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Ty and Dan run through the college football slate for Week 1 and give their spicy predictions on the biggest games of the opening weekend, including West Virginia vs. Penn State, North Carolina vs. South Carolina, Boise State vs. Washington, LSU vs. Florida State, Florida vs. Utah, Clemson vs. Duke and many other FBS games. Plus, a name for Saturday’s action that will have you seeing if some of your preseason assumptions are actually correct.

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Welcome to The Solid Verbal.
The Solid Verbal.
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And now, Dan and Ty.
Daniel, we made it at long last.
Week 1 is finally upon us.
How are you doing today, good sir?
I’m great. I’m excited. I’ve got herbal tea in me, Ty.
Ty, I don’t know what to do with my hands. A full not only Saturday, but Saturday
and then a sprinkling of Sunday and Monday Labor Day weekend. Come on, Ty, what’s better than this
weekend? I love it. Hope everybody is as excited as we are over the next hour. So we’re going to
do our best to talk you through all all of the action in week one, Dan, but we have to start out
at the very beginning with all things college football,
especially a new season upon us.
We have a tradition on this show that we started
a couple of years ago.
We got to name the week.
We got a solid verbal proud tradition.
In the, in the honor of ESPN,
how they would do like separation Saturday
and some of those other names that weren’t very creative.
We decided we had to put our heads together
over the last seven months now and come to an agreement,
present the United Front here in week one.
one. You want to talk through the logic a little bit on how we arrived where we did?
for this specific week? for our week one Saturday nickname, even though there’s Saturday, Sunday
and Monday. Look, you think about every single team in the country and hitting the
portal and the number of new names and new faces that will be counted on either side
of the ball, whether it’s portal, whether it’s high school guys, you know, you absolutely
know the announcers are going to say something like, “well, we’ll see if this new secondary
can give, you know, whoever the boost they needed. We’ll see if these new tackles can protect
this quarterback better.” And so I think there’s going to be a lot of “see if” conversation.
So first I had “see if Saturday,” but I think you know, we can go a step further than that.
I looked at parts of the eye because that’s what we do here on The Solid Verbal college
football podcast. Sclera Saturday, the white of our eyes. Yeah, the white of our eyes.
that serves to protect the eye, the vision Ty.
And so that’s what I have here
because we’re gonna see if all of these new faces
can change fortunes from where we were last year
for a lot of us.
So I have it as Sclera Saturday
with a huge slate ahead of us.
(dramatic music)
– Dan, time to help many picks of the week.
– It is week one, it is Sclera Saturday, Dan.
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, I stand by it.
(gentle music)
– So on this show, we have a little something
called the window of opportunity represented by that sound.
It is a bit, it is really a public service.
Every time we do a live show out amongst the Verballer Hood,
people thank me.
They thank me for the window of opportunity.
And I know it’s controversial,
but they thank us for doing this
because what we do is we look at the schedule,
We tell you where there’s a window to go out
and be amongst your people.
– Yes. – Gotta watch junior’s
soccer game or– – Junior?
– Go see “Cats” with the misses, whatever your poison.
– Yeah. – The window of opportunity
is your moment to go out and imbibe.
But it is week one. – Imbibe.
– You had seven months to plan for this, all right?
– Yeah, come on. – So it’s kind of on you
if you find yourself in the odd circumstance
of having a miss action at all this weekend.
I mean, this is a college football holiday.
I think you can go out early on Saturday
until about 5 p.m. Eastern, if you have to,
without missing too much.
I obviously would not recommend that.
I am not suggesting that you do that.
But if you must, if you must,
I would say your window of opportunity
is before 5 p.m. Eastern time on Saturday.
– I think your window of opportunity is tonight.
Get some good food.
make out with somebody special and say,
I’ll see you Tuesday.
If they’re not into college football, which how dare they?
– How dare they?
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We are starting a new
segment called
Big Dogs on the show.
Big dogs. Big dogs. Week one is chock full of action. It is tough to figure out which
games we should start with, which we shouldn’t. We always have this debate behind the scenes.
We decided this year we’re going to take turns going back and forth, electing the three big
dogs to lead off each of our preview episodes. And Dan, you drew the correct straw. Yes.
this week. So who is your first big dog that you’d like to discuss on this year week one
preview episode?
Yeah, these are our three biggest matchups of the week from three different windows.
Obviously, there’s a number of windows this week. I think we’re going to start here Ty
with the matchup that immediately gets us to top 10 opponents squaring off against each
other. That’d be LSU as field goal ish two and a half point ish favorites facing off
against Florida State Sunday night, 7:30 PM Eastern in Orlando, which by the way, finds
itself not in the direct path, but it’s going to be affected by weather. We got a category
four at the time of recording, got a pretty significant weather event in a hurricane hitting
the Gulf Coast of Florida. This one is sort of the great Dane of week one. If we’re going
to continue with the dog analogy.
We’re recording this on Wednesday at noon,
obviously live on YouTube for those of you
who are watching.
If you can’t make it. It’s solidverbalive.com.
Can’t make it this week.
Come on out next week, Wednesday at noon.
We’re going to do this every Wednesday.
76% of the bets right now and 83% of the money
is on LSU.
Notably, LSU tackle Maason Smith won’t play in this
game because of a one-game suspension from the
NCAA, NIL related or pre-NIL related.
It’s kind of BS to be honest with you.
I agree.
Kind of BS.
He has a bum ankle as well, but all the same.
Yeah, it’s kind of garbage.
When we did our conference previews weeks ago now,
six weeks ago, whatever it was,
you were assigned both LSU and Florida State.
We both looked into them because
obviously they’re top 10 caliber teams,
but you did the deeper dive of both.
What is the case for LSU in this game?
What is the case for Florida State in this game?
Well, look, LSU top to bottom has become so much better than even where they were last
year when they played this game and they played each other to basically a dead heat. If you
remember the special teams miscues are what doomed LSU in this matchup last year. And
so to me, the story with LSU is the offensive line has been completely rebuilt and might
be the strongest unit on this team. If not on the field, this LSU offensive line is quite
good. You’re getting more pop out of receiver. They’ve recruited quite well there. The running
back situation isn’t great, but Jayden Daniels provides continuity and then on defense outside
of Maason Smith. It’s Jordan Jefferson familiar name different guy though transferring in
from West Virginia. So he’ll take his place presumably on the defensive line and then
you know new corners from the portal for LSU and then look the story of stories for LSU
above all of that is they have the most dangerous wrecking ball in the country and Harold Perkins
Harry perky, as we call him, and so the case for LSU in this specific game is Jayden Daniels
plus an aggressive stifling defense,
plus an offensive line that should keep him upright.
And everybody claims that LSU is gonna be more vertical
and take more chances,
that there is just too much speed
and too many places for Florida State to handle.
That’s the case for LSU.
– What about Florida State?
– The case for Florida State is, to me,
slightly, by the razor thinnest of margins,
slightly easier,
because I think I give the edge to Florida State here.
And I give the edge to Florida State,
And it’s not a Maason Smith thing.
You know, LSU has a bunch of good defensive linemen.
It’s Florida State at the moment
has slightly more ways to beat LSU
than vice versa in my mind.
Because of the rushing attack,
because of how dangerous Trey Benson
will continue to be this year,
one of the best handful of running backs in the nation,
the addition of Keon Coleman
alongside Johnny Wilson at receiver,
I think the Florida State offense
is just a little bit too lethal.
Florida, excuse me, LSU counting on two new starting corners from the portal,
you know, one from Syracuse, one from, I believe, southeastern Louisiana,
Zy Alexander, that there is something that I think is a little bit more
winter, wondery guys that you could perform in January to Florida state.
And so I am just a little bit more keen on Florida state’s offense, more keen,
you know, Jared verse and the Florida state, especially that defensive line
right now that I think that’s the combination.
Obviously there’s a reason this is a two and a half point
game in the desert.
That’s where I give them the fire power advantage.
And to me, that’s meaningful.
So I’m going Florida State here and it’s in Orlando.
So presumably, I mean, LSU travels like crazy,
but that to me is the difference that I think
Florida State ultimately might be able to run the ball
a little bit too much on LSU.
– Yeah, I mean, look, this one’s basically a pick ’em.
It’s two and a half point spread.
Yeah, you gotta forget the spread.
Throw the spread out.
– Throw the spread out.
– Yeah, it’s who you like more.
It’s who you like more.
Both teams last year won 10 games.
Both got better in the off season,
which I think is notable.
I just like Florida State more.
I agree with you.
Pretty much the entire starting lineup is back.
And now they’re bolstered by even more talent.
Even some late transfers like Keon Coleman,
who you mentioned from Michigan State.
– He might be scary good.
Yeah, I mean we’ve been getting emails about him and the season hasn’t even started yet.
So yeah, if he lives up to the hype, yeah, he could be really really good in that system.
Games like these though often come down to line play.
And I do think it’s also notable to point out that Florida State is no longer a laughingstock along the offensive line.
Some of us are old enough to remember and when I say that if you’re three years old,
you’re old enough to remember when Florida State had a really crappy offensive line and it didn’t seem like there was much hope in sight.
But very gradually over the course of the last few seasons
They have built up that line play to the point now where it’s a strength last season
It got to the point where it was pushing up against like that bottom tier of elite
So they’ve gotten very very solid. Yeah trenches and I think that has been a springboard to help
Unlock further potential for this team. It’s part of the reason why I like them so much this season
The talent as a whole on that line is probably the biggest issue the talent as a whole on this team was probably the biggest
issue and Mike Norvale very, very gradually has found a way to solve that one as well.
So I just feel really good about where Florida State’s at right now. I’ve got this one at 28,
23 Florida State. I think it’s a good game. I think it’s a good game just like last year. Last
year had mistakes and there were the special teams woes for LSU and whatnot, but I think this will
again be tight. These are two really good teams provided the game is close. Neither one is out
of the playoff race. It’s just a good matchup. It’d be a good loss for one of the other provided
Again, it’s like within one score,
and I think it will be.
So, I’m 28-23 Florida State.
I’ve got a Sunday afternoon cookout
at a neighbor’s place,
and I’ve already alerted Jodi with an i
Hard out at 6:20 Central.
Hard out.
That’s all.
Second big dog, Dan.
Second big dog,
we’ve got North Carolina-South Carolina.
We do.
This is a 7:30 game on ABC on Saturday night.
North Carolina favored by 2.5
and a half, neutral siter in Charlotte.
To whatever degree that’s actually neutral site.
I have no idea what to make of this game.
I’ll be honest with you.
So, okay.
I can I simplify things for you?
I would because I’m a love.
I have a simple brain as a simple person.
Looked at both of these teams,
obviously concerns about North Carolina on both sides of the
ball in that they lose offensive coordinator in that they lost
their secondary in that as the season progressed last year,
North Carolina’s defense really faded.
actually did a pretty good job. All things considered against Oregon in the bowl game
got a couple of decent linebackers to me happy to be proven wrong with a you know an overhauled
North Carolina season on defense, but it doesn’t appear that we’re heading in that direction
South Carolina new offensive coordinator lost some key weapons, but juice Wells back, but
you know, Marshawn Lloyd, Jaheim Bell, we didn’t even mention his name in the Florida State
preview and probably should have because he’s terrific football player and then South Carolina
up front on defense is not in a great place, but the secondary has been pretty good to
me. It goes back to like old pre algebra. All right, let’s start canceling out. Do the
X cancels out the Ys cancels out that this cancels out parentheses cancel whatever Drake
may is better than Spencer Rattler. So I’m going North Carolina. Yeah, I’m going ultimately
the remainder is quarterback play is important and North Carolina might have the best or
one of the two or three best quarterbacks in the country.
And given that I’m going with North Carolina here games in Charlotte.
So yeah, I don’t know.
I mean normally your rubric is quarterback and defense and as I went through it.
I’m like, I can’t do that for either of these teams.
I can do that with North Carolina at least half of that right with Drake Maye.
Yeah, we got there was a seasoning of Spencer Rattler last year.
I mean when they simplified the offense when Marcus Satterfield stopped making
it so sophisticated.
That’s when we saw, I think, better results on the South Carolina side.
And now he’s in Lincoln, Nebraska.
Now he’s in Lincoln, Nebraska.
North Carolina has got Drake Maye.
North Carolina also saw a ton of turnover on defense.
And I think the impulse is to look at that scenario, that setup and say, well,
you know, they lost so much on defense.
They’re going to be worse.
They were already really bad.
So I don’t know if new names makes them any better or worse.
I also look like, “How did North Carolina start out last year?”
Maybe they were like frisky and interesting on defense,
and then, “Oh no, App State scored 61 points against them.”
My hang-up with South Carolina in this game
is that they got crushed with transfers
and roster turnover, especially along the lines.
And that’s where I’m most concerned for them as a whole this season.
If there’s no pass rush in this game,
that’s a problem against Drake Maye.
That said, North Carolina was also very good
at creating a pass rush for opponents
Because they didn’t do a whole lot of blocking for drake maye last season
But i’d have to assume that they’re at least a little better in the trenches
Than they were a year ago. And if that’s the case then
South carolina is going to find some way to try and change the trajectory for them
They can’t just give them a free pass back there
I’m, not sure what the defense looks like and that’s why I hesitate here. I’m i’m on board with north carolina minus two and a half
okay, um on the south carolina side, I said this in the preview too like
I couldn’t care less about how many games south carolina actually wins
I care more about watching Spencer Rattler and Juice Wells, and especially
Nyckoles Harbor, my guy.
Oh, yeah.
Nyckoles Harbor, the true freshman.
He is large.
He is fast.
He is everything that we wish we were.
34-30 North Carolina for me.
I think we agree on that one.
Oh, this is scary.
Two for two in agreements.
Third big dog.
I have think I have the sound.
Yeah, third big dog 3:30 ABC, Boise State against Washington.
This one on Saturday as well, Boise State going to Washington a 14.5 point dog. So they are a big dog.
I am picking Washington to win the Pac-12.
This is your, yeah, this is your conference champion starting things out against the Broncos. This is a tough opener.
I don’t care what the point spread is. This is a tough opener for Washington.
I think they’ll be really good this season. I think they’ll be really good, especially on offense this season. The limiting factor will be the defense.
Basically, can they improve their back seven and not be a sieve against the pass?
Yeah, that’s I think the operative question that’ll tell you everything you need to know about Washington in 2023
I just kind of like this spot for Boise
I kind of like it. It’s sneaky, 14 and a half’s a big number in week one
But Boise might be a nine win team
And they could have a really dynamic rushing attack. They’ve got three four star running backs in this roster
Don’t know how many other g5 teams you can say that about they’re actually pretty loaded in that stable
Back behind the quarterback. I think they can move the ball in Washington. I think they can eat the clock up and
Keep this one within the number. I know you think they can win outright and we can get to that right perhaps in a second
I don’t know if that’s what you’re gonna ultimately predict here, but I like Boise within the number
They’ve got a new offensive coordinator who knows how much different if at all the system’s gonna be this season
but I just feel really heartened by the fact that it’s been a full offseason now with tailing green running with the ones and
This is not a situation where I think they’re gonna get blown out
They played solid defense last year Andy Avalos did a good job coaching that defense up. I think the offense lagged behind
I think it’ll get there this season. So I’m on Boise plus the number
I’m not going so far as to say they went out right but I
Like I like their chances here of keeping that one within 14 and a half
So obviously I’m taking the points. I made the spicy prediction that Washington. This was a spicy prediction
This wasn’t necessarily based in 99 out of 100 universes that get simulated
I’d taken the points here with Boise State and to me. It’s quite simple
It’s week one is the worst possible time for Washington to play Boise State
just because there’s gonna be a bunch of new faces on defense for the Broncos and
The the passing game of Washington is incredible
but like most passing games takes a minute to get into
rhythm. Last year’s defense for Boise State was terrific in
getting off the field. Washington’s offense was
terrific at staying on the field. Every third down is
gonna be a party. Boise State-Washington. It really is gonna
be so huge. Uh they were great blitzing the quarterback Boise
State was. They were great in the red zone. We’ll see if that
works out with a bunch of new faces for Boise State but I
think that number is a little bit too big. I like Taylen
Green maybe extending drives with his legs and keeping the
the Washington defense on the field. We saw at times that
Washington defense couldn’t get off the field and they were
pushed around a little bit too much. I think this is going to
be an improved Washington unit. Ultimately, if I were betting
real American dollars from my real bank accounts straight up,
I would take Washington. So I think Washington wins this game.
I think they’re the better and more complete team. There’s
more firepower. Those receivers should be great all year long
for Washington. I have them winning a close game by a
touchdown. I really I’m a believer in Boise State. I just ultimately like you
just you need quarterback play if it’s going to be relatively close and I’d
much I’d much rather have Michael Penix than tail and green, you know, in a
four point game with six minutes left. So I’m going with a close survival for
Washington. We just agree on the three big dogs. I hate it tight. I hate it. I
think I feel worse for you than me because I was over four with my big
picks last week. I know I know but and by the way comment along with your picks and
that way you’re on the record when you’re right and we’re wrong. Yeah, you can sort
of throw it in our face and come back to the comments after the fact and punctuate but
if you’re watching this on YouTube, so yeah, I I couldn’t fully get there, but I can see
the construction. I’m not going to take credit if Boise State fully wins this game, but yeah,
I think it’s going to be tight.
All right.
Well, we’re going to get to our deeper analysis of Windows here
in just a second as we talk through the weekend ahead.
Don’t forget if you are watching the games,
if you have something to get off your chest, call the reverb line
It is a new phone number this year.
It’s a new and improved reverb line.
Give it again, Ty.
Give it again.
That is 855-837-.
2-5-5-3. Put it in your phone.
Get ready.
We’ll send it out to some of our friends that we know are going to be at games.
But if you are out amongst the people watching games, just at home yelling at the TV,
why not yell at the reverb line?
If you’re feeling especially emotional, maybe especially sad after a loss,
just dial that reverb line.
I love the sad fox music. I love it so much.
Alright, shall we get to our early window, Dan?
Yes, early window. So this is…
Let’s get to our early games here, shall we?
So we tend to go in a little bit of a goofy order
because many folks are listening to this on Wednesday,
watching this on Wednesday, may not get to it
until later in the day on Thursday.
So we actually saved the Thursday and Friday games for last
and we’re going to start on Saturday
with some of the most notable games.
We’ll kind of go around the horn here
in any particular order.
The most interesting game.
I’m glad you played the Fox music.
The most interesting game in the universe
per Fox Sports.
Yeah, is Colorado at TCU,
TCU favored by 21 points.
This one’s high noon on Fox again on Saturday.
Coach Prime’s first game with Colorado.
Indeed on the road against last year’s Cinderella,
The national runner-up TCU Horned Frogs.
There has been so much talk
about Colorado’s roster turnover this season.
But probably not enough about TCU’s.
TCU is last in returning production on offense.
Max Duggan is gone.
I saw he just got waved by whoever drafted him.
Their top two backs are gone.
Their top three receivers, their top two linemen,
all those guys are gone.
Now they did plug the gaps pretty nicely
via the transfer portal.
But there is a lot new for the Horned Frogs, including the coordinator,
the offensive coordinator, Kendal Briles, who replaces Garrett Riley, who
we’ll talk about a little bit later on, he went over to Clemson.
I tend to trust that Sonny Dykes and Kendal Briles, I can’t say his name for some reason today,
will build a solid offense.
I think Chandler Morris will be fun, probably have a little bit of Baker Mayfield in him,
if I’m not stretching too much there.
What worries me, especially with this point spread,
It’s that Colorado’s a black box, man.
Like, you know what this is.
Colorado is that one piece at a time song by Johnny Cash.
Where every bit of them is new.
And every bit of them is plugged into this
man-made contraption.
They’ve got a lot of disparate parts.
And we have no idea what’s gonna happen
when Deion turns that key.
We have no idea if they’re gonna look competent,
if they’re going to be all over the place.
I tended to see
as I went through my like normal course of study here in the preseason,
my attitude on Colorado getting better
with each little snippet that I read.
And I think I trust in this team more than I’m comfortable saying aloud.
I cannot resist my curiosity.
So I’m going to go Colorado plus 21.
Is this just sort of the waves,
this is the sine wave of the off season, right?
where you’re just like at a certain point,
you’re gonna say I’m out on Colorado.
Oh, it’ll happen probably in week four, but in six.
No, but I’m saying six weeks later in mid June or in early
July, you’re like, well, Colorado and it’s just it’s just
such a long off season.
I know you can have an internal dialogue about so many things
and just waver completely and it’s normal.
I think some combination, excuse me of that speed bump for
TCU. Yeah, and Colorado looking competent.
gets them within the number. Plus 21 is a big number,
especially with a clock that goes a lot quicker this year.
I, that’s true.
Colorado plus 21 for me.
Yeah. I think if you just,
you got to put Colorado in a box and say, look, they’re a wild card.
And they’re probably going to do some good things and they’re probably going to
do some bad things. And we’ll see, we just have no idea. Nobody has any idea.
Other than people inside and in Boulder, I suppose.
It just comes down to what you think about TCU.
And so the game is in Fort Worth. TCU, as you mentioned,
hit the portal impressively and they’ve got still got a good amount of speed on
offense even if they’re down a couple of key dudes namely Max Duggan, Quentin
Johnston from last year. I think I trust TCU more to the tune of 21 I’m gonna say
yes. I’m gonna say yes, because I look at Colorado as an experiment and to play a
good team which I believe TCU to be relatively closely means you probably
probably should be more closely, more close to fully formed.
And I just don’t think Colorado is there in week one.
So I’m taking the frogs here. I’m taking the frogs to win by 24,
something like 44-20, 44-17, somewhere in that range.
We disagree. Finally. We disagree. We disagree.
Some other games in this early window on Saturday,
we’ve got Virginia at Tennessee. They’re playing in Nashville.
Tennessee is a 28-point favorite.
We’ve got ECU, East Carolina, at Michigan.
Michigan, Michigan is a 36 point home favorite.
The game’s on Peacock now.
Remember, Big Ten is on NBC these days.
– Do you have Peacock?
Do you have it?
Have you signed up yet?
– I got it through Mama H’s password.
– Oh, good, smart.
– Yeah, I did.
– Shh, don’t tell anybody.
– Oh, sorry, I’m not supposed to say that.
– Everybody be cool.
– Also Arkansas State at Oklahoma.
Oklahoma also a 36 point home favorite.
– Okay.
– Utah State at Iowa.
Iowa is a 24 point favorite.
Big Ten Network, we got Fresno at Purdue.
Purdue only a four point home favorite.
I think that could be a interesting game.
What else we got here?
Ball State at Kentucky.
Kentucky favorite by 26 and a half.
And what else?
Two o’clock ESPN Plus, we’ve got Mercer at Ole Miss, Dan.
Which of those games is of interest to you?
Other than all of them, but most interest to you.
– Okay, so in terms of competition,
Fresno State Purdue. Yeah, Big Ten Network Mikey Keene Hudson card
bar Saturday. Was Mikey Keene name? The starter was he named the starter?
Yeah. Yeah. It’s Mikey Keene. Mikey Keene’s team, Dan. Not Logan Fife. Okay.
I have Fresno State winning that game because there is a part of me that you
look at a grizzled older successful coach and a brand new young coach. I’m
give the nod to Jeff Tedford and Fresno State being the presumed favorites in the Mountain
West and I don’t know if I fully trust where Purdue is going on either side of the ball
at the moment. I still like the Ryan Walters higher, but again, it’s week one of a new
coach a younger coach and so I’m not there yet just because I think Ryan Walters still
going to be finding a rhythm as a head coach. So I’m going with Fresno State there just
because of that factor that seems to be the most competitive in that window. Yeah, I’m
I’m on I’m on Fresno plus four as well. Yeah, I think you’re going to mention Tennessee,
Tennessee-Virginia at first glance is interesting to me because Virginia took a nice step forward
last year on defense. They were one of the best teams in the nation for whatever it’s
worth at stopping bigger pass plays and certainly that’s what Tennessee’s MO is now with Joe
Milton, but you also need to score to stay with them for touchdowns and and look I’m
I’m not crazy about big point spreads in week one.
– Same.
– I think I learned a little bit from week zero
and the clock, the new clock rules kind of weird me out.
– Mm-hmm.
– I just don’t know how Virginia is keeping pace.
I don’t, like, they could be a full-on disaster
on offense this season.
Obviously, that’s a problem
when you got Tennessee in week one.
I just don’t know how they’re keeping pace.
So if Tennessee scores 45 points,
are you trusting Virginia to get to 17?
I’m not.
I’m not so Virginia’s Virginia’s offense feels like if you went to one of the depth chart
sites like ourlads that there’s going to be two to three players listed just by first
name. It’s like who’s starting at left tackle? Mike? Darren? Darren! who’s starting at quarterback?
Ty’s cousin Brad. That’s where Virginia is at offensively on this roster. So yeah, Darren
starting at left tackle. So yeah, I think Tennessee and you mentioned the new clock
Tennessee is going to be one of those teams that if they are as explosive as they’ve been these past couple years
that it won’t affect them as much because they can score super quickly.
Michigan, again, 36 point favorite.
Jim Harbaugh is going to be sitting this one out.
I don’t know if you had a chance to see the coach rotation that they’re going to deploy here for the first three games.
So it’s two guys get their own games and then there’s one game that’s split down the middle.
Jesse Minter gets this game against DCU.
Sherrone Moore gets the next game against Bowling Green.
And then in UNLV, it’s gonna be Jay Harbaugh in the first half,
and then a combination of Mike Hart and Sherrone Moore in the second half.
I don’t know if that’s good or bad.
Michigan’s gonna win one way or the other.
I’ll take ECU +36, though.
-It’s a lot of points. -Really?
Oh, yeah. Yeah.
I’m gonna take Michigan.
Let me ask you this real quick, then we’ll move on to the afternoon window.
Uh, Utah State versus Iowa.
Iowa’s a 24 point favorite here.
Brian Ferentz needs to get to 25 points per game to save his job
per the preseason KPIs that they put forth.
Is this one of the Ferentz fluff up games?
Well, I think Cade McNamara is listed as questionable.
He’s medically cleared, but questionable.
Everybody’s going to talk about the Brian Ferentz thing,
scoring 25 points.
Yes, it is a fluff up opportunity
for Brian Ferenc in the Iowa offense.
And I suppose if Cade McNamara is good to go,
you could see it happening right. They got later on in the season. They had
more firepower on offense. It’s all relative from things and certainly
they’ve improved the offensive roster and Utah State was it appears to still
be pretty down on defense. So yes, I think there is opportunity for that.
The the sub narrative for Iowa is I believe maybe I’m wrong at the time of
this recording. Spencer Petras is just a civilian on the Iowa campus. Like
he’s a break glass if needed quarterback. I don’t know if he’s
– You’re gonna throw in something other than sports?
– I’m almost positive that’s the case
with Spencer Petras right now.
So yeah, Cade McNamara, if he’s fine, if he’s good enough,
I think Iowa will comfortably win.
Definite fluff up opportunity.
So what do I have down here?
Ultimately, I think my pick was Iowa
because I just can’t make a case for Utah State.
– Yeah, I’m gonna go Iowa as well.
I think they’re gonna try to run it up if they can.
– Yeah, definitely.
– We’ll find out about Cade McNamara,
but they’re gonna try to run up these games
where they’re a heavy favorite, I think,
to save Brian’s shot.
All right, let’s get to our afternoon window.
By the way, they’ll either run up those games or run up those games and bet on them because
apparently that’s what happens if you’re an Iowa Hawkeye or an Iowa State Cyclone.
It was just a few guys.
So, look, there are a bunch of games here.
I’ll rattle through these.
There’s one that I want to talk more about.
3.30 on Fox, Rice at Texas, Texas, 35 point favorite.
3.30 FS1 Buffalo at Wisconsin, Wisconsin favored by nearly four touchdowns.
3 o’clock Pac-12 Network, Portland State against your mighty Oregon Ducks.
3.30 ESPN UMass at Auburn, Auburn, 36 and a half point favorite.
UMass not getting any respect after last week.
3:30 Big Ten Network, Towson at Maryland, 3:30 ACC Network, Wofford at Pitt.
Also at 3 30, we got eastern Kentucky against Cincinnati and at four o’clock. It’s western carolina at arkansas. So not a crazy
Window of games, but the one that I wanted to talk more about is 3:30 on cbs. I guess it’s ohio state
against indiana dan, um
Per dan olinger over at hoosiers. Now. Tom. Allen said that indiana has a starting kicker
But doesn’t want to reveal it publicly
Awesome little gamesmanship from coach Allen. Oh, that’s live Fox
gamesmanship from Tom Allen
Tom Allen 5-11-1 as a home dog since 2018 and last year Indiana was
33% against the spread obviously new year new team
But Vegas seems to have a handle on where the Indiana football program currently sits
They at the time of this recording have not named a starting quarterback. I think it’s what
Brendan Dornsby.
Dornsby and Taven Jackson,
the Tennessee transfer vying for
the job because Dexter Williams
is still hurt.
Kyle McCord announced as the
starter for Ohio State.
It’s a big number,
but Ohio State another one of
those teams that despite the
new clock rules with the clock
running after first downs,
there’s still probably score
pretty quickly.
No, I’m on the record say that
Indiana is interesting to me.
Okay, and I think Tom Allen has
made some shrewd hires.
I think the team’s a lot better
than it was a year ago.
If this game were happening in week seven,
I’d be inclined to think about points.
My issue in week one is that this is an entirely
rebuilt secondary and I think Kyle McCord could
throw for four touchdowns lefty.
So, yeah, Ohio State, whatever, minus whatever.
I think I have Ohio State as well.
The number gave me a little bit of pause,
but I just don’t have that case for Indiana
scoring enough to keep this within 30.
If Ohio State is what we think they’ll be.
So, going Buckeyes.
Saturday Night Window.
(upbeat music)
Big guy here for me, West Virginia at Penn State,
Penn State favored by 20 and a half points.
We’ve also got UTSA at Houston.
That one’s nearly a pick ’em, UTSA favored by one.
– Both good games.
– Both very good games.
I think two highlights for me.
What else do we got here?
USC a 38 point favorite at home against Nevada.
Alabama, 39 point favorite against Middle Tennessee.
A lot of big numbers here.
Georgia, I don’t even see a line on their game
against UT Martin. – There’s a bunch of
lineless matchups, yeah.
– Yeah, so let’s go back to the Penn State-West Virginia
game for a second.
A lot of people really, really fanning the flames
of Penn State this week.
A lot of playoff predictions, including Penn State.
I don’t know if it’s ’cause people believe it
or ’cause they’re trying to be different and cute
and not put Michigan or Ohio State in.
I don’t really know.
I’m a Penn State grad.
I’ve got a Beaver Avenue sign behind me.
I hope that’s the case, but I’m not sure I’m fully there.
– Okay.
– With respect to this game though,
if you’ve never been at a night game at Beaver Stadium,
if you’ve never been at a night game
on the home opening weekend at Beaver Stadium,
let me tell you,
it is unlike any other atmospheric you’ll ever experience.
The whole town will be ripped by about 1:30 in the afternoon.
can attest have been early on to a Penn State game.
And it was, I got, I mean, she was very friendly,
but she was 87 or something and she was gonzo.
It was great.
– The whole town will be ripped.
I was at the Penn State-Miami game in 2001
and there was an electricity in the air.
Unlike anything I’ve ever experienced
and I’ve been at all sorts of games now.
Penn State went on to lose that game 33-7.
They were down 33 to nil through like
the first three quarters.
But that was Ken Dorsey era Miami.
Little bit different than Neal Brown era West Virginia.
– Yeah.
– I think this is basically the end of the Neal Brown era
or the beginning of the end,
let’s say of the Neal Brown era.
I don’t think West Virginia fans would mind me saying that
because it’s been a steady diet each off season
of needing to make mass wholesale changes.
And eventually if it doesn’t work, that’s a problem.
That says more about the coach
than it does about the changes.
I think the plan this year is pretty obvious on offense.
The plan this year is run the crap out of the ball
with CJ Donaldson behind a pretty good offensive line
and do your best to keep the defense off the field
as much as possible.
That is the template for West Virginia in 2023.
Unfortunately, the schedule is also pretty difficult.
So they could execute that to near perfection
and still not really go anywhere
in terms of wins and losses.
– Yeah.
– They’re not good enough to beat Penn State.
And I don’t think they’re good enough to keep it close
against Penn State,
close enough within that 20 and a half number.
– Right.
– So I think the combination of West Virginia’s deficiencies
with all this excitement, frankly,
around Penn State in 2023,
Penn State’s got something to prove this year.
This gives them the perfect chance
to get the national stage right out of the gate
and try to make that case as a national playoff contender,
national championship contender, I don’t know.
I think they cover.
I think this is something like 3816.
– Okay. – One of those deals
where they cover but only barely.
I think a lot to be excited about
coming out of this game for Penn State.
Nothing but good vibes for Drew Allar.
For some of the newcomers,
I expect Dante cephas to have a really big season
for the Nittany Lions.
3816 is my prediction.
– Yeah, I’m taking Penn State as well.
I think if West Virginia had a better offense,
look, they’ll have a better offense this year,
but a better offense than what I think they’re going to have this year. It becomes more interesting
to me. Obviously JT Daniels moving along again. His third stop now is going to be at rice.
sidebar. Do you know that JT Daniels will start at Texas for the third team that he’s
played for rice at Texas USC at Texas West Virginia. I just appreciate that. Okay. I
just I worry about West Virginia’s line against what this Penn State front can and will do
do. And I think that can change the game rather quickly as good as CJ Donaldson clearly is
can’t do it alone. And so I like the changes that West Virginia made. I’m just not in on
the passing game. I’m just the defense was such a disaster. It’s times last year. There’s
just Penn State has its act to together. The atmosphere will be too electric. As you mentioned
that I just I have Penn State here by three or four touchdowns. Now it’s first game of
year right this is a team that is now saddled with huge expectations a new full-time starting
quarterback with huge expectations on his shoulders to immediately be great I can understand why that
you can get out of the gate in sort of sludgy fashion so there was part of me when looking at
this game that was like well maybe it’s a 24-11 game some some sort of weird score where you know
it’s never really competitive but penn state never really pulls away because it’s week one and they’re
they’re just sort of feeling things out.
That to me happens in 30 out of 100 simulations,
but ultimately, yeah, I think it’s 24, 27 points,
James Franklin and the Lions take care of the business.
– Yeah, and look, to be fair,
I wanna be clear my stance on West Virginia.
I think the changes that they made
in the off season were shrewd.
I think they did the right thing.
I think they are doing the right thing
by steering into what they are truly good at,
and that’s running the football.
They just don’t have enough variety.
They don’t have enough variety and they don’t have the defense to hold down Penn State.
And so that’s why I’ve got Penn State to cover at home.
But I agree with you.
I mean, there could be some week one jitters.
There could be some week one confusion.
That’s probably going to happen across the board in college football.
I myself have week one jitters and confusion.
I hit the wrong button earlier.
You’re okay.
You’re okay.
Sclera Saturday already.
Sclera Saturday, messing with your vision.
Messing with the rods and cones.
I wanted to talk very briefly about UTSA-Houston because I think this is gonna be a great game.
It’s a rematch of week one from last year when Houston won in triple overtime if memory serves.
I like UTSA a lot more in this game. I like their returning talent, especially on defense.
I think that’s the difference for me. I know Dana Holgorsen is sort of this offensive savant,
but definitely gonna be a drop-off this year when you lose Clayton Tune, when you lose
Tank tell yeah, you know like the drop-off from Clayton tune to Donovan Smith is probably pretty drastic. You think so?
I think that’s pretty good. Donovan Smith’s okay, but Clayton tune had been in that system for years. I just
definitely feel better about an
offense led by Clayton tune at this point may it will see I like Donovan Smith as well, but
You know UTSA also lost a car is Zahkari Franklin. Mm-hmm. They’re standout wide receiver, but big Frank Harris is still there and
I tend to like UTSA here to get Houston. You’ll hear more about this pic a little bit later on
in the episode, but UTSA minus one for me, Dan. I’m going Houston. I don’t know. I don’t think
they’re my home dog of the week necessarily, but I’m going Houston here at home to start the season
is something I just enjoy more. Love Frank the tank. The thing that concerns me about UTSA and
it probably isn’t terribly concerning in week one is they needed a lot of fun at the end of game.
times to win fun. Yeah, they needed a lot of Zazz to come back to win in double overtime
to win on a walk off with 15 seconds left. That to me is I think Houston right now as
much as I’m concerned about their defense and I just I think Donovan Smith is pretty
good quarterback and I think he’s in a fun system that should take advantage as you know,
he was last year for Texas Tech. So I have I have Houston winning at home in a fun back
and forth shoot out a tight matchup.
Yeah, real quick.
We got to move quick here because we got a bunch of
kids to get through.
I did want to call out that Texas Tech has to go to
Laramie, Wyoming week one.
Buddy, buddy, get your home dog of the week sound ready
and push it.
It’s very instant.
Home dog of the week.
Why did they schedule this game?
Kirby Hocutt? who did this?
You take your best team in a decade
and you put them on the road in Laramie week one, as we like to mention tie the
highest point in FBS football Laramie Wyoming. So they’re going to altitude.
They have a look ahead situation Wyoming does because they host Oregon in week
two Craig Bowl eight and four since 2018 as a home dog Wyoming had a very good
pass defense last year. Good pass rush. It’s at night and people you mentioned
people getting ripped in State College, Laramie juices are going to be flowing.
Yeah. So I’m taking Wyoming here not outright, but to keep this dangerously close.
They’re my my yocco’s home dog of the week.
Another interesting matchup here in that night slot is South Alabama-Tulane.
Yes. Tulane favored by about a touchdown six and a half points.
Last time I took a look really interesting matchup because South Alabama’s put
together a nice defense.
I still think Tulane is significantly better.
However, Tulane is not without its own losses.
so on roster losses turn over that they have to contain a Tyjae Spears notably among them.
So I think I like to lane to win and cover this game, but it’s two notables that you
know, we at least like to mention as we go through here some other matches real quick.
I like I’m taking the Jags just to be going south. I’m going South Alabama because I mean
you mentioned the losses for Tulane the defense. It was a good situational defense specifically
red zone third down for South Alabama and potential look ahead spot for Tulane. I believe
They host Ole Miss in week two, right?
– Oh boy, I don’t know if you can do lookaheads
in week one, Dan.
– But you’re looking ahead to this game for seven months.
– It’s my half a show.
I can do whatever I want.
– Old Dominion against Virginia Tech.
Tech favored by 16.
We got Wazzu on the road at Colorado State,
favored by 12.
A bunch of other games here with really, really large lines.
There is a late, late, late game
featuring Coastal Carolina and UCLA.
UCLA favored by 14 and a half points.
So notably here, this one’s going to be about one half of the way through when we go live on Saturday night.
Because on Saturday night, we are going to be doing a live recap at midnight.
So if you like this broadcast, give me the music Saturday night, tie, whatever.
Saturday night Ty, SolidVerbalLive.com, midnight eastern.
We’ll be doing our recap. Make sure you call that reverb line at 855-VERBAL-3. We’ll play
reverbs towards the end of that episode. Yes. Ethan Garber’s named the starter at UCLA,
not Dante Moore, the blue chipper from Michigan. I don’t hate Coastal plus 14 and a half here.
I think they’ll– I think you should. Continue. I think they’ll move the ball in UCLA. And
I’m not entirely sure they can stop anybody. Right. Which is ultimately why UCLA would
cover but fourteen and a half. I’m intrigued by fourteen and a half. I’m going to read
a press release to you. Okay. Okay. Tim Beck was named the fourth head football coach in
coastal Carolina history on December 4th, 2022 a veteran leader with their I think I’ve
said enough, Ty. Look, it’s UCLA’s not going to have a great home field advantage. They
nearly lost the aforementioned South Alabama Jaguars last year. If you remember to open
up the season. I think South Alabama has a much more interesting defense and team at
this moment than Coastal Carolina does. Grayson McCall is back. It’s a different offense.
There’s not much on defense. I don’t think they’re going to protect Grayson McCall all
that well. And if UCLA is strong on defense anywhere, it’s getting after the passer. So
I think UCLA wins this game by 1720 points. Wow. Wow. Do we have so also last year with
Grayson McCall and Jamie Chadwell, Coastal Carolina got run a couple of times. Do we
I’d bring back our Tim Beck-
– Beck-meyer syndrome from back in the day?
– Can’t lift arm or speak at normal rate.
– It’s tough.
– Gotta bring it back. – It’s a tough break.
– I’ll go UCLA, you talk me into it.
– Okay.
– Just by reading the first sentence and a half
of a press release.
– I forgot about Tim Beck. – From December?
– Yeah. – Okay, continue.
– Let’s get to Sunday.
(gentle music)
Alright, Sunday and Monday, let’s combine them into one.
Not a whole lot of games.
We already talked about the Florida State-LSU game.
We’ve got Oregon State minus 16 and a half on the road at San
Jose State.
We saw San Jose State last week against USC.
We’ve also got Northwestern against Rutgers. Rutgers favorite, home
favorite by six and a half points.
We don’t need to go into any drastic detail about either of those
two games.
We can if you want, of course, but let’s go back over to Monday and
talk about Clemson-Duke since that I think is a much more notable matchup. 8 p.m. on
Monday ESPN Clemson on the road favored by 13 points. Dan. Yeah, I’m taking Duke. Why
taking Duke? They have a good quarterback. They have a good head coach. They return enough
along that defensive line and look the defense wasn’t terrific last year, but much much improved.
You have receivers back for Riley Leonard. I just think Clemson is in a moment where
to me just like show me show me that you’re ready to correct the things that see the sclera
last year. I want to see the sclera Dabo. Dabo? Dabo. Sclera Monday to me as well.
I think Duke is a quality team. We saw Clemson come out last year. I know they won the game
by 31 points. So if you bet on Clemson you win it against Georgia Tech, but they look
sluggish different quarterback different year different team totally correct but I think
Duke is quality this is exactly if you are Duke when you want to get Clemson when they
have not yet come into a rhythm and I already saw dabble complain that it takes too long
to walk from the field to the locker room at halftime and so it’s really annoying because
you don’t have any time because guys are using the restroom and just getting acclimated and
you don’t really have time to sit down and figure things out so I don’t know I took that
as a sign from the universe to feel good about Duke. We’ll see, but this is the time. This
is the time. A macular Monday. Yeah, I just looked up parts of the eye that start with
M. Yeah, macular. Yeah, that’s correct. That’s so I like Riley Leonard a lot. And I like
that Duke returns a lot from last year’s team. I love the job that Mike Alko did in his first
year. Are you kidding me? Just think about what he’s going to do at Michigan State. Ty,
I know.
This is what he can do at Duke.
He’s gonna be really good in East Lansing.
But I got a taste of something this offseason that I want more of.
Let’s talk a little bit about Dabo going for the throat.
You like this?
The Garrett Riley factor.
Getting rid of Brandon Streeter, one of his own.
Cutting him out of the Clemson womb.
Oh, God.
Replacing him with Garrett Riley.
Sort of a diabolical hire, man.
I am ready for more dark Dabo this season. Okay, like he’s going full Pedro cerrano doing
the voodoo. Well, he’s got to grow the goatee right now. Like the evil dark timeline Dabo.
Yeah, I like that. If he did that, he’d be 100% more likable. I would put $1000 if dabble
grew a goatee as heinous as 99.9% of goatees are. If he grew a mustache, if he did something,
Dabo just ran down Howard’s, Howard’s Rock, ran down the the the hill
Uh, and with a new facial hair reveal. Oh, yeah
$1,000 on Clemson to win the national championship. Absolutely. I’m I’m heavy on Clemson here. Okay
And I want to emphasize this Clemson’s favored by 13 points it was 12 and a half until recently
Okay, Clemson winning by 14 points does not mean that they’re blowing Duke out
It’s a comfortable win against a team that they should beat comfortably if they’re
Near as good as everyone thinks they are. Mm-hmm because they’ve got more talent across the board
their defense should be one of the best defenses in college football and
Though Duke was a great story last season the schedule gets very very difficult this year
It’s almost doing a 180 as compared to where they were last year when they played like the five worst ACC teams
It’s it’s gonna be very difficult for Duke and Mike Elko. I still think they’ll perform admirably but
– 13 – 13 is is too few
Give me the time who few too few we disagree. I like disagreeing with you continue
Shall we go to our Thursday? Oh, I look ahead spot for Clemson with Charleston Southern continue
Yeah, let’s go to Thursday let’s go back to Thursday
(Boo-da-doo, boo-da-doo, boo-da-doo!)
(Dramatic music)
Couple big games here.
I’m surprised you didn’t pick Florida-Utah
as one of the big dogs.
It makes sense because it’s Thursday
and we like to give ourselves a little bit more runway
for the Thursday games
so that people don’t hear and then tune out.
– Yes.
Immediately after hearing how wrong we are
in predicting that matchup, yeah.
– 8 p.m., Florida at Utah.
Utah favored by four and a half points.
some big time line movement on this one opened at eight.
Now, it’s come all the way down to four and a half.
I saw it four in a couple spots at time of recording.
The drop seems to be due to Cam Rising’s health and his status
right now.
He’s listed as the QB one on the depth chart, but it does appear
as if he’s going to be a game time decision.
If it’s not Cam Rising, it’s Bryson Barnes or Nate Johnson.
Kyle Whittingham likes Nate Johnson a lot.
He said we’re going to see him one way or another.
they’ve got packages drawn up for him. But the cam rising factor looms pretty large here
in how you feel about this game Dan and how I feel about this game. How concerned are
you about this cam rising situation?
Medium warm something in their lukewarm concern. I think he’s going to be fine this season
ultimately but the first game of the year look their back-to-back Pac-12 champs and
Florida’s a big game. I think they have what Baylor week to early on in the in September.
They have Baylor as well on the road, but I don’t think they’re going to do anything
given his loyalty to the program. I don’t know if you saw that Florida kick the tires
on cam risings interest in transferring because they kick the tires on any available quarterback
eligibility. Not I mean cam rising would be at the top of anybody’s list if you wanted
to transfer sure, but he is included on that list of quarterbacks with eligibility. I look
at this game because of his knee and his uncertainty to start early on in the season, at least
in this moment, as we’re recording this Wednesday midday and Graham Mertz on the road playing
a tough defense at altitude. I look at this as okay. What if neither team had a quarterback?
Yeah, what if what if both of these teams all due respect to what you say, Nate Johnson,
the presumed QB to but we’ll see what if what if both of these teams had just direct snaps
to their running backs. And sometimes they had to throw it. Sometimes a fullback. Sometimes
a tight end lining up back there like an emergency Maryland linebacker quarterback situation.
And I take Utah and I give those points. That’s how I’m viewing this because it’s insult like
the stadium is going to be going bonkers. So for that reason, I think there’s a lot
to like about Florida this year. The team speed on offense is impressive. We’ll see
on a couple of positions, but I’m just in on Utah
in a headless matchup, for lack of a better term.
– I don’t have a problem with the logic,
but what you’re– – You should,
it’s very silly, Ty.
– Well, it’s not, because if this game does devolve
into two basically pickleball offenses,
what does that mean?
What does that mean in terms of the point spread?
For me, it means take the points.
For me, it means that you got two teams
that might run clock and try to control possession
and move the ball with short passes.
We know Graham Mertz,
Graham Mertz doesn’t really throw the deep ball.
Graham Mertz is good at the short to intermediate stuff,
but that seems to be the way that this offense
is gonna be engineered this season.
A lot of stuff off play action,
what he supposedly is pretty good at.
I definitely would have taken Florida plus eight
before this line came down.
And so I hemmed and hawed a little bit over,
do I want it at four and a half?
I think I do.
I think this is a close game.
And I think it’s probably ugly.
I think it depends on Cam Rising and he could come out and be all world everything and maybe
they’re just playing coy here in the early preseason.
I don’t know.
23-20, I’ve got Utah winning but Florida covering.
Do they, Florida left Gainesville early because of the storm, right?
I think they’re staying in Dallas.
So they have wonky travel plans.
Hope the storm dies down really, really quickly and it’s an overblown situation because obviously
We’re thinking of everybody in the path.
Yeah, I
I think Florida is going to be an interesting team this year,
but I think they’re a team that’s quarterback away.
And so I don’t think
you know when all the reports come out of
fall camp and spring practice.
They’re like
Florida still kicking tires.
Yeah, that’s troubling.
It’s surprising to me that they didn’t do better than
Graham Mertz.
I think I think the environment is going to be a big deal in
this game.
I do.
Although I did see that Paul Chryst said that Graham Mertz was
Misused at Wisconsin. He would be in a position to know
So hold on. What did he say said that he’s the guy I know believes that maybe Graham Mertz was misused. Oh
My god, that was okay. Cool
Just saying look, okay next game next game that interests you tie
Nebraska at Minnesota 8 p.m. Fox again on Thursday – really good game
I mean there are a couple good games on Thursday, but mm-hmm these two
I think bubble to the surface.
New era in Lincoln, obviously
that is going to start in Minnesota
against the Golden Gophers with the Greek
Freak, Athan Kaliakmanis.
I learned this week that they call him
the Greek rifle.
Not as good for me.
I think Greek Freak’s better.
I do.
I know it’s Seredi in the NBA, but
I think Greek Freak rhymes better.
It just
rolls off the tongue.
Yeah, I agree.
You’re insane if you give the points in this game
because this is what I’m not giving the points
in this game.
you think I’m crazy. This is this has all of the makings of that opening night down
to the wire. How great is college football? Both of these teams trying to out three and
out each other in the second half out three. Yeah, they’re going to try to out three and
out each other. The game is going to end up 24-21 somebody with a late kick or something
a late drive to win this game. Nebraska people are going to get way too critical or way too
excited about Matt Rhule after week one. Yeah, take those points. Please I beg of you. I
you take the points to the point where I’m saying
“Lock of the week, take the points.”
– Really? Wow. – Yes.
– Lock of the week.
– I don’t hate that.
I don’t hate that pick.
Another angle, if you’re looking for a reason
to take Nebraska here,
the entire ethos of this Minnesota team
has been bashing your brains in
with a workhorse running back.
– Yeah, at least since 2019.
– At least since 2019.
And Mo Ibrahim isn’t there anymore.
Right. He’s gone. This year, they’re kind of
flipping the script on that. And they’re going to go
a little bit more pass-heavy. And I’m always leery
about that. And everybody seems to be pretty high
on the Greek freak, Athan Kalikmanis. And you know,
we saw him in spurts here and there. And you know,
I think showed some promise. But whenever you’re
drastically going to go against what you’ve been,
that tends to weird me out a little bit.
So, Minnesota suddenly being something else is
not instilling me with a whole lot of confidence it could after this game.
Um, I, I also get the notion that Matt Rhule in year one
at college at the college level has been catastrophic pretty much everywhere, but
It’s just I don’t know if he’s been catastrophic, but the situations he took over. Yeah
The situations have been catastrophic
Teams have been very bad, but they have been different situations
Yeah, and in 2023 it’s much easier to build a roster just talk to dion, right? It’s much easier to build a roster
at a thin air than it’s ever been before.
So I think this is a low scoring,
kind of ugly, close game, something like 21-17.
I would be inclined to say Minnesota wins,
but I would never give the points here, I agree with you.
– Okay, fair enough.
– Two Friday games I wanted to call out very quickly.
We’ve got Miami, Ohio versus Miami.
So the battle for the Miami trophy, not a real thing.
17 points in favor of the Canes.
And then we’ve also got Louisville against Georgia Tech.
Louisville on the road in Atlanta for a neutral site game against the Ramblin’ Wreck of Georgia
Tech led by Haynes King. Games in what? Mercedes-Benz Stadium? It’s not technically in Bobby Dodd.
It’s so, I mean, it is technically not in Bobby Dodd, but it’s in Atlanta. I’m going
Georgia Tech here. I’m going with the home dog in Georgia Tech. Wow. Unclear if outright,
but as a home dog-ish, home-ish dog, yeah, I’m going Georgia Tech. I think they’re gonna
be fired up. I think Haynes King was misused. People people will still swear by Haynes King.
I mean, he’s upside anyway. I swear by him. There’s a reason I don’t think he’s especially
crazy good, but I think Louisville has a ways to go. So I’m going I mean both these teams
clearly have a ways to go. So I’m gonna go with the home dog here. Alrighty, that does
it for our full slate here.
In week one.
Again, 855-VERBAL-3 is the-
Do you have a lock?
I gave you my lock.
My lock is Clemson-
Which was your lock?
Oh, right, right, right.
855-VERBAL-3 is the reverb line.
Make sure you give us a call if you’ve got something on your mind.
We’ll play those at the end of our Saturday Night Ty Recap Show!
Thank you, Dan.
Okay, sorry.
Midnight Eastern on Saturday.
Be right here on YouTube.
Make sure you stop on back, give us your thoughts in the comments.
We’ll save time for those at the end of the episode.
If you can’t watch live, please make sure you hit subscribe to the podcast or follow
the podcast.
We’ve got a link down in the description for you to do so.
We’d appreciate you helping us out and following along on your podcasting app of choice.
All that stuff helps.
Last but certainly not least, vreballers.com is where you can go to get bonus perks, play
in the game, your last chance to get in that season-long contest.
if you want to breathe that rarefied air.
And maybe compete for a PlayStation 5.
Yeah, week one as well. Dan.
We’ll be on Twitter. We’ll be on Facebook.
We’ll be on Instagram.
We’ll be doing our best to keep track of the action all
throughout five days of college football.
I have a couple more games.
I think you do.
We’re more games more games.
So the Brewers now just going to go everywhere preview every
single sport.
I have Colorado State covering against Washington State. You know how I love altitude. I love
altitude week one. I like Washington State and their struggles against Idaho last year
as a factor. I think they beat him by a touchdown to open the year and with how much is new
both on the staff and on the roster. I think was it wins this game, but I think Colorado
State is going to be reasonably difficult and improve this year with Jay Norvell. I have
ODU covering against Virginia. I have that. I would be a client. There’s no way I would
lay 16 points. What is it about Virginia tech that has them 19 points better on offense
than ODU than where they were last year? I know ODU did not have a good year last year.
Ricky Ronnie’s monarchs, but Virginia tech on offense, I think is still going to be,
I know they added guys at receiver, but they named Grant Wells starter again. I think I’m
not dude. I’m not in on the Grant Wells experience. It’s a fun like Penn state assistant thing,
Brent Prye and it is Ronnie, but yeah, I and I like Brent Prye.
Yeah, I think I think he will get that defense playing to a solid level.
16 is so many but the roster is just not there yet on offense.
It’s just not there and I’m not a Grant Wells fan.
I’m just not so I’m with you.
I would probably go points there.
Yeah, I’m going points there.
I don’t think there was anything else in terms of upsets in terms of like heavy
favorites that I feel great about Wisconsin Buffalo might be a little bit
interesting because Mowling was had Buffalo’s defense playing interesting football. That’s
a 28 point line and it’s a full new look Wisconsin, but that’s just more interesting to me than
me feeling dramatic about that line. But no, I don’t think I have any more dogs on the
line. Can I make a quick request if that’s okay with you? Sure. For the first time in
so long, way too long. Will you drop that big stanky lubricious? What is drum and fife
Yeah, buddy.
Yeah, buddy.
Buddy, buddy.
What do we got over Villanova traveling to Ty country taking on Lehigh?
Of course you go Nova and you don’t think twice.
You got Nova or Lehigh?
I’m going Villanova.
Lehigh is dead to me.
Of course, you don’t just waltz into the Hornets nest.
That is multi sport field.
No matter what they feel, they tell me.
No matter what they claim.
Georgetown, take Georgetown big.
Merrimack at Holy Cross, the class of the Patriot League.
Holy Cross, you go Holy Cross big, of course.
– Yeah, yeah.
– The Gators of Colgate traveling to Syracuse.
How do you feel about that?
(Ty sighs)
– I’m inclined to go Syracuse,
but I don’t feel good about it.
– Yeah, I’m going Syracuse big.
Sorry, Gators.
Bucknell at James Madison.
JMU, come on, Ty.
We feel good about the, whatever JMU.
– I feel good about the Maddies in this one.
I’m still not a Nelly at heart,
even though I picked him a few times last year.
– Dukes, sorry.
– Just, yeah.
– The Dukes of James Madison.
Next, Sacred Heart hosting Lafayette.
Lafayette is going to run Sacred Heart.
Run them.
How about that, Ty?
Wagner and Fordham.
– Yeah.
– It’s a battle of boroughs.
The Bronx against, is it Wagner on Staten Island?
– I have no idea where Wagner is.
You could tell me literally any state in the union.
– Wagner is, I think it’s Staten Island, yeah.
Liberal Arts College on Staten Island.
The Seahawks.
– Seahawks. – Who are you taking?
Wagner or Fordham?
– I’ll go Fordham, I gotta go Fordham.
– Okay, don’t ask. – Didn’t Fordham play last week?
– I think it was Fordham who played.
Is Fordham one and O?
– Fordham’s one and O, yeah.
Or O and one, I believe they’re O.
– Oh, oh, oh, okay. – Yeah.
– That’s the Pat league.
They obviously don’t begin league play for a little while,
but that’s a full slate, Ty.
Do you have anything else?
– I do.
vs. the world.
-Diverts le monde. El mundo. Secai. Fiat.
-Ty vs. the world. Presented by DraftKings Sportsbook.
-Ty vs. the world presented by DraftKings Sportsbook.
0-4 last week, Dan.
Not a good way to get things started. -No, your picks were 0-4, but your parley late was pretty good.
-My parley late missed by, like, one and a half points.
-Yeah. -If USC could have gotten its damn defense together,
We’d be rolling in dough here, feeling good.
Good vibrations going into week one,
but week zero doesn’t even count.
Doesn’t even count.
So we’re starting anew here with week one.
– You took the week zero name to heart.
You will 0-for in week zero, yeah.
– I know, I know I did.
But week one, I’m very excited.
I’m feeling good about these picks.
Pick number one, Boise State.
Plus the 14 and a half, I’m gonna circle back to that pick.
It’s one that you and I agree on.
– Yes.
UTSA -1, I like the spreads in week 1, especially when you don’t gotta lay like 14.5 points.
A lot of big lines in week 1, I like the ones that are minute.
And this is one of those. I like UTSA, I said that earlier, more than Houston.
I’m obviously in on Clemson -13, that’s my lock of the week.
Pretty fond of Clemson in this matchup.
And I said I’d come back to this, but uh, Northwestern is on the road week one against Rutgers
Now listen
I am not crazy about either of these teams
But given the off season that Northwestern had and all the distractions surrounding that program
We have no idea what they’re going to look like
I believe that Rutgers is in a pretty good position to win in cover here at home
So i’m on Rutgers. I can’t believe i’m saying this minus six and a half
Man. Okay. Northwestern notably started the season last year with a win. They did, but
in a different country. So it also different country in week zero. So it doubly didn’t
count. Yeah. Those are my four just straight up bets. My big parlay though, not straight
up bets, not straight up. That’s standard against the spread bets. That’s right. My
big parlay though that I’m very excited about this week. So we lost a jeweled parlay lay
a week ago. But we’re going with an orange theme. Yeah. This week. We’ve got an orange
themed parlay. Did you come up with a name for it? I think you just this is your orange
juice man. This is the juice you’re feeling this week. You’re feeling orange juice. You’re
getting that vitamin T-Y. Yeah. Should we go orange juice parlay? Is that is that
we’re going to roll with here? Yeah. So this is a combination of three things that I found
out on DraftKings. Over five and a half Tennessee touchdowns in their game against Virginia.
Feels very doable. Over five and a half. I’ve got Clemson winning by nine and a half, covering a
nine and a half alternate spread. So you’re teasing it down? Teasing it down. And I’ve got
over nine and a half Boise State points in the second half of their game against Washington.
I could see that game getting kind of weird in the second half.
That’s the orange juice parlay over five and a half Tennessee touchdowns.
We’ve got Clemson minus nine and a half against Duke.
We’ve got Boise State over nine and a half second half points.
I like it.
I really do orange juice parlay.
Aren’t you?
It’s parlay.
Anything else you want to hit tie anything else?
What’s on the menu?
What are you eating?
Where you watching?
Paint a picture for the people. I think I’m going to be here. I think I’m going to be hold up down in the basement, man.
I like it. Same. I think I’m going to be in my basement. I think I would be hold up down in the basement.
We will obviously be online and and ready to react to any of this action.
Should it get kind of crazy? But it is week one. I think it’s pretty much all hands on deck.
Do you have a food situation that you have lined up? I’m thinking breakfast burrito.
So I am thinking breakfast burrito for kind of a lunchtime meal for Saturday.
Haven’t thought about dinner.
I did.
I want to say I did Korean fried chicken last couple years.
Maybe I’ll stick with that theme.
It’s always a winner.
But the fact is we’re going at midnight.
And I have to be careful Ty and I’ll weigh myself down.
Because I need to bring the energy late at night.
So all I know is breakfast burrito is in the works.
the DraftKings Sportsbook app now use the code SOLID to sign up.
New customers take home $200 in bonus bets instantly just for betting five bucks.
The code is SOLID.
It’s only on DraftKings Sportsbook, the official sports betting partner of the NFL.
The crown is yours, Dan Rubenstein.
That does it for our week one preview episode.
We appreciate everybody stopping by to watch us here live on YouTube.
We hope you’ll join us Saturday night live.
Not the show, but our show.
Yeah, midnight Eastern right back here on YouTube.
Dan for that.
Give them give them a website.
Solvable live.com.
Of course, solidverballive.com.
No big deal.
Check us out of our ballers.com.
If you like the show and want more of it in the meantime for that guy over there,
my good friend, Dan Rubenstein for myself, Ty Hildenbrandt.
Thanks so much for downloading for listening for playing along at home.
Stay solid.
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