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Jim Harbaugh is officially leaving the Michigan Wolverines to head back to the NFL and coach the Los Angeles Chargers. In this college football podcast episode, Ty and Dan convene an emergency session to talk through their reaction to the Harbaugh news and the potential ramifications for Michigan moving forward. Is Sherrone Moore next in line for the Wolverines? What is Harbaugh’s legacy?


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And now, Dan and Ty.


Dan, we have breaking news!

Is that true?

We do.

Jim Harbaugh, officially official, back to the NFL.

It was an open secret.

I feel for months on end that he was at least going

to flirt again with the league.

Shortly after his national championship

run with the Wolverines, whispers

started becoming a little bit louder

that Jim Harbaugh was dipping his toes in those NFL waters.

He, of course, had hired an NFL agent.

He met with the Chargers.

He met with the Falcons.

I don’t know who else he met with.

I think there were Panthers reports, potentially.

All across the board, it became official last night.

Last night being Wednesday evening, January the 24th,

that, in fact, Jim Harbaugh was going back to the NFL.

So we’ve got a lot to unpack here

in our college football world.

Why don’t we start at the very top, Jim Harbaugh, Dan,

going back to the NFL.

Surprise, not surprised.

Your initial reaction?

I mean, nobody’s surprised that he’s wanted to do this.

Certainly, a couple of years ago,

got pretty far along with an interview with the Vikings

last year.

I think there was a video call with the Broncos that

ended with him deciding Michigan was at least going

to be his 2023 move.

When you consider the success he mostly had with the 49ers,

it ended with some acrimony, with some, I think,

disagreement with Trent Baalke, the then general manager,

president, whatever, of the 49ers.

But when you have that level of success in the NFL,

the college success story can scratch it somewhat,

especially given the narrative of Jim Harbaugh at Michigan

and certainly the way he finished out his now career,

his college coaching career, maybe for now, at Michigan.

But coupled with the sort of negative aspects

of Michigan’s 2023 campaign, and I

don’t think that was internal, but certainly the Connor

Stalions and sign-stealing allegations and suspensions

both at the top and bottom of the regular season,

with the number of high-profile jobs in the NFL available,

that he was going to strike when the iron was hot.

He was in conversations to extend his deal at Michigan,

but was asking for some things that Michigan

didn’t seem to want to bend on, at least for a long time.

And so look, you see the success that he’s

had in the NFL, that his brother has had in the NFL,

former NFL quarterback, that to those types of coaches,

nothing is going to quite get you to that place like a Super

Bowl crown.

So given where the Chargers are–

I don’t know that Chargers fans exist,

but they’re certainly an operation

that has a quarterback ready to become a star or more

of a star or a superstar or whatever Justin Herbert might

be able to ascend to, those are going

to be the most attractive NFL jobs,

given Harbaugh’s ties to the West Coast

as well, that it just all came together very nicely

to go right into the sunset with a national championship

and an opportunity to take over an NFL team that needs building

both on the field and behind the scenes, it seems,

but also one that’s ready-made to win on a certain level

because of the presence of a clear franchise quarterback.

Yeah, it’s a pretty good roster.

We’re not NFL guys, but as NFL rosters go,

it’s a pretty good one.

You’ve got the quarterback in Herbert.

I think they have some age and cap issues.

I think that’s the situation with the Chargers.

I read our friend Bill Barnwell, sort of his appraisal

of Harbaugh leaving for the NFL and what he’s getting himself

into good and bad.

This is a very, very interesting tale

that Jim Harbaugh won at Michigan.

Was there nine seasons after the 2020 campaign, of course,

some speculation that maybe they would go

in a different direction because, what’d they go,

2-4 in 2020?

2020, yeah.

In the weird COVID year.

I mean, it was a weird year for all of us, frankly,

and Jim Harbaugh wasn’t excluded from that.

But from that point forward, three straight wins

over Ohio State, most notably going out, as he said,

into the sunset, won the Rose Bowl in the semifinal game,

won the national championship, now decides the time is right

to go back to the NFL.

Nine seasons in total at Michigan, 86-25.

The NFL thing has been an open secret.

I said it at the top, and I know we got tweets from people

who I think took exception to the strong hints

that maybe we had dropped that Jim Harbaugh

would at least flirt again with the NFL.

Anybody who covers this, and I mean anybody who covers it

with any amount of seriousness,

heard the whispers three months ago.


That this was a go, that this was something

that we should just keep an eye on.

It seemed at that point in time, again, three months ago,

that this was a foregone conclusion.

And so I don’t say that to dispute any of the other

reporting that’s been out there,

that his guys had also been working

on a contract extension with Michigan.

I’m sure that’s all true.

Absolutely trying to make sure that if he does come back

to Michigan, he has the best possible arrangement for him.

It sounds like maybe at the 11th hour,

Michigan accepted some of that contract language

that had been out there, where he didn’t want to be fired

due to NCAA infractions or anything like,

really, really a sweetheart deal to go back to Michigan

if it would come to that.

But this is a dude who’s been chomping at the bit

to get back to the NFL.

You know, he’s not really been deceptive in those pursuits.

This is a guy who went to a Super Bowl

after the 2012 season and lost to the Ravens.

This is a guy who went to two other NFC Championship games

in 2011 and 2013 before things sort of went south in 2014.

He’s obviously a very, very proven coach at the NFL level.

I’ve heard some go, I think Daniel Jeremiah went so far

as to say, this is an NFL coach who was very successful

in the college ranks, not the other way around.

And that’s part of what makes him attractive

to potential NFL suitors out there,

notably the Chargers now.

So this doesn’t come as a surprise to any of us

who have been following this.

And it’s not just people who cover it,

but certainly people who read about it,

who care about college football in the manner that we do.

Like it seemed like there were plenty of hints out there.

There’s a lot of smoke that this could be a thing.

– The only exception I take to what you just said was,

you said it was sort of a foregone conclusion.

Takes two to tango.

Takes an NFL team to want him when compared

to other people that they hired,

which certainly was the place he was a couple of years ago

with the Vikings where he, I think,

interviewed on signing day.

Sort of sat alone in a hotel room

and the Vikings sort of said, nah, I don’t know.

I don’t know if this, and they didn’t.

– Yeah, I think- – Make the move, yeah.

– And that’s fair.

The difference between previous flirtations,

and I think this round of flirtations,

it felt like there was a lot more smoke.

– Sure.

– Like there was smoke after the season last year,

but there was smoke during the season this year.

Maybe because of some of the NCAA stuff, I don’t know.

Maybe just his desire to go back to the league,

which everybody again, sort of knew was out there.

– Yeah.

– But regardless, it is happening now.

So it seems as if the obvious choice is in-house.

The obvious guy to assume the throne of Michigan football

is gonna be Sherrone Moore.

Sherrone Moore, who, look, was very successful

in his limited run as a head coach.

Had plenty of opportunities, right,

to lose against Ohio State, to lose against Penn State.

– Maryland, yeah.

– Maryland, like he won those games,

put Michigan in position to get to the playoff

and win a national championship.

Also had a bite at the apple earlier in the season.

So he would be a fine choice,

if only because of the way that the calendar sets up.

This of course kicks off a 30-day period now

during which Michigan guys could transfer out.

Sherrone Moore making the move now to kind of keep him

would definitely be a move in the direction of continuity.

I wanna upset the apple cart,

wanna make sure we keep the nucleus there,

keep guys like Donovan Edwards around as best we can,

keep some guys on defense around as best we can,

and then figure out what it means

from a staffing standpoint otherwise.

There’ve been plenty of rumors that perhaps Jesse Minter

will or won’t follow Jim Harbaugh out west.

– A candidate, it seems, yeah.

– But he of course comes from an NFL pedigree as well.

So that I think is what we watch next.

I’d be very surprised if Sherrone Moore,

by the time most people hear this, watch this,

is not the guy at Michigan.

– Yeah, there is like a seven-day period

where I think the job needs to be posted.

Michigan may try to sort of get an exception,

get a waiver to move quicker,

certainly with what’s going on

and how teams can, or rosters can fall apart in the portal.

And so the amount of time Michigan,

once they name a head coach,

or at least once they put the vibes out,

yeah, it’s gonna be more.

Because he’s gonna need to hire coaches

and they’re gonna have a lot of money to play with,

certainly the discount that they’re gonna get

with Sherrone Moore at head coach,

if and when he is named the head coach,

as compared to what Harbaugh is,

or would have commanded moving forward money-wise.

And so that’s money that can be put into the assistant pool.

Yeah, the two names that I had seen

were Jesse Minter and Jay Harbaugh.

His son, who I think is in his mid-30s,

special teams coordinator and safeties coach, I believe.

I knew he had a position on the defense.

Those are the two names.

And maybe Jay Harbaugh, in a decade or something,

he’s the next Michigan coach.

And I should also add,

just when you compare Michigan and an NFL job,

it seems to be very much a lifestyle choice as well.

And I don’t know,

I don’t believe the Chargers have a GM at the moment,

and that was where, I think I used the word acrimony

with the 49ers before,

but all things considered, not recruiting 365 days a year,

not dealing with the NCAA,

not dealing with the details

that you have to deal with on an hourly basis, right?

Checking in on academics.

I’m not to say that Jim Harbaugh didn’t like

doing those types of things,

but I think once you get a taste of the NFL lifestyle

in which you can focus almost primarily

on just coaching men play football,

it’s probably difficult to go back

to what top-level college head coaching demands.

But you’re right about Shrone Moore.

You’re right about the assistants.

And if there is that internal continuity move with Moore,

I would expect this Michigan roster,

the core of the Michigan roster,

to be in pretty good shape.

They’re losing a ton, by the way.

Losing a ton on both sides of the ball,

JJ McCarthy being the big name on defense,

all the seniors and grad transfers

and graduate-level guys, they’re all gone.

Junior Colson, I believe,

was maybe the lone early declaration on the defense.

The rest, everybody has sort of exhausted their eligibility.

The offensive line,

the full-time starting offensive line, completely gone.

Blake Corum, gone.

Both starting receivers, gone.

And Roman Wilson and Cornelius Johnson.

And promising sophomores, led by Will Johnson,

who’s a legacy All-American candidate at corner.

It would be very shocking to see somebody like him

leave at this stage of his career.

Kenneth Grant, Mason Graham on that defensive line

got a lot of meaningful snaps and were big-time playmakers.

It would be hard to see them leaving

because they’ve already been in the program

for a couple years and been big contributors

and are due to sort of take over enormous roles

for the future of that defense.

But never say never, I guess, in 2024 college football.

So I would imagine whatever this roster process looks like

in these next two, three weeks,

I imagine if it is Sharone Moore

that it’s gonna go a lot smoother

than things have gone at Washington and Alabama thus far.

But look, it’s a wild sport and wild things happen,

but I expect it to be far less dramatic at this moment.

I think for Harbaugh, at least from his standpoint,

dude comes in from the NFL, coaches nine seasons,

beats Ohio State three straight years,

wins the national championship,

which Michigan had not done in an eternity,

and now kind of on the precipice of roster turnover,

whatever the hell the NCAA wants to do,

to go back to the NFL, like from a personal standpoint,

this would probably be the right time to do it.

I’ve already seen people online

who were a bit flabbergasted,

like they were gonna make him the most paid coach

in college football,

they were going to succumb to all of his demands.

This is a guy with no honor.

I don’t buy that, that’s just BS.

This is a guy who is gonna go out a legend

in some way, shape, or form as a Michigan coach,

as a Michigan player,

and to get them back to the mountaintop.

He’s definitely leaving the program

in a better state than it was before he got there.

And if you’re a Michigan fan, look,

I think that’s all you can ask.

He has been, and even the AD has said as much,

he has been very transparent.

He has been very open with the administrators

about what his intentions were,

and I think that’s all you can ask.

This is not like a Brian Kelly situation

where he’s leaving in the dead of night,

and there’s gonna be a three-minute meeting

with players or anything.

They’ve been through it now over the last nine seasons,

specifically this last year,

I’m sure was trying in many unique ways.

For Harbaugh to go now,

nobody should harbor any ill will over that.

– Yeah, there’s never been a better time

for Jim Harbaugh to leave Michigan football,

both because of his and the program’s on-field success,

also because of the off-field stuff,

and also because of where college football

is as a sport right now.

It’s never been more difficult to be a major head coach

at a college football program.

Like, see what Nick Saban, you know,

he just couldn’t live up to his own standard in 2024.

That was probably more of an age thing.

I think Harbaugh’s, what, 60?

He’s not young, not old, but what he,

and you mentioned that leaving the program

in a better place.

He’s leaving the program in a better place

than it was also under him, not just before him, right?

They went through a number of different iterations

of that program.

I think what his first offensive coordinator’s Al Borges,

you know, quarterback had been sort of,

not the most stable place in that program,

going from, if I’m getting these right,

Jake Ruddock to Wilton Spate, Cade McNamara.

I think there was a John O’Cornier in there.

– Oh man, the O’Cornier.

– Joel Milton didn’t work out.

Cade McNamara was pretty good,

but had a clear low ceiling.

And then developed his guy from day one,

and JJ McCarthy has another big name coming in,

the program does, in Jaden Davis,

from, not local, but from Charlotte.

But things are just in a more stable place

than they’ve been in a long time.

And leaving with three straight wins over Ohio State,

not nothing, that going out on that kind of winning streak.

So in terms of the Michigan fan,

and the Michigan community’s reaction,

yes, I’m sure there’s a ton of disappointment

that the party couldn’t keep going.

– I get that.

That makes–

– But I don’t think there’s gonna be actual anger

from savvy Michigan fans.

– There shouldn’t be.

There shouldn’t be.

I mean, the people that I refer to

are the ones that are getting ratioed out on social media.

I don’t think that represents

the whole of the Michigan fan base,

which of course is gonna be grateful,

and is gonna make a bronze bust of this guy,

put it somewhere prominent,

because he is a Michigan legend.

I think back to,

I’m not much for the brothers storyline,

I think it gets overplayed.

I think it’s fodder that people talk about

when the game’s already out of hand,

but the way that he sort of reinvented,

specifically the defense,

the last couple of years in Ann Arbor,

engineered specifically,

tailor-made to stop Ohio State.

– Yeah.

Well, he had a brother search committee too.

– He had a brother search committee.

– And Mike McDonald and Jesse Minter, yeah, yeah.

– But that’s the story that I think is interesting.

How he kind of reached out,

how he was able to pick a guy off of his brother’s tree,

bring him to Ann Arbor,

made that guy successful,

that guy made him successful.

And then again, with Jesse Minter,

the way that he was able to kind of assimilate those guys

into his system, assimilate that NFL style defense

into his system quickly in hopes of achieving a goal

and beating Ohio State, I think is pretty cool.

– Yeah, and it’s also a story of roster development.

It’s also a story of changing things up.

You mentioned with the assistant coaches,

Biff Pogge has received a lot of credit

for helping to build that final chapter

of the Jim Harbaugh era.

He’s now sleeveless and a Charlotte 49ers coach

somewhere in the winter.

But yeah, there has been that ability.

You have to give credit to Jim Harbaugh

and it was the same thing that happened with the 49ers.

When he took over that franchise

and when he took over at Michigan,

it hasn’t been about having an all pro at every position

that Jim Harbaugh was able to take guys

who weren’t necessarily considered blue chips,

wanted by every single program.

He was building what, top 15 type recruiting classes

and turned them into perennial playoff players

and was able to do it much in the same way

where the offensive line almost immediately got way better

and that’s a great place to start the line of scrimmage.

As maligned as Don Brown was as a defensive coordinator

for all those years, only because of what he was able to do

against Ohio State or not able to do,

but was otherwise terrific in building those defenses up,

that Jim Harbaugh has that eye for specific player

and coaching talent, all things considered,

that I think will do him really well.

Hopefully we’ll rub off on Sherrone Moore

and the assistants that are retained in Ann Arbor

and the other element to this is,

Jim Harbaugh came into Ann Arbor with a ton of experience.

Sherrone Moore does not.

Sherrone Moore is in his late 30s and has been at Michigan,

but has not been a head coach,

has only been recently named a coordinator

and all things considered,

you’d much rather have an internal promotion at head coach

and that seems to be in the modern landscape

where you can most quickly succeed,

but in terms of long-term,

Sherrone Moore developing a vision,

developing a national recruiting strategy,

which Michigan very much should continue to do

and will continue to do,

having that assistant network,

having an operational vision for Michigan football,

it helps that he’s been there, but he’s still young,

hasn’t been a ton of places, I don’t believe.

I don’t know if you have his resume in front of you

or can bring it up, but it’s not automatic.

It’s definitely not automatic

and will be fascinating to watch.

You’re right, I mean, he’s a younger dude,

he’s 37 years old.

He’s been a couple places,

but has been at Michigan the last five years,

was at Central Michigan, was at Louisville.

I think you’re fair to point out that it is not automatic.

It is at minimum a stopgap move to keep the roster happy,

to keep guys in place and look, he is a talented recruiter.

He’s like a top 20 caliber recruiter per 24/7 sports.

If he’s able to kind of flex those muscles moving forward,

if he’s able to build out a staff that makes sense

to kind of keep the train rolling,

these are all trailing indicators.

We’ll find out about that two years down the line.

But if he’s the guy, I think the most important thing

is trying to keep whatever nucleus you have in place,

making sure that you add beef to your coaching staff

to help support you, ’cause you’re somewhat new at this,

even though he had a bit of a trial run.

– Yeah, and look, the other element to this is

there are only a handful of coaches

that I think recruits and players will follow anywhere

that have that power of name, that power of face,

if that’s a term I can just invent out of thin air.

Nick Saban was one of them.

We saw what happened when players who very clearly

and rightfully so, went to Tuscaloosa

to play for Nick Saban.

I don’t think it’ll have the same effect

with Jim Harbaugh leaving, but man,

Jim Harbaugh can go into any living room

and people are like, oh, this guy was in the Super Bowl.

Oh, this guy was an NFL player.

Oh, this guy is just a guy everybody knows his face

and name and story.

– It’s gonna be different now.

It will be different.

It will absolutely be different.

– You might see rotation guys,

you’ll probably see rotation guys transfer out.

And just Michigan’s ability,

even with the national championship,

even with three straight playoff appearances,

Michigan’s ability to go to any high school,

to go to any living room and have that sort of aura,

have that sort of light, it’s gonna be different.

It’s gonna be a different story to tell

for Michigan football because the Jim Harbaugh key

opened up every lock, opened up every door.

Even in the South, even wherever,

when he’s shirtless at seven on seven tournaments

and running these campus clinics, whatever,

these high school clinics, it’s just different.

Sherrone Moore’s name is not gonna be

on the lips of Paul Feinbaum,

it’s not gonna be on the lips of Kirk Herbstreit

in the same way that Jim Harbaugh’s was.

And so coupling that with the 12 team playoff era,

coupling that with an expanded Big Ten

with a very, say what you will about whatever,

Oregon, Washington, USC, UCLA, floor is higher.

There are gonna be more difficult weeks

strung together in the Big Ten and SEC moving forward.

And you couple that with the movements in NIL

and the transfer portal, Sherrone Moore immediately

has a more difficult job than Jim Harbaugh

ever did at Michigan.

And or whoever it is, if it’s Lance Leipold,

if it’s Chris Klineman, if they go outside the family

or whatever, not to mention, Ty,

in terms of the Big Ten looking deeper

and more difficult than ever moving forward.

And I don’t think this is the reason Jim Harbaugh left,

but Michigan’s 2024 schedule is–

– I’m glad you bring this up actually.

– It’s Olivia Rodrigo brutal, Ty.

– It’s brutal out here.

– This is a great point.

Texas in the non-conference portion of the schedule,

the similar like Wisconsin, Ohio State, Michigan State,

but Iowa, Oregon, Washington, USC,

it’s just, I’m not gonna say bangers only

because I don’t know what the USC Washington roster

is gonna look like, but it’s more difficult

than your typical year, Indiana’s, Rutgers,

Minnesota’s, Nebraska’s lately.

Like it’s a trickier gauntlet, Ty.

– Well, and that was part of why there was skepticism

about Michigan from some, not from us,

from some across–

– Oh, I was Michigan skeptical.

– Across college football media this year.

Wow, they look at their schedule.

– Yeah.

– Played Penn State, played Ohio State,

won those games late in the year.

But before that, pretty much slim pickings

to find an opponent on the same level.

– Yeah, we definitely got a couple of like,

UNLV is a bowl team, guys.


Delirious statics, the Mountain West is trembling.

– In that voice too.

It was always in that voice.

Always in that voice, yeah.

– It’s immediately an uphill battle,

maybe a joyful uphill battle,

but man, could not be more difficult right now.

And following in the steps of,

and you might have an opinion of Jim Harbaugh’s legacy

in this moment, but you’re also trying to fill

some pretty large shoes here.

– So our next episode,

which we originally intended on dropping today,

we’re gonna drop it on Tuesday.

That’s a broader conversation about the Transfer Portal.

So which teams fared well, which coaches fared well,

what the portal looks like in the year of our Lord 2024,

where it can be improved,

what it means for the future of the sport,

so on and so forth.

It was a good conversation.

I wish we could have dropped it today,

but obviously this takes precedent.

We’ll talk a little bit about Ryan Day.

And actually there is some tie-in here with this,

because if you are Ryan Day,

if you’re an Ohio State fan,

you look at this and you say,

“Great, Harbaugh’s gone.

“Now it’s Sherone Moore.

“Now we got Sherone Moore.”

– Who he’s 0-1 against.

– Who he’s 0-1 against,

and also who does not have the same name recognition

as a guy like Jim Harbaugh.

Not to give the game away too much,

but part of my thesis on Ohio State is,

if they’re not gonna win now with Ryan Day,

and especially so given that Harbaugh just left,

it’s fair to wonder when that might occur,

given all the work they’ve done.

– Where does Jim Harbaugh,

you’re a college football historian.

You wrote a Fielding Yost book, I believe, right?

That’s true. – Sure, of course.

– John, you held him, right?

Is Jim Harbaugh the best Michigan coach ever?

Now, hold on, doesn’t have the most wins?

– No. – I think Fielding Yost

has won like six national championships.

Lloyd Carr had a national championship.

Bo Schembechler, I don’t believe, won any,

and also, we don’t have to talk about Bo Schembechler

that much anymore.

He made it, his legacy has allegedly made it easier

to ignore Bo Schembechler.

I think what Jim Harbaugh did at Michigan

in winning a national championship,

in taking this team to three consecutive four-team playoffs,

given how much more difficult college football is now

in terms of roster, player acquisition, roster management,

with what he had to face in some SEC powers.

Look, every era is different.

You should be judged on how you do against the teams

you stack up against, but I think they’re,

like now with the national championship,

pending whatever comes to light, I suppose,

with Michigan off the field,

Jim Harbaugh’s definitely an all-timer for Michigan.

– He has, he’s a legend, I said it before.

He’s a legend because it’s harder to manage a roster now.

No question about it.

It is especially harder to win a national championship now.

You can decry the playoff all you want,

but more bites at the apple to lose against good teams,

that makes it harder to win.

Say we went with the 12-teamer.

More games means more opportunities to lose.

‘Cause they’re all gonna be good teams.

– Lose key players, get bad breaks, yeah.

– They’re all gonna be good teams

that are getting into the playoff moving forward.

It is not getting easier to win a title.

And especially, I would say, in the Saban era,

which 15 years from now might not even be a thing

that people are looking at

when they’re thinking of Jim Harbaugh,

but to get to the playoff in this era,

to beat Saban, to close things out on that career,

these are all things that I think

are really, really important.

And so, I don’t know.

I’m not good at comparing eras.

I hate that conversation,

but certainly this is a very complicated era.

And all the NCAA stuff aside,

he goes down as a legend, absolutely.

No question about it.

– And also, by the way,

just in terms of what he accomplished

in the modern era for Michigan,

even aside from specific wins and losses

and players developed for the NFL,

which I guess absent of receiver,

like really strong offensive and defensive linemen

up and down the defensive rosters

that you developed into NFL draft picks,

quarterback wasn’t there until now,

running backs, tight ends, whatever,

he stabilized this program, right?

You look at what happened with Rich Rod,

you look at what happened with Brady Hoke,

you look at the end of the Lloyd Carr era,

which Lloyd Carr, obviously,

an all-timer for Michigan as well,

that ends with App State,

that ends with Dennis Dixon running

both a real and fake Statue of Liberty

and demolishing the Wolverines in the big house.

I never forget that, Ty.

– Of course. – Never forget that.

– Of course.

– And I think Lloyd Carr goes out on a high note,

they beat Florida in the bowl game,

but nowhere near the high note

that now Jim Harbaugh goes out on.

– Everybody wants to go out on top.

– Stability, we’ve talked about this

these past couple episodes

in talking about the portal,

is that’s the new currency in the sport.

It’s great to have that great,

late December signing day,

it’s great to look great in the Phil Steel magazines

and Athlon, whatever, ahead of the season,

but bringing back guys,

plugging holes like Michigan did really successfully,

especially up front, both sides of the ball,

Michigan is just on such solid ground,

asterisk pending whatever happens off the field,

but no, that’s where they seem to be rich,

post Harbaugh rich in this moment.

– Post Harbaugh rich, we’ll leave it at that.

– Yeah.

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Jim Harbaugh going back to the NFL.

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