For the most part, college and professional football are two mutually exclusive entities that share only a few points of overlap, such as the NFL Draft. Enter the University of Houston’s squabble with the NFL.

Last football season, the Houston Cougars played (and won) their opening game against UTSA wearing baby blue jerseys inspired by the old Houston Oilers jerseys. The college football world largely praised the jerseys, but the NFL took issue. The league sent a cease-and-desist letter to the university, claiming trademark infringement on the NFL and Tennessee Titans’ intellectual property. The Cougars subsequently shelved the uniforms for the rest of the year.

However, the university has now decided to bring back the uniforms. Last month, Houston sent a letter to the NFL stating its intention to re-add the uniforms to the rotation. After making some minor modifications to the striping and the shade of blue, the university is confident that it would prevail in any potential legal dispute. At the time of posting, the NFL has yet to reply to Houston’s note.

We’re a college football show in these parts and, therefore, are rooting heartily for Houston to stick it to the No Fun League. More to come!

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