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Ty and Dan dedicate this college football podcast episode to their reactions after an eventful start to the college football season as Colorado upset TCU in Deion Sanders’ debut as Buffs coach. How does it change the expectations for Coach Prime, Colorado and the Pac-12 moving forward? Plus, Utah keeps on trucking in a win over Florida, North Carolina finds its defense in a win over South Carolina, Michael Penix Jr. goes off on Boise State, and Drew Allar lives up to the hype in a win over West Virginia. Plus, Oklahoma’s 73-0 thrashing of Arkansas State, Oregon’s 81-burger against Portland State, Michigan’s odd tribute to Jim Harbaugh and an all-time great batch of Verballer Reverbs.

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– Daniel, week one is just about in the books.
– Sort of, kind of. – We’re recording this.
Sort of, kind of, we’re recording this
very late, later than usual.
This is going to be the schedule moving forward when the clock strikes midnight.
Yes. I guess on Sunday mornings, you and I are going to go live
right here on YouTube and talk about all things college football in the week.
That was got a few games still left in the quiver being so it is opening weekend,
but most of the games are in the books.
We’ve got a lot to discuss.
We’ve got your reverbs at the end of the show.
We’ll get to some of your comments at the end of the show.
Of course, dude alerts towards the end of the show.
But Daniel, at the top here at the top your impressions of I think a particularly crazy
week one in some aspects.
Yeah in some aspects it’s a particularly crazy week one because it lets it reminds us like
oh right this team has this or doesn’t have that oh right when a team doesn’t do this
it’s really hard to win when you throw a couple interceptions in the end zone right so it’s
It’s one of those things where it’s like, oh, it’s so good to have those reminders back,
right? The big personalities, the big teams, the games that you think are going to be blowouts
come down to the wire. I love all of it, Ty. The first full college football Saturday,
all due respect to week zero, is special. It’s a holiday. It’s bigger than a holiday.
It’s been a long day in the best possible way, and it’s not even over.
It’s not even over. Look, there are games going on as we’re recording this. Again, we
We are going live at midnight.
So, Coastal Carolina-UCLA, Texas Tech,
currently involved in quite a battle
with Wyoming might lose.
We’ll update you as best we can.
That’s just sort of the nature of the beast here
as we record again late on Saturday nights.
We coined this Saturday as Sclera Saturday, right?
And I think the framework for that was see if.
See if, we’ll see if Deion Sanders
can actually put together a roster.
We’ll see if Alabama really has
any kind of quarterback issues.
We’ll see if North Carolina looks better
on the defensive side of the ball.
All these things that we wanted in the preseason.
I don’t know if we fully have answers
to most of those questions,
but we at least have more information at this point.
And as college football fans and doing what we do,
that in and of itself is pretty exciting.
You wanna get to the headliners?
– Let’s do it.
So look, we’d be remiss if we did not bring up the whole Colorado thing.
Yeah, that’s where we have to start.
We have to start.
And I know it has been the prevailing narrative all throughout the college football offseason.
Deion Sanders and the mass roster turnover.
And what is this going to look like when the rubber finally meets the road?
We actually got some answers on that front.
The answer was it looked pretty damn good, Dan.
All things considered for week one on the road against what we perceive in this very
moment as a tough opponent, yes, questions were answered, absolutely answered.
What it means for the entire season, that conversation is yet to be had by the two of
us, but holy wow, Ty.
I mean, we made so many jokes about the fact that Fox spent so much of its energy and I’m
Presumed marketing budget.
Pumping this game up as game of the week,
most interesting game of the year.
It wasn’t not the most interesting game of the young year.
It was the most interesting game of the week,
to say the least.
Colorado wins in a bit of a shootout.
Shedeur Sanders
with the stat line to end all stat lines.
510 passing guards, four touchdowns.
An unbelievable effort from him, four receivers went over 100 yards, including both Travis Hunter and Jimmy Horn Jr.
Both of whom, by the way, had 11 grabs apiece.
So there are a number of different ways that we can look at this.
going to Fort Worth, squaring off against TCU,
national runner-up from a year ago.
That’s a quality opponent, even if they were ranked 17th to start, even if they were dealing with a fair amount of their own
roster turnover. It’s clear that TCU’s got some work to do on the defensive side of the ball.
But I do think the point that kept coming up in my mind as I was watching this game is something
that we alluded to when we did our previews. It was, gosh, there’s so much new with Colorado that
the returning production thing sort of goes out the window and it does make you wonder if because
everybody’s new if it even really matters. And I think we got some clarity around that. This
didn’t seem like a team that was out of sync.
Obviously, they’ve got some of their own work
to do on defense, Dan, but all that being said,
they had more than enough firepower, I think,
to be extremely plucky, at the least,
in the Pac-12 and around the country.
– Yeah, it’s to me a question,
or it was a question of, can they hang, right?
Are they built to hang?
They can more than hang.
Absolutely, Colorado, given the level of athlete,
especially on offense, look, we’re bearing the lead here.
You mentioned the receivers,
mentioned Shedeur Sanders, but in terms of consistent game-breaking ability, Dylan Edwards.
And Dylan Edwards, yeah, sure.
Dylan Edwards, just in terms of like the home run hitting, the all-purpose weaponry,
at one point, if you remember, committed to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.
Flipped over to Colorado.
Yeah, flipped to Colorado, immediately utilized magnificently by Sean Lewis,
who came over from Kent State. And to speak to TCU, Chandler Morris at times looked apprehensive,
was a playmaker. Absolutely spread the ball around. They kind of pushed Colorado around
on the ground at times and I just figured they were going to lean more into that in the second
half as it was going back and forth to sort of control a clock that was moving faster than ever.
Obviously with the new clock rule and TCU sort of went to the air a little bit more than I
thought they would. Kendall Briles decided on that. I don’t know. It’s easy to question and
there were opportunities for them to put the game away. It seemed but man Travis Hunter going 100
plus snaps. Tonight’s not the show for the cold water pouring on that situation, but
the whole plane, essentially the whole plane with what he was able to do on defense, that
incredible pick at the goal line, smothering defense, stretching TCU’s defense.
I think the conversation now with Colorado getting Nebraska this coming week and then
later on in September, USC and Oregon is what type of ceiling do they have if they are just
playing dangerously? And I think the Oregon game is in Eugene and they host USC. If I have my
schedule facts straight, it’s fascinating. They’re going to need to get better along the lines to win
more games against quality teams. I still believe because I ultimately, I think I was more down on
TCU this offseason than you were. And I still think it’s game one and TCU has a chance to
address some of those deficiencies. But I don’t know how you walk away anything but
crazy impressed with Deion Sanders and that coaching staff’s ability to get everybody
on the same page in that road environment score damn near 50 points in an opener and
walk away with a win. I I will raise my hand as Deion Sanders was taking receipts in the
suppressor after didn’t see it coming.
No, you know what TC you couldn’t have seen it coming
because precisely zero tape existed.
Well, that was what we said again.
Yeah, I argue back to what we said on the on the previews
and and all throughout, you know, the months building up to
this season.
It was really hard to gauge where this team was that we had
no concept for what it was going to look like and I think
part of the reason why you and I both took the points in this
It was 20 and a half is we didn’t know what to expect either
from Colorado.
And for sure, this was an unexpected result.
For sure, Colorado could be full on good
or at a minimum dangerous.
Or it could be,
it could be a Northwestern situation
from a year ago.
It probably isn’t.
I don’t, I don’t think it is.
I don’t think it is.
after that Northwestern-Nebraska game,
we came out of that
week zero game in Ireland a year ago
Northwestern might be pretty good.
“Eh, it might be pretty good this year.”
That didn’t work out.
Colorado was not in a similar place,
but I would like to see a little bit more data
before I’m willing to jump fully in.
But it’s a great story.
Like, it is such an unprecedented thing
that is going on at Colorado that it’s hard not to,
unless you’re a fan of a rival team,
like perhaps Nebraska, who they get in week two,
it’s hard not to look at that situation
and be at least somewhat intrigued
by what the heck’s going on.
All I can tell you is we probably didn’t talk about
a Power Five team less last year than Colorado.
And now we’re leading with them in week one.
It’s pretty good.
– Pretty good.
What other games were headliners to you, Dan?
What other game really like sticks out in your mind
as something that you looked at the result and said,
okay, I learned something about teams
that I expect to be significant.
– Well, look, I think it’s obvious to everybody
that we stay in the Conference of Champions
and talk about Utah’s thrashing of one of the pride points
of the SEC East, the Florida Gators, Ty.
Thursday night, are they still a pride point
of the SEC East?
– Big picture.
– Maybe not the current Napier-Mertz consortium.
– So 24-11 was the final score here.
– Yes.
– If that feels like an odd score, it’s ’cause it was,
it’s ’cause it was kind of a standard issue Utah game.
First play of the game, a 70-yard bomb to Money Parks
from Bryson Barnes, who got the start
’cause Cam Rising was out.
It didn’t matter.
It didn’t matter.
It doesn’t matter who the quarterback is.
Whether it’s Bryson Barnes,
you saw a little Nate Johnson.
He came in and ran for a touchdown, showed some pop.
– Not little Nate Johnson, a little bit of Nate Johnson.
– A little bit of Nate Johnson, yeah.
– To be clear, yeah, yeah.
– Excuse me, he’s a quarterback.
– Not little, yeah, yeah. – No, no, no.
I think the lesson learned here, at least for me,
is that the Utah system is bigger than any one guy.
It helps to have a Cam Rising.
Obviously, it helps to have a guy like a Brant Kuithe,
also who did not play in this game.
But it is more of like an ethos, a vibe,
a culture that Kyle Whittingham has built at Utah
around playing very physical football,
being very physical along the lines,
beating up your opponents.
And whether it’s in the Pac-12
or now this sort of like new iteration of Florida
as they’re still sort of rebuilding.
– I was gonna say, when you kept saying,
It helps to have, it helps to have,
it helps to have this version of Florida
on the field across from you.
– It just does.
– Yeah, yeah, I mean, look,
we saw a lot from Florida that we saw last year.
We saw red zone troubles, we saw the dumb penalties,
we saw special teams blows. – Third down nightmares, yeah.
– Third down nightmares.
The penalty that got the headlines was the fact that
Florida had two guys wearing number three
on the field at the same time.
– Yep, that extended a drive, yeah.
extended a drive, Utah went down and scored, and that was sort of a backbreaker.
But as the Pac-12 aficionado of this year’s tandem,
what were your thoughts on Utah?
No, it’s what we expected from the Utah defense, given, I think,
our own expectations of the Florida offense with this particular quarterback,
this particular system, this inconsistent play calling.
And they were a great rushing team last year.
But if you don’t respect Graham Mertz, you don’t have to keep two safeties
terribly deep. You can take chances on defense and Utah just outmanned him, out
gunned him in every single way. And so I’m, I’m just as high on Utah, if not higher,
because if this is what they can do with a backup quarterback or backup
quarterbacks, if and when cam rising feels good enough and is approved by the
medical people in salt lake to come back, they’re going to be that much better.
And so it’s not a terrible surprise that Utah played like this. They kind of
played like this last year in Gainesville
and Anthony Richardson just made
just all everything plays
to win that game.
So no, I can’t act like I’m surprised,
but I’ll at this on the same token.
I think it’s the first time
Utah has beaten a non Pac
12 power 5 opponents.
It’s like 2017 minute 18.
Yeah, so it’s a nice breakthrough.
Nice breakthrough for the youths
and Kyle Whittingham,
especially with everybody’s eyes
on this game Thursday night.
I think we’ve seen this in years past
where a number of Pac 12 teams
beat USC, Oregon, Washington,
play these huge games to start out the season in September and a lot of times fall short.
And so really nice for Utah in this way. And look, I’m an Oregon fan. I watched that Georgia
game last year. It was not great for the conference to have that on display. Really, really nice
showing no matter what you think of what Florida is going to do this year for Utah to do what
it did with that kind of spotlight. Yeah. And we should mention the Graham Mertz thing.
Yep. Graham Mertz through like two and a half drives actually look quite solid. Yeah. And
And then the clock hit about 9pm Eastern, and he turned back into the Graham Mertz that
we’re used to seeing.
He turned back into that Graham Mertz.
His numbers were okay, if you look at the box score, but there just wasn’t much balance
because Florida went in a 17-3 hole at half.
They had a throw, but when they tried to run, they couldn’t manage anything longer than
nine yards.
And it’s because it’s a good Utah defense.
I’m not ready to fully bail on Florida at this point.
I think they could still exceed expectations, but there’s just gonna be an upper limit of grammar
It’s gonna be the quarterback and clearly going up against a fundamentally sound team like Utah
It was it was not something that
They were able to overcome still still too many of the dumb things that they need to get sorted out
Certainly discouraging because they knew who they were playing
This has been on you know
their minds for eight months or whatever and to come out like they did offensively and struggle like
You understand why everybody got a call from Billy Napier who could throw the ball in a forward direction
Yeah in the offseason and the portal portal stretch. So, all right
Where do you want to go next? You want to talk Penn State-West Virginia?
What constitutes a headliner to you? Do you want to do the Carolinas?
Well, I think I think we should stay out West actually, okay and talk about Washington Boise. Oh, that’s true. Yeah, I I think we both
Thought this would be closer than it was we did. Holy hell, Washington
Yeah, Washington just beat the brakes off a man
Yeah, 56 to 19 Michael panics for 50 and five touchdowns a lot of big passing plays
Big chunk plays that just kill you when you’re a defense. I
thought that the Washington defense actually did a pretty stellar job holding down Boise and
Still believe that Boise is gonna end up having a pretty good offense. Maybe it’s not
fully out of the oven yet.
But I thought all things considered,
Washington, every time I
watched, it seemed as if
they had Taylen Green in some sort of
uncomfortable situation where
either by design or out of necessity
he was running for his life.
That’s just not a good formula for success.
– Yeah, we knew about the
edge rushers for Washington, Braylon Trice and
ZTF, and we knew that the secondary would be
healthier and brought in new
bodies to sort of fortify and add depth.
I thought Washington did a great job. Now, Taylen Green, I think, had some accuracy issues
somewhat early on. I think there are opportunities for Boise, and especially because if you follow
Ty’s orange juice parlay and Boise not hitting double digit points, what, in the second half?
That’s what it was? They needed to go over ten and a half. They had like three cracks
in the red zone and they blew all of them. Yeah. Now, the story here is we’ve said this
in the last couple of weeks. Taking care of business is underrated. And for Washington
to take care of business like this in week one when the game looked to be somewhat close
for a decent stretch and then just blow the doors off of Boise State at home in front
of a crowd that had a ton of electricity and juice up there on Montlake. It’s it’s great
to see for the West Coast. It’s great to see for Washington if you’re a Husky fan because
Michael Penix man he is just he is so far ahead of the game like he looks out at a defense
says, Okay, I know exactly where this is going. I know exactly that you are not going to have
a safety rotating there and I’m going to hit a dude streaking 47 yards from here.
His arm is incredible and his journey is ridiculous. I mean, from Tampa and you know,
at Tennessee, you know, Willie Taggart tries to bring him to Florida State ends up at Indiana.
Obviously doesn’t work out there now at Washington, where it’s always cool when somebody
like finds their place and Michael Penix and Washington have found each other to an incredible
effect. Yeah, 56-19 Washington officially announcing its arrival on the national stage
here and part of this, I think, playoff conference conversation. It’s taking care of business,
right? Not everybody does it. I need to put more respect on the team’s names who’d come out and
and look exactly like they should immediately.
– You mentioned the Carolinas.
Let’s hit the Carolinas before we go on over to the Big Ten.
North Carolina 31, South Carolina 17.
We knew going into this that South Carolina
was gonna be challenged along both lines.
To what end, I ask you.
– Okay, good sir.
– To what end can we trust
what we saw on the North Carolina
defensive side of the ball,
because they sacked Spencer Rattler nine times in this game.
Is that a trustworthy stat,
knowing what we know about South Carolina
and their deficiencies up front?
– It’s trustworthy in that a pretty decent defensive line
should do that against what we knew going in
would be a somewhat thin and undependable offensive line
from South Carolina. So that’s encouraging, right? You hold a team with a quarterback
who still had a good game. Spencer Rattler did spread the ball around impressively. They
just couldn’t run it for shit. I like they just couldn’t do anything on the ground. Obviously,
thin at running back with the transfers, but still they have what McDowell and DK Joyner.
Yeah, he like there’s guys there. It’s just it’s not an offense built to be balanced against
decent teams. And so in talking about this, I think we both
agreed that if if they’re somewhat even in that there’s
obvious deficiencies, you take Drake Maye over Spencer Rattler
and Drake Maye was very very good. Drake Maye was Drake Maye
and North Carolina beat up in the receiving core, but still
was able to spread the ball around and make plays and I
think we’ll continue to do so.
Yeah, I mentioned Spencer Rattler.
Yeah, what was the final line?
30 of 39 for 353.
It’s great.
I think that’s going to be the story of the year.
The problem for him is that I don’t know what kind of support
he has.
I don’t know what kind of support he has around and they really
did take some losses with respect to their roster and very
quickly on the North Carolina side of all the quarterbacks.
I saw today Drake may his throws were the ones that look the
most like I would expect to see on Sundays.
Yeah, of course.
He looks like he’s a pro quarterback.
Yeah. He anticipates. He throws it at the correct velocity at all times, which is another like…
It’s just very, very together and composed.
And there aren’t any kind of weird arm issues or arm angles.
He’s just very compact.
And that’s the kind of quarterback you want.
Guys like that don’t fumble when they get sacked, right?
Because they’re just very, very balanced.
Someday, I hope somebody talks about me in the way that you talk about, Drake Maye.
Just I love calm, composed and compact.
I love home composed and compact 31 to 17.
Again, your final is North Carolina pulls away from South Carolina.
It was close for a while.
Pull away in the second half.
Should we move to the Big Ten?
Yeah, let’s go to the Big Ten.
Penn State 38, West Virginia 15.
Kind of went as you specifically expected.
Did it?
I think so.
You were very confident them covering this spread,
which they did kind of barely right. It was about 2021. They won by 23 if my public school math
turns out. Yeah, I think it was overwhelming defense for a West Virginia offense that we
thought might have some pluckiness. I kind of like air green like he’s he’s kind of a fun
quarterback that you could see if he were on a more well-rounded team would have more juice to
his name. But the big deal is that like Penn State just comes at team will come at teams in waves on
defense and I’m sure you can poke some holes in stuff that they still need to work on, but
they’re just really good. And I don’t know if they have the star power on offense quite yet,
but I’ll tell you who they do have. They have Drew Allar and he is a star and he is effortless
and I am jealous of Penn State fans who get him for at least another year after this one.
Yeah, his off-platform throws tonight.
He’s great. He’s just great.
were incredible. I mean, his ability to scramble, to move outside the pocket,
to throw while on the run with velocity and to a spot. I think it caught some of his own receivers
off guard. Yeah. Because he was putting the ball on the numbers and there was at least two instances
that I could think of where it was right in the breadbasket and guys couldn’t handle it because
he just had so much pace on it. It was, there was some effortless power as well, just like flicking
it. There was a crossing route touchdown in the corner later on in the game where he just
he’s like, oh yeah, the guy’s going to be there. I’m going to throw it there. Everything’s
good. Everything’s gravy everybody. It was great. It was great to watch as a football
fan 325 and three touchdowns in his first start could have had an interception got lucky
that he didn’t have an interception, but yeah, all together. He looks sensational and very
much lived up to the hype. I do want to touch base a little bit on the West Virginia point
that you mentioned before. I actually was kind of heartened by what I saw from West
Virginia in this game. Same. Because… Absolutely. You know, you say that I was sort of right
about the prediction and maybe I guess I was, but I expected West Virginia to be a full-on
disaster. Okay. And they weren’t. They weren’t a full-on disaster. I thought the offense
made sense. I think it can work against teams maybe that aren’t quite as good as Penn State.
The defense I didn’t think was nearly as catastrophic as I thought it could be. So I think that
There are reasons for optimism there.
Um, and neil brown’s gonna need him because we I think all agree. He’s kind of on the hot seat
But I I didn’t think west virginia looked as bad as I expected and that’s that’s a good thing for them
On the penn state defensive side. Yeah got to shore up the run defense
You you and I were talking a little bit before we hit hit go tonight
about a hypothetical matchup between notre dame and penn state who wins
It’s week one. We don’t have enough data
But based on what I saw in this game, I would be inclined to say Notre Dame. I think Notre Dame could play bullyball
I think Michigan can play bullyball against Penn State and win that game going away because
We saw some issues with that run defense up the gut
So they’re going to need to figure that out. They’re also going to need to develop I think a compliment
Out wide they’re going to need more than just one wide receiver or lambert-smith. Is that referring to?
Yeah outside of lambert-smith. They’re gonna need somebody else to step up and kind of be be a secondary dude
But all things considered week one power five opponent at home under the lights. I mean,
the atmosphere was electric, but to the to the best that drew our could live up to the hype.
I think he did it. Here’s the great news. If you’re a West Virginia fan, which I’m sure you
came into the season expecting ups and downs and a tough, a tough road game against Penn State to
open things up. You will play precisely zero defenses who are as good as this Penn State
defense moving forward. Yeah, that’s right. That’s right. If that’s if that’s a bit of
silver lining, please enjoy it because there’s nobody on the rest of West Virginia schedule
that will match up with your offense like Penn State did tonight. Both Ohio State and Michigan
won Ohio State 23-3 over Indiana, Michigan 30-3 over East Carolina. The Ohio State side of
this is far more interesting. We could talk about Michigan and sort of their missing man formation,
whatever that was for Jim Harbaugh.
And the weirdness with JJ McCarthy wearing the free
Harbaugh warm-up shirt with the the sports tape,
whatever that was.
Let’s talk about Ohio State for a second because Ohio
State came into this game comes into the season with
I think very real playoff hopes very real conference
championship hopes hoping to beat Michigan for the
first time in three years type of hopes and we were
I don’t think skeptical is the right word, but at least cautiously optimistic that with a new quarterback
Given all the ammo that exists around whoever it is, whether it’s devin brown or kyle mccord in this case kyle mccord
They’ll be just fine provided. They’re not a total disaster
Kyle mccord was not a total disaster. His numbers were fine. He definitely lacked some of that
electricity though
Those sparks were not flying off of
Kyle McCord in the way they have off a guy like a CJ Stroud when he first burst onto the scene and I agree
Their inability, I think to pull away
more drastically from indiana is going to be the kind of thing that gets sports radio going and bloggers going and
Sure the twitter sphere going about ryan day
And play calling and his ability to coach and develop a roster and whatever else you already saw it. I saw it tonight
I don’t think it’s totally fair to Kyle McCord to go there yet, but it is interesting because
I don’t know if Indiana is all that good, Dan. Like, they’re interesting. Indiana is interesting
for some other reasons. I thought they played some interesting defense.
Played some interesting defense. Yeah. But the Kyle McCord thing.
Yeah. I don’t know how concerned I should be about that.
It’s interesting that we’re striking this conversation right after Penn State, right?
where there’s this, you know, Oh, Kyle McCord is plug and play in the system that Ryan Day
all these the string of quarterbacks who have succeeded at Ohio State have been crazy impressive
and then comparing that against expectations with Drew Allar immediately looking better
early in his career than any recent Penn State quarterback right. So like if there were a
Penn State in Ohio State group of friends that were having conversation like oh how
did your new guy look like oh my god it’s gonna be really fun how did your new guy look
like. So it’s like show-er v. Grower, right? It’s the age old. I think Kyle McCord can
grow into something special because he was protected. He has the weapons
both in the backfield, which by the way, shout out to the big ten for once again, counting
on the conference of champions with chip trayanum in the backfield, Arizona State running
back turn linebacker turned back to running back to be the guy at running back and no
Marvin Harrison Jr. Didn’t get involved as much as I think everybody had hoped to enjoy his football
and it was just to me now it’s a question of like what is Ohio State’s offense want to be.
So Kevin Wilson goes to Tulsa and they’ve got two three heads bashing against each other whether
you believe Justin Frye the offensive line coach Brian Hartland the new offensive coordinator you
know the ascending offensive coordinator and Ryan Day whose offense is it what is the offense
What is the decision making process and key moments in the red zone on third down like
it doesn’t seem like I look I openly admit I do not pay as much attention Ohio State as
Ohio State fans do but from afar it’s like what are we doing who’s who’s the guy what’s the plan
and that should never occur with a school and a team that has as much as Ohio State has
at its disposal. Michigan again won 30 to three. Blake Corum was back looked healthy had two
nice long runs of 37 and 21 yards. This wasn’t really a contest outside of the
headlines around the team kind of I don’t know honoring the absence of Jim
Harbaugh. There’s not much you can take away from this. We’ll find out more
about Michigan in the coming days and weeks. But 30-3. Jumped out to a big lead. Yeah.
Yeah, jumped out to a lead. Didn’t cover. They were favored by 36, but beyond that got the
got the w. Let me rifle through just some quick results here in the Big Ten, and then if there’s
anything that you want to touch on further, we can do that. Minnesota 13-10 over Nebraska on
Thursday night. Lock of the week. Yeah, Nebraska at least had a 10-9 lead at one point late in the
game. We had Fresno beating Purdue. We both had this one in a really fun game, 39-34. We had Iowa
Almost getting to their 25 point threshold
Knocking off. You know, I need a fluff. Yeah
24-14. maryland
Goes up big on Towson 38-3. wisconsin wins by 21 over buffalo, illinois survives toledo
They needed a last second field goal of 29 yards to get the W there. and michigan state wins 31-7
over central michigan, dan. any of those games
of interest to you? All of them, Ty, all of them. now that I root for a team that’s Big Ten bound
live in an area that’s Big Ten strong. Okay. I don’t know what order I want to go in good for
Michigan State kind of a slow start, but Noah Kim is the guy it’s not Katin Houser and starts off a
little bit slow in the offense in general starts off slow, but I think things sort of defrost for
first party and it was nice to see them come out and comfortably win and Noah Kim had some big
time throws. I hope he’s the guy. I hope they find a guy, whatever. It would be fun if Michigan
State adds another layer of quality at or near the top of the Big Ten. Minnesota, Nebraska
was borderline unwatchable.
It really was. And we called that one.
I didn’t watch it live, but when I opened my phone up to check the status, my eyes didn’t
pop. I didn’t gasp. I just sort of said, “Oh, yeah.”
We called that one.
– I know, we’re happy with that.
– My thesis on that game all along was
Minnesota is trying to switch up its offense
to be more passing oriented
and I don’t know how that’s gonna go.
And it went– – Not so good line.
– Yeah, I mean it went okay, I guess.
It wasn’t catastrophic, but 13 points
is not really gonna move the needle that much.
And on the Nebraska side, it was like,
well, the first year generally,
under Matt Ruhle, has been pretty bad.
And there was a lot of roster turnover
and there was a lot of steam on Matt Rhule
bringing guys to town, but what’s it gonna look like
when he puts them all together?
It looked like three interceptions for Jeff Sims.
And it looked like–
– Yeah, a lot of scrambling.
– A lot of scr–
Like, they’re gonna have to protect him better.
He’s gonna be in a body bag by the end of the year.
That’s what it looked like to me.
– And the lone Nebraska touchdown
was a flubbed trick play, double pass?
– A flubbed trick play, yeah.
Yeah, so they gotta get their act together
or they’re gonna get destroyed next week
by Colorado of all teams, their hated rival.
Uh, Mikey keene, baby Mikey keene. I think did we both have this? We did look, this is the
keenecast. Now, maybe we need to openly talk about all of our wrong picks as well. Ty,
because our hands are getting calluses from rubbing our own back over all these things.
Well, look, Fresno won over Purdue. We both had Fresno in the points. It was a good game.
Most people didn’t see it because they were watching Colorado TCU, but uh, Mikey keene,
the transfer from UCF, really gutsy effort,
four touchdowns, 366.
– Got beat up, yeah.
– Beat up.
I think that the combo between him and Erik Brooks
is gonna be fun to watch this season.
We saw it in this game.
And a nice win for Fresno,
kind of picking up right where Jake Haener left off
and getting the W for Fresno.
Very quickly, let me just bring up two points here.
We didn’t see the Ferentz fluff up at Iowa.
Cade McNamara played, he threw a touchdown pass on the first drive.
Interesting stat, it was the first passing touchdown
on the opening series of the season.
– Saw this.
– In Kirk Ferentz’s 25 years
as Hawkeyes coach.
And the first for an Iowa team since 1991.
– Yeah.
– So that’s different.
– And the first quarter was like,
if you’re an Iowa fan, like,
“Who is this?”
– Yup.
– “What is this kind of brand of…”
Nope, then it goes away.
And on the Wisconsin side, their 21 point win over Buffalo.
Tanner Mordecai did not look that great.
No, if I’m being honest,
he didn’t have to because Braylon Allen, Braylon Allen,
Chez Mellusi picked up the slack on the ground.
How that offense develops will be interesting.
Notably, they went with a lot of tempo.
They barely huddled in this game.
And if you’re a Wisconsin fan, that’s different.
It’s very different than what you’re accustomed to.
Yeah, the big thing with the Iowa game is,
I don’t know the offensive line wasn’t great.
Like you think about Iowa in terms of like producing all of these gigantic NFL level
offensive linemen and against Utah State they just they looked very ordinary and very push
around double.
That’s a new phrase that’s barely English and so there were opportunities there.
I don’t know the score wasn’t exactly indicative because it was what 24/7 that’s right or seven
that’s deep into that game into garbage time whatever.
It’s got to score 30 points against Utah State if you’re Iowa in this moment.
And as for Wisconsin, I just they got the hell off the field on defense.
And when you start playing tempo and you’re able to run the ball, that Chez Mellusi run
was incredible, like his ability to sort of accelerate and weave in and out.
Like if they’re able to do that, it’ll make Tanner Mordecai’s life easier and it’ll make
their own defense’s life easier.
Did you mention anybody else?
So Illinois, Luke Altmyer is fine.
I think he’s fine.
is fine. I think he’s fine. They have a super sloppy penalty habit at least today. They
do. Hopefully it gets better, but you can’t if you’re doing that against Toledo, you better
fix it tomorrow morning because you’re going to lose a bunch of games. If you need a last
second field goal to beat the Rockets all due respect to DaQuan Finn, but yeah, Illinois
has a ways to go. They did not run the ball that impressively, but hopefully Luke Altmyer
is an upgraded quarterback moving forward.
Remember in the Big 12, the presumed top three
of Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas State,
all won handily.
Oklahoma won 73-0 over Arkansas State.
Remember what I’ve been saying all along
about the new clock rules,
how they might affect the games?
– Oklahoma– – Find yourself on the back.
– Oklahoma led 45 to nil at half.
I was tweeting with a guy named Aaron who was at the game.
The quote from him was, “I’m dying out here, guys.
“This game is taking so damn long.”
– Yeah.
– And I hope he’s okay, Aaron, if you’re listening.
I hope you made it out.
Oklahoma out, gained Arkansas State, 642 to 160.
They had 36 first downs, which seems like a lot.
I can’t remember any team ever getting 36 first downs.
But that is a nice little neck crack for Oklahoma after what I’m sure was a long off season
of skepticism.
73 to nil.
Dillon Gabriel looks good.
Jackson Arnold came in, got some reps, won 11 for 11.
That’s not to say Arkansas State was a premier opponent, but it’s a good way to start your
season, to say the least.
Texas, on the other hand, though, Dan, I want to talk about them.
I don’t have anything to add about Oklahoma.
Taking care of business is underrated, but Arkansas State.
I don’t have anything to add about Oklahoma.
Taking care of business is underrated, but Arkansas State.
I don’t have anything to add about Oklahoma.
I don’t have anything to add about Arkansas State.
I don’t have anything to add about Oklahoma.
I don’t have anything to add about Oklahoma.
I want to talk about them.
I don’t have anything to add about Oklahoma.
Taking care of business is underrated, but Arkansas State.
Texas 37-10 over Rice.
Was this a good outcome?
Winning is better than losing.
Winning is better than losing, but did you feel good about what you saw?
I didn’t watch much of this.
This is sort of on my Sunday watch list, but from what I saw, look, if your takeaway from
the first game of the season is look up front. We look great on
defense and you can work with that. I’m fine with it. There’s
a lot still that is left to be fixed from this Texas offense
at times. I know they got beat up at running back. I know they
were you know the the intermediate pass game still
needs work and that’s what these are things that we were
echoing last year that like just like be smarter and more
efficient on offense if you can early on in the season. so you
know what to go to when you have those high leverage moments
later on in the year. And there are still kinks that need to be worked out on offense,
but I’m not going to criticize this type of win dramatically, especially when the defense
played as well as it did. I think that’s fair. Kansas State, by the way, 45 nothing over
Southeast Missouri. Good game for Will Howard, DJ Giddens, Treshaun Ward. You know, can I
point something else out? Yeah. Oh, please. Avery Johnson. Avery Johnson. Yeah. I’m just
telling you right now. Yeah, he is. He’s going to be something something different for Kansas
State. I think it’s true freshman right true freshman. I think he’s the highest ranked
quarterback recruiting Kansas State history. Yep. There’s a little bit of the like the
the fairy dust of like T Magic, Johnny Manziel like and the Johnny Manziel thing because
he redshirted it’s a little bit different, but there there he is going to be like if
all works out and he stays healthy. He is going to be somebody that I think Kansas State
I’m gonna remember fondly for a long time.
I’m planting my flag now, and if I’m wrong, so be it.
Some other results quickly as we move through the Big 12.
Kansas won.
48-17 over Missouri State.
Jason Bean got the start.
Jalen Daniels hurt.
Yep. Slow start, but yeah, by the way.
56-6 UCF.
Welcome to your official membership as a Big 12 school.
John Rhys Plumlee.
371 for total touchdowns game was never close and UCF had a ton of big plate nine plays of 20 yards or more
a lot of chunk plays there
Houston also starting off the year with a big win over UTSA
1714 three turnovers for UTSA the Houston defense. I thought that a really good job in this game holding down UTSA
Believe I had this you did have this I did believe I had yeah, Texas State knocks off Baylor 42 to 31
Ah, G.J. Kinne is the new coach for Texas State this year who came over from incarnate word.
He brought his coordinators.
He bought a bunch brought a bunch of players with him.
Yeah, and it was one of the things we talked about in our previews.
Like what does it look like when you just basically have a transplant?
We saw a little bit of that at Western Kentucky over the years.
A hockey line shift.
What happens?
What happens if we do that with a whole team?
Well, it worked pretty well.
42-31, Baylor goes down to Texas State.
– Yes, G.J. Kinne, noticeably younger than both of us.
I think he’s one of the five youngest FBS coaches.
Good for the Bobcats of Texas State.
And Blake Shapen was beat up, I think it’s Sawyer Robertson,
the Mississippi State transfer came in and made some plays.
I think Monaray Baldwin was also hurt.
No excuse if you’re Baylor.
And now they host Utah, I think, coming up here.
They have a it’s been a weird I won’t call it a fall
But it’s been a weird direction since winning the Big 12 not that long ago and how they find themselves
Starting out the season not great time to turn it around
Oklahoma State 23-13 over Central Arkansas
All three all three quarterbacks played Garrett Rangel got the start Alan Bowman came in then Gunnar Gundy played as well
27-13, I
Don’t know what we can really take away from this with three different quarterbacks playing
But we’ll see if they weed out some of those as we move through the through the year
Should mention Wyoming just beat
Breaking news. I was gonna bring that up next 35-33 and double overtime
Myself on the back again continue Wyoming knocks off, Texas Tech
Cincinnati big over Eastern Kentucky and Iowa State by 21 over Northern Iowa, anything more before we move on?
No, excited to watch exactly what happened in this game. Obviously, we’re recording during the the the conclusion of Wyoming, Texas Tech
But no, I’m good there. Over in the ACC some interesting matchups
Frankly, I think I was very intrigued more intrigued than the Twittersphere
Okay, if I read the vibe correctly on all things ACC with some fun games man
We had literally- You’re a notoriously good vibe reader Ty, give yourself some credit. I am! You’re married, happily, everything’s great. Thank you!
Thank you, Louisville 39,
Georgia Tech 34. fun game.
Disappointing for me. I wanted tech here Georgia Tech’s got juice though, man. Yeah, they do they got they got juice 28 points in the second quarter
They had a halftime lead
28-13 I believe so look if you’re a tech fan
You probably like what you saw at a Haynes King. You should like what you saw at a Hanes King
You seem comfortable running the offense
He’s certainly a nice upgrade at quarterback.
– Moved around nicely, yep.
– Yep, they’ve got serious issues on offense and defense,
but they played hard and they were in this game.
They could’ve won this game.
They really could’ve.
– No, they had the chance
and Jack Plummer did not have a good first half.
Got more comfortable in the second half, made more plays,
but yeah, Louisville was a tough watch in that first half.
So yeah, good turnaround.
I didn’t watch it live, watched it morning after,
but I was watching the first half live
and then I made pizza and had people over for pizza.
So I didn’t watch that second half as it was happening,
but fun game, especially if you’re a Louisville fan.
And Jeff Romm got to wear the flappy leather
old-timey hat at the end, I believe.
That and a bunch of different, Kirby Smart, Nick Saban,
they’ve all worn it.
So that’s a nice look, it’s great.
– In the tough watch department,
we had NC State 24-14 over UConn.
We also had Northern Illinois knocking off Boston College,
27-24 in
NC State leaned very heavily on Brennan Armstrong
And yeah, he threw it 26 times. He ran it 19 times sort of a mixed bag for me
The wind got knocked out of this game though when NC State safety Rakeim Ashford
Was carted off in the third quarter after a late hit on if you saw this it was on a kickoff
Yeah, really scary one of those deals where he’s on the field motionless for like 10 minutes
Yeah, and you know, thankfully it seems like he has sensation and movements in his extremities released from the hospital released
Yeah, so it’s been positive since that event, but that nothing takes the energy out of a game like that
And so I I don’t take too much away from the result it
Again, mixed bag mixed bag for me. We’ll see what they do. They’ve got Notre Dame
next week I win your clunkers winning is better than losing and
On the Boston College side, they yanked my guy Emmett Moorhead after two series. He started four of ten
They brought in the backup Thomas Castellanos
He went the rest of the way you messaged me that Jeff Hafley might get fired
After the game was tough, man
Oh, man, but it was by the way, it was Rocky Lombardi to be clear Rocky Lombardi got 37 year old quarterback
Rocky Lombardi Scott Bakula in the backfield for Northern, Illinois
Yeah, good for good for the Huskies. Yeah, we had Syracuse 65 to nil over the Colgate Gators
We had pit 45-7 over Wofford
Wake Forest by 20 over Elon and we had Miami
38-3 over Miami, Ohio
We joked on Twitter about the highs Mitch campaign after what we saw from Mitch Griffis
He was good at Wake Forest. He was good. They eased up in the second half
Otherwise, he probably would have had better numbers one of our verballers,
Dylan, pointed out that it seemed as if the one pick that he threw
Was because he couldn’t see over the line and he basically threw it to a linebacker that was hiding behind the line because he’s only
5’11”, yeah,
But you know shout out to him on a good game and Jahmal Banks the wideout who went for 108 had a really nice
Touchdown catch. This is a good start for the post Sam Hartman era
at Wake Forest and on the Miami side, Miami was just bigger and better.
And you saw it in the trenches, they pushed Miami, Ohio around increasingly, I would say
over the course of 60 minutes.
Did take the offense a little bit to get going though, but once it did, it was balanced,
TVD made some nice throws and looked healthy, which was nice to see.
It’s great, comfortable win, nothing better.
We’re in the SEC, Daniel.
We had Tennessee big over Virginia.
We had Alabama big over Middle Tennessee, Georgia big over UT Martin, Texas A&M big,
Auburn big, Ole Miss extra big over Mercer, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi State, Vandy
and Missouri.
much everybody in the SEC with the exception, I guess, of South Carolina won their games
pretty handily.
Um, I had a couple takeaways from what I saw in the SEC.
I’m wondering if there’s anything you’d like to add before we go.
Well, it was, it was relatively recently that Nick Saban, well the news came out that Jalen
Milreaux was going to be the guy for Alabama and backed that up pretty impressively with
his performance.
Granted, it’s not a huge opponent, but Alabama all the same.
Five total touchdowns. Ho hum. Dude, like at he is fast. He is. He’s he could be very,
very good. I still think he’s a little bit raw as a passer, but all things considered,
you especially see the youth being mixed in on that Alabama defense. He’s not going to need to
be a Heisman quarterback for Alabama to succeed in a big way. And I don’t know if this changes
anything because it’s what was middle Tennessee, right? That’s what they beat up on. Yeah, yeah.
But man, the best of him is is pretty great.
I don’t know if you have anything to add on Alabama-Middle Tennessee?
I enjoyed that it took half a quarter, two thirds of a quarter
for Georgia fans watching the Mike Bobo offense to say, Nope,
nah, don’t like this at all. Don’t like where this is going.
Don’t like the feel of it. Don’t like the vibes. Nope.
And I mean, they comfortably win, of course, because of course they did.
But like, I think Carson Beck is really good.
Yeah, I do.
But I think it seemed seemed a little bit stubborn in the way
that they’re going about their business.
But look, it’s week one and they knew they were going to win comfortably.
But I did see that from a wave of Georgia fans for whatever it’s worth.
Nope. Yeah. On Bobo.
OK, I thought I thought Connor Wegman looked really good.
Yes. For A&M, which was nice.
Thought KJ Jefferson looked really good
Really good in his showing against again, Western Carolina, whatever
But KJ Jefferson continues to be this presence in college football probably deserves better
Than the support around him is giving him on the Arkansas squad. Like who would you give KJ Jefferson – well
Who is like a special quarterback away? I don’t know. I mean, there’s probably a million teams that would deal with
KJ Jefferson just well, yeah, just as well. Okay continue, but again, he continues to impress
Kentucky was interesting to me Kentucky won 44-14 over Ball State
They were sort of stuck in the mud for a while. They covered this game a little bit of a
front door cover
Sorry doggos. Yeah
Little bit of a front door cover. They covered with six seconds left. This was an opportunistic defensive effort
This was Liam Cohen coming back for an encore and it just sort of being okay
And Devin Leary was it I like their receivers a lot. I like their receivers. I like I like those guys. They’re good
Yeah, definitely was okay to me. I really liked Ray Davis the transfer running back. Yeah from Vanderbilt. He had a really nice day
For me on a Kentucky offense. I wanted more maybe we’ll see it 44 to 14 other win by 30
it’s not that bad.
Tennessee and Virginia.
Tennessee wins 49 to 13 over the Hoos.
A couple things.
First off,
kind of an emotional affair for UVA.
Their first football game since
three players died in the shooting last November.
I don’t usually curse on this show.
That’s some heavy shit, man.
All right.
It is.
And it was, I mean, it was what Mike Hollins
who was shot and the running back.
He was the one that led Virginia out through the
Like that was, that was very cool.
And you know, you sort of sense the brotherhood there.
So that was nice.
So I want to give them some slack here because I’m sure that there was like
emotions running amok and that factored into this.
They were always going to be overmatched in this game.
We knew that going in.
But the emotional aspect of this as well, I don’t think can be overlooked.
They did struggle in this game mightily.
There’s a lot of work to do.
The offensive line was really problematic and some plays reminded me
of you remember the old Tecmo Bowl scenes when you’d call the play of the offense and it was
just like a jailbreak and all your defenders bust through the line. There was some of that going on
with Tennessee just stampeding, stampeding after the ball was snapped right through the line.
Whoever was playing right tackle for Virginia was just getting beaten consistently and I,
as people pointed out on Twitter, they kind of felt bad for him. I don’t know how Tony Elliott
It fixes that.
Probably job number one, you got to fix the lines.
But that’s a problem.
Offensively it felt like Tennessee could do pretty much whatever it wanted, Dan.
Ran the ball well.
Ran the ball well.
Joe Milton didn’t have the pinball numbers maybe that you’re used to from a quarterback
playing in a Josh Heupel system.
But he had all the time in the world when he dropped back to pass.
And if he wanted to, he could have probably thrown for 500 yards.
But that’s just not what was in the game plan.
They didn’t need to do that.
No, good start for Tennessee.
It’s going to be a long year for the Hoos.
Let’s move over to the remainder of the Pac-12.
We mentioned a couple of the games at the top.
Okay, Oregon won 81 to 7 over Portland State.
Yeah, I think I took like an especially long bathroom break
because it was 7 all and then it was 36 to 7.
All right, cool.
And then they dropped 50 in the first half.
Cool guys.
Not much to glean here. I mean, it’s a new offensive line that did not struggle at all.
They did a good job and opened up a ton of huge lanes for the running backs.
Bucky Irving had a great game. Troy Franklin had a great game.
Bo Nix didn’t play in the second half. I don’t believe.
Ty Thompson came in. Even the third string came in when Ty Thompson was hurt.
They played like 20 freshmen.
They’re going to try to rotate in a ton of guys on defense.
And they played them early on in this game too.
They’re just like, “We’re just going to keep rotating in warm bodies.”
and we feel good about where we are is seems to be the mindset from this coaching staff. So
yeah, it’s Portland State. They took care of business dropped 80 on them and they have Texas
Tech coming off of a loss to Wyoming. That’s right. That’s right. USC 66 Nevada 14, Caleb Williams at
five touchdown passes as USC wins. Yep. Cal won, the pride and joy of the ACC! the Cal Golden
bears. They win 58 to 21 over North Texas. Sam Jackson v got the
start but got hurt after I think four passing attempts and it was Ben Finley the rest of
the way. He did a good enough job to win that one going away for Cal. Wazzu won pretty pretty
handily over Colorado State. Do you know last time Cal scored 50 plus points in a game by
by the way, in a game 1890. No, I’m just making that up, but it’s been a long time. Yeah,
continue. It’s been it’s been a while. We had Stanford going to the islands and winning
37 to 24. Stanford could actually be kind of fun this year. I don’t know if I’d go that
far, but it’s nice to see a Stanford team look at a fork in the road and go a different
direction. They’re playing faster. Ben, you’re been you’re a sec. Benjamin, you’re a sec.
He was he was the star was Ashton Daniels. I think got the start at quarterback. I hope
I got that name right. Is that correct? Ashton Daniels, Stanford. Yeah. Yeah. Hopefully the
offense continues to evolve and be fun because we know Troy Taylor and his history recently
at Sac State before that at Utah. He was the guy who helped to train Jake Browning. I want
to say in high school and Folsom. So hopefully, you know, in the next two, three years, Stanford
is stringing together again, pride and joy, the Atlantic Coast Conference, some fun offenses
for sure. Again, 37 to 24. And to close it out here, we’ve got some games that are ongoing.
Arizona as well. You had wazzu, wazzu one big, right? Did you mention that? I mentioned
it. Yeah. 50 to 24. They want big over Colorado state. Yeah. At time of recording, Arizona
is up big 35 to three on Northern Arizona. They’ll probably tack on some extra points
here before the end of that one. And towards the end of the third quarter, UCLA and Coastal
Carolina walked in a pretty tight fight. 14-13 with about a minute left in the third. We’ll
follow that. Maybe it’ll go final by the time we get done recording, but close one there
as well.
Yeah. And at the time of recording, Oregon State has not yet even played.
They play Sunday. That’s right. They play Sunday. We’ll record again on Monday and drop
something to the feed on Monday early afternoon where we’ll cover some of these games. Obviously,
Clemson has not played yet either. LSU, Florida State, that’s sort of the big game of the weekend.
We’ll talk about those on our next episode. To round things out, Dan, I think we’ve covered-
Did you mention Notre Dame? All the Power Five conferences. I was going to go to Notre Dame next.
Please. Notre Dame. Tennessee State. Yeah, Notre Dame 56-3 over Tennessee State.
I, you know, I don’t know anything worthwhile. Sam Hartman again gets the heart pumping for me.
Okay. 14 of 17, 194 and limited action. They look really good. They played Navy in Tennessee State.
Who came in after Sam Hartman? After Sam Hartman, it was your boy, Steve Angeli.
Oh, that’s right. How do you look? He looked fine. I mean, everybody looked good against Tennessee
State. Okay, fair enough. Where do you want to go next? You want to go to the American Mountain West?
Where we going? Well, I can I can rattle off some of the scores here in American and the and the
Sunbelt on my side of things Tulane won by 20 over South Alabama. That was a game that only
had about a six six and a half point line. So Tulane did a really nice job pulling away there.
I thought SMU looked impressive pride and joy at the ACC SMU looked very impressive
in a 24 point win over Louisiana Tech.
Western Kentucky beat UCF.
Temple by three over Akron and Charlotte
gets the Biff Pogge era off to a rousing start
with a 24 to 3 win over South Carolina State.
And on the Sunbelt side, we had Marshall over Albany.
We had Georgia State.
We had Funro.
We had Southern Miss, Louisiana, and App State all winning
their games. I’ve state was down a Gardner web, but came back with the vengeance to win
that one by 21 points and JMU knocked off the Nellies.
JMU knocked off Bucknell 38 to 3 Monroe beat army. By the way, I don’t know if you saw
there was a long touchdown run. Did you see that it was a right guard or a right tackle
who was one of those who sprang a block on the long run and started celebrating like
a wrestler from one thousand nine hundred and ninety three mid run was just like bent
over yelling as the play. It’s happening just so pumped up uncontrolled. I don’t have his
name in front of me. I just like those those moments are just the best in the sport of
all those. Michael Pratt is ridiculous. He’s really good. So so so so good and like it’s
day one of like the full season essentially or the first Saturday and you’re like too
Tulane might be that team again in a, in the group of five ranks to find themselves in
the new year six game. We’ll see. It’s a long year. I do think South Alabama is going to
be pretty good, but you know, maybe it’s Fresno who knows, but I did see what UAB the fight
and Trent Dilfer, Jacob Zeno and they won cleanly.
Otherwise, I don’t know. I mean, let’s see, you mentioned Virginia tech beating ODU. I’m
just looking at scores and Sun belt and beyond. No, I don’t, I don’t think I have a ton to
add to the Sun Belt or the American Mountain West was. I mean, they had some big time opponents.
Uh, no, I don’t think I have much to add on Air Force beat Bobby Mo pretty big. Uh, you
and LV beat a team. Barry Odom starts his tenure off in Vegas, beating up on Bryant,
which good good for them. I suppose in Wyoming, of course, bell of the ball and beating Texas
Tech and double overtime. Um, they stormed the field ban, one of the biggest wins in
their program history.
I know.
I thought Akron was going to win.
They blew a fourth quarter lead.
I’m always rooting for Joe Morehead.
Anybody else that stands out to you in any of these conferences?
Not particularly, Dan.
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and just get a sense for what they were feeling
because it was, like you said,
it’s a College Football holiday.
The first weekend of the year is a College Football holiday.
So look, as we said at the very top and throughout the show,
there are games that have been going on
through the course of this recording.
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part of that episode to the public feed.
The full episode gets posted to Patreon,
but the first chunk of it gets posted out to the public feed
and we’ll talk about some of these games
that we didn’t have a chance to address today.
The ones that are going on now in late night,
the ones that are gonna happen on Sunday.
We might not get to Clemson and Duke
until one of our later episodes
because that game is played on Monday night,
But look, if something crazy happens in Clemson Duke, we’ll do something.
We’ll make a video or something.
I don’t know.
Um, I saw you put a call out.
Oh, for dudes.
Call out for dudes.
I saw you put a call out.
Do you, should we, should we just do that?
I can tell you.
Do you have, if you have the sound, I can tell you what people were thinking.
Who are dudes for week one?
Uh, well, TJ Finley, drew Allar got some love here.
Tyler Nubin at Minnesota because you know he’s not playing offense if he’s getting dude
alert the very very good safety obviously Travis Hunter just like the Jimmy Butler of
college football just playing until he’s gassed and bent over and everything is cramping but
obviously a dude effort in that at when we mentioned Mike Hollins Caleb Williams is kind
of a retired dude at this point I don’t know how you how do you even go beyond Travis Hunter
in this conversation about what happened today.
So I think I’m going to leave it at that.
How about that?
I think that’s fair, Daniel.
We also encourage our community to reach out
on our new Reverb line at 855-VERBAL-3.
We had some folks calling the old number.
I’m trying to tell people as best I can
that there is a new phone number.
It’s a new deal this year.
Our friend Shae, our trusted verballer Shae,
put these together.
He did an admirable job.
He said this was his favorite batch of reverbs
that he has ever put together.
– The Reverberator.
– I like that name.
That’s good.
I don’t know how he would feel about that,
but that’s fine.
– It sounds cool.
– Here are–
– Sounds like an off-brand superhero.
I’m good with it.
– Here are your week one reverbs.
Have a listen.
– If there’s one thing about Deion Sanders,
It’s that he just never gets enough credit.
(phone ringing)
– Hey guys, it’s Rocco.
– This is Ray calling from,
TCU Colorado.
– Colorado.
– Colorado.
– Colorado.
– Colorado.
Hi, Dan and Ty.
It’s Andrew, the Colorado fan in Nebraska.
I’m as shocked as you, and I don’t know what to do with my hands.
I am just celebrating the hell out of Coach Prime’s first win
as the CU’s head coach.
Ooh, we comin’ boys.
How ’bout them Hogs?
We finally figured out how to score in the red zone.
It’s a mirACLe.
Oh wait, no.
It’s just not having Kendal Briles anymore.
Just ask TCU.
If there was ever a week to contract COVID-19,
I can’t think of a better one
than the first week of college football season
and just sink into my couch and watch,
oh no, Graham Mertz.
No, you’re not making me feel better.
This Texas offensive line is hot garbage.
The score graphic on Fox sucks.
Is Lee Corso the Golden Bachelor?
People are asking.
Is there a worse kind of torture
than being a Nebraska fan born after 2000?
The pacemaker was invented at the University of Minnesota,
which is great because I definitely need one
after that win over the Huskers.
Row the boat, baby.
Man, I don’t know what is sleepier,
Ohio State’s offense or literally me
taking a two-hour nap and missing half the game.
– The reports of G5 football’s death
are greatly exaggerated.
Fresno, Northern Illinois, and Texas State,
just don’t look over there at Boise and Toledo.
– God (beep) Toledo.
You are why the Mets can’t have nice things.
– Week one of the season, Boise State losing by 30,
throwing an interception.
This season is over.
The University of Washington Huskies are going to win the Pac-12.
And Michael Panix is going to win the hyphen.
Bring on the Ducks.
And kicking it off, Oregon’s first game, we went touchdown, touchdown, touchdown, touchdown,
touchdown, touchdown, touchdown, touchdown, touchdown, touchdown, touchdown, touchdown,
big breath, field goal, touchdown, punt, touchdown, end of game.
So that’s Drew Allar is the real deal.
The run defense is suspect.
As they say, good teams win and great teams cover.
We are.
– Give him the Heisman, yeah, that’s six more points for
Sam, another Tuddie Hartman.
(upbeat music)
– There you have it.
– We don’t own that song.
– Your week one reverbs, the verballerhood always delivers.
– Yes.
to our guys, Shae, for cutting those up late night.
And I think capturing the essence
of how people were feeling.
In week one, again, the number is 855-VERBAL-3.
If you’ve got, we have people who have this number
in their phone.
Replace the old with the new.
It’s 855-VERBAL-3.
It’s 855-837-2253.
– So it’s what, use the verbal one or whatever it is.
Use the nomenclature once again for that phone number.
– 855-VERBAL-3.
– 855-VERBAL-3.
– The Raiders.
– The Raiders.
– Maybe that’s what’s screwing up your throat.
The fact that we keep going, “The Raiders,”
over and over again.
– It is possible.
So look, our next episode will be on Monday.
Make sure you hit subscribe.
If you are listening to the podcast for the first time,
make sure you hit subscribe if you’re out on YouTube,
perhaps watching us live.
– Yes.
happening upon this video on a Sunday.
Dan and I will be all over the place.
Shout out to Static Fur, who is watching along,
says he’s 40 and has been listening to us
since 2008, 2009-ish.
– Hell yeah.
– One of the originals.
Shout out to Lucas, who says he wasn’t here earlier,
but something like the 18th year in a row
that a Mac team has beaten a Big Ten team in week one.
shout out to let’s see who else we’re going to go with.
Beat you have a tie is going to need a break to break out the
borderline erotic clip for Sam Hartman this year.
I was already eyeing that up and we’ll do one more here.
But did a Mac team beat a Big Ten team this year?
And honestly was thinking Toledo was going to close it.
Okay, continue and Chris Morrissey saying don’t forget
BYU finally hitting double digits in the fourth quarter.
– Ooh, fancy guys.
All I see is that there have been like hundreds
and hundreds of comments during this episode
and I don’t look at it out of fear
that I have just gotten something completely wrong,
which I definitely have
and I just don’t want to be thrown off my game.
But I love the enthusiasm of everybody watching live
midnight Eastern time for these recap episodes.
– For that guy over there, my good friend Dan Rubenstein
for the Verballerhood watching late night here with us
out on YouTube and for those of you listening
from the comfort of your home,
perhaps on Sunday morning or Monday on the way to work.
My name is Ty Hildenbrandt.
For that guy over there, Dan Rubenstein.
Again, I’ll talk to you all soon.
Stay solid.
(upbeat music)

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