbs and that’s for a variety of reasons, many of which are
probably not his fault. So I think he’s he’s great to plug into the right offense and he’s
definitely somebody who can help out of the backfield. I think it also it’s easy at Alabama
to get lost in the shuffle as a running back as they’ve aired it out more these past few years,
first with Tua and Mac Jones and now Bryce Young, where the receivers have been so good and the
scoring has been so electric for the most part for alabama that you don’t look at Jahmyr Gibbs in the
same way as guys where you just handed the ball and they would just constantly bruise and then
bust a big one and look like NFL running backs while still at Alabama. So I guess that sort of
of works against Jahmyr Gibbs.
what a Jahmyr Gibbs, I would say is
probably my favorite player.
With respect to the scouting report.
Can I read a few of these these quips?
Please do.
These are great.
Yeah runs with instant acceleration and gliding strides.
Yep opens the corner by altering tempo and stride to stall
That’s apparently English.
I’m not even sure I understand that sentence.
I’m going to sit down with that sentence and break it down
word for word to make sure I can get to the right place.
Wiggle, wiggle. Wiggle results in low success rate for open field tacklers.
There are definitely more succinct ways to say that sentence, but okay, we’ll continue.
I’m okay with it.
Mismatch weapon in the passing game, we knew that.
Hands are natural, soft, and sure.
Above average potential as a kick returner. We saw that, obviously, at Alabama this past season.
I like him a lot.
I would definitely take a flyer on him.
Right in solidverbal.gmail.com.
let us know your thoughts on jamir Gibbs.
Let us know your thoughts on other players.
We just picked out what six offensive stars that have been
talked a lot about here over the last week or so.
We can continue to do that.
If that’s something you’re interested in, we can do defense
talk a little offensive line if we want.
I don’t know much about that, but sure we can do our best here on the show
Let us know again via email if you are on patreon head on over to the discord
give us your comments about players that we discuss here today or perhaps players that we should discuss next and
Certainly if you are out on social media
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, wherever YouTube, stop on by let us know your thoughts
would be eager to hear your analysis of whether or not you would take any of the six guys
that we discuss here today.
How much of the draft will you watch?
Now that they’re doing it on Thursday nights, it does present an interesting opportunity.
I think I watched all the first round last year and I got pretty deep into Friday, but
then I fell off Friday morning or Saturday morning
whenever they started up, Saturday afternoon.
– I love not watching the draft now,
but I love finding out.
So I generally I’m like playing sports
or I’m playing in some league on Thursday nights now
and the draft at this point takes so long
and because I don’t actively root for an NFL team,
I just see it as an incredible reveal
for whenever I pick up my phone after playing tennis or whatever.
So yeah, I didn’t watch it last year.
I love all of the stuff leading up to it.
I love the stuff after it and seeing where everybody’s going and seeing
reports come out of, you know, mini camp or whatever.
But the actual draft show itself, I’m just, my ADHD can’t handle it.
It just can’t.
Well, we’ll talk more about this.
We’ve got a ways to go here.
Like six weeks.
I think it’s the end of April.
The draft is Kansas City this year.
We will talk more about this.
Maybe we’ll bring Nate or somebody back on to discuss
players as we get a little bit closer as pro days and things of that nature
start to happen.
But in the time being, um, you’re out there in California.
I’ll be doing a solo interview show on Thursday.
So make sure you stop back for that.
And we will have a special treat for everybody for the Bruinay this week.
I promise you.
Ooh, I promise you in your absence, Dan, while you’re out there enjoying some
time away. I’m gonna listen. I can’t wait. We will make it worth your while. For that
guy over there in sunny Southern California, for myself, Ty Hildenbrandt over here in Eastern
PA, thanks again for downloading, for listening, for supporting the show. Make sure you hit
subscribe. We’d love to talk to you again here in the next few days. The offseason rolls on.
Stay solid.


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