Tire Fire Alert: Week 13

November 22, 2013

The finish line is in sight, folks. Each week the stakes get higher as the BCS picture and conference races come into clear view. Fortunately, for our purposes, that also means lots of low/no-stakes matches on the other end of the spectrum. This week, we have a positively putrid match at the bottom of the Big 12, as well as a slew of “body bag” games with the big boys that ain’t nobody got time for. Which is why we’re here: to inform. Here is the the blazing tire heap for week 13.

Tire Fire Alert: Week 12

November 15, 2013

We’re back, boys and girls, for another installment of Tire Fires. This week, we have some really dismal units just waiting to get tossed into a trash heap and burned at 1,000 degrees. As the year begins to wind down, we’ve got three teams that have gone from bad to burning-Kuwaiti-tire awful. One thing fans of all three of these teams can hang their hats on: the basketball season is underway. Though, it must be tough to ignore the wretched fumes emitting from the football stadium. Grab a clothespin and let’s hit it.