Our good friend Matt Brown of the Extra Points Newsletter has been pounding the pavement for years, unearthing tiny bits of interesting news about the upcoming EA Sports College Football 25 video game. On Monday, Matt dropped a handful of knowledge bombs about one of the biggest mysteries in the buildup to the game: Which players will be featured on the cover?

Per Matt’s latest reporting, we have new details:

  1. There will be multiple covers featuring current college football players. Given that the game has been on hiatus for a decade, there was wild speculation that EA Sports could put a star from the past decade, or even Nick Saban, on the cover. That does not sound like it’ll be the case. Also, Matt’s reporting indicates that EA Sports plans to release different versions of the game with different covers (i.e. an “ultimate” edition verus a “standard” edition).
  2. Each player will play a different position. It’d be easy to load up on quarterbacks seeing as how they’re clearly the most recognizable names in the sport. But this is also not the direction EA Sports is going. Which quarterback will be the chosen one?
  3. Each player will be from a different power conference. In 2024, inclusion is very much not the name of the game in college football given massive conference realignment and larger programs siphoning off key talent from smaller schools. But, at least in this sense, EA Sports is trying to spread the love around.

On our latest episode, we conducted a mock cover athlete draft using the rules above as a guide. Hear the full episode below and be sure to follow on your podcasting app of choice so you don’t miss any of our episodes, including the ones featuring Matt Brown (who’ll be back soon)!

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