Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Ty Burrell of Modern Family (on tonight). Beyond Burrell being an Oregon native and Duck fan, his character even referenced the 1995 Rose Bowl beatdown at the hands of Penn State, where he attended grad school. Weird. Thanks Wikipedia!


• SB Nation’s Holly Anderson (Peete) likes Terrelle Pryor to take home the Heisman. The Heisman Pundit does not.

• Oregon coach Chip Kelly received a six year extension, which pays him about $2.4 million a year through 2015. I was this close to linking a Dido song to best express how I felt upon hearing the news, but I held back. Or did I?

• Georgia WR AJ Green, who has been suspended for four games and will make his debut against Colorado this week, first became a person of interest  due to an inaccurate report from TMZ. Honestly, if you can’t trust the integrity of a bunch of dudes with no-lens hipster glasses wearing $93 used t-shirts saying things like, “We have Harrison Ford leaving Koi…”, who can you really turn to? (via Dr. Saturday)

• The Big East wants TCU. And TCU was all like, “Oh hey, that’s, wow, I mean thank you, but you know, I’ve got plans already. Dang.”

• Boise State RB DJ Harper is out for the year with a torn ACL. While they’ll tell you it happened during the Oregon State game, you can never rule out foul play from Boise State safety Jeron Johnson, who WILL NOT REST until he’s the only healthy player on the field. No ACL is safe!!!

• Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio will be back coaching the Spartans this Saturday – but from the booth against Wisconsin. If Michigan State doesn’t pull away and end it early against the Badgers, thereby limiting any possible tension, it’s almost like they hate their own coach’s well-being. Think about it.

• Boise State has a dog that retrieves the tee after kickoffs. Everyone thinks it’s a pretty cute new little tradition. Everyone… BUT JERON JOHNSON!!

• The Wiz has videos of various CFB cheap shots. The rocky mountain region really seems to like unabashedly injuring people.

• North Carolina State is 4-0. Just thought we needed a reminder.

Today’s Video of the Day is a Durex commercial. Durex: The Official Prophylactic of Today’s College Football Links.


Enjoy your Wednesday. But not too much, horndogs.

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