Ty and Dan inch ever-so-close to the elusive “Phil Steele Threshold” of 25 subscribers while talking about a wide array of random topics, including:

  • Dan’s trip to The Swamp in Gainesville, FL and his impressions of seeing Tim Tebow up close
  • Ty’s attempt at the Brent Musburger Drinking Game
  • Jimmy Clausen’s ridiculous, Shawn Michaels-style haircut
  • The Lou Holtz “I Have A Dream” Scenario of East Carolina vs. Notre Dame for the BCS title
  • Bill Stewart compared to Russell Brand
  • The Jake Locker Controversy compared to the Knowshon Moreno Highlight Controversy
  • Thoughts on calling star quarterbacks and leaving them threatening messages
  • Weekend previews

Podcast feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/solidverbal
E-mail: solidverbal@gmail.com

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