Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Will Muschamp’s Rod Blagojavich hair. I’m glad the BlagoBangs are now spreading and finding good homes in places like Gainesville.


• Oklahoma State OC Dana Holgorsen may soon be West Virginia OC Dana Holgorsen and shortly thereafter, West Virginia head coach Dana Holgorsen.

EDSBS has a West Virginia conversation that never happened that, naturally, concluded in a whittling contest.

• Chris Brown of SmartFootball drops some Smart Notes, including some Leach/Holgorsen comparisons and Will Muschamp thoughts. I feel smarter already.

• Iowa‘s drug testing policies were somehow compromised. The policies are expected to improve upon the previous firewall of a coach asking, “So, uh, are you on drugs?”

• Nebraska will lose money going to the Holiday Bowl. Majesty!! Tradition!!

New Miami coach Al Golden is able to write and/or collate.

• Florida DC Teryl Austin is expected to take Texas’s open defensive coordinator position. Unless you get there first.

New Florida coach WIll Muschamp is going to a pro-style offense. QB John Brantley has no idea what this means for John Brantley.

• USC‘s best two linemen are leaving early for the NFL Draft. I. am. shocked.

• Nike unveiled “new’ bowl uniforms for Oregon, Boise State, Florida, and TCU that essentially amount to new their old uniforms with a garnish of parsley.

• has a random playoff simulator that lets you see what happens when you press buttons. I was about to question the credibility/relevance of this, but then I noticed that it was sponsored by Mike’s Hard Lemonade, so you know it must be legit.


Today’s Video of the Day teaches you how to study. And dance like Carlton. Works for me.


Enjoy your Wednesday.

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