Ty is off doing day job stuff, so Dan is joined by EDSBS and Deadspin’s Celebrity Hot Tub to discuss all things, well, who knows. There’s a little bit of college football and a lot of life talk in the next hour. I can’t promise you’ll be smarter, but after listening, you’ll definitely be an hour older.



Show Summary

Today on the Solid Verbal, Ty is off working at his mysterious day job so Dan welcomes Celebrity Hot Tub to the show. Hot Tub makes his in-person/voice debut after several years of saying ridiculous things on Twitter under his anonymous moniker. He divulges the origins behind his Twitter account, his alter ego, Run Home Jack on Every Day Should Be Saturday, and what he does outside of his Internet dealings.

Dan starts off with the only serious topic of the night, the Ed O’Bannon suit and the chatter around it following Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delaney’s interview with SI.com.

They then get into various reader questions, starting with whether farting in a meeting at work could hinder your ability to move up in a company, which schools would be the first to use drones (Lethal and nonlethal) and what their top-three favorite words are.

The veil continues to be pulled back on Hot Tub with the revelation that his favorite drunk food is the combination of chocolate milk and animal crackers, and he is a multicultural man with knowledge of several languages.

The conversation switches back to college football with the question of which coaches are the ones who don’t eat, breathe, sleep football and instead stalk exes on Facebook, play Snood and look at cat gifs.

Dan and Hot Tub then get into a talk about 90s game shows and Dan throws out an elaborate situation in which you run into Carmen San Diego at the grocery store. What would you do? What if she was an actual criminal and how did she get away with so much while being so good looking?

A Vicky writes in asking why the guys don’t start the college football season at the Clemson/Georgia game. Hot Tub gives Dan the scoop on South of the Border, off Interstate 95.

Hot Tub then asks Dan about his first karaoke experience the night prior and Hot Tub talks about his go-to songs when hitting the stage.

The guys close out the show with some Mariah Carey talk and reflect upon 90s music videos.


> Yahoo! Sports — O’Bannon case could be a game changer

> SI.com — Delaney: Big Ten could de-emphasize athletics if O’Bannon plaintiffs win

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