Welcome to the first edition of the 2022 Sneaky Stats series! If you joined us last year, you already know the drill. The Sneaky Stats series is your one-stop shop for all the most intriguing, predictive, goofy, and perhaps “sneaky” stats that define the biggest matchups of the college football season!

We normally spend some time recapping key statistical takeaways from the previous week’s action, but unfortunately, we haven’t had a college football game in over 200 days. But the long wait is finally over! Week 0 is somehow already upon us, which means it’s time to jump right into some sneaky stats that may define this first round of 11 sweet, sweet games of college football this week!

Listen to our ACC Atlantic Preview

And that’s all the Sneaky Stats for the opening weekend of the 2022 College Football Season! Enjoy the kickoff of the best sport in existence! If you have questions or comments find me on Twitter @FF_TravisM and check out the College to Canton Podcast for more stats-based takes from me too!


Saturday, January 7th
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