For the last few seasons, the pulse of college football fans–and, more specifically, listeners of The Solid Verbal–has been measured by the ever-popular Reverb line (408-VERBAL1).  The rules are simple: If you’ve got something to say, call the number and leave it for friends who care.  Make no mistake that Ty and Dan care.  If they didn’t, they wouldn’t play your messages aloud.  As long as you’re not calling their actual phones, it’s a symbiotic relationship.

It wasn’t until now that we decided to keep score.  I’m Ty’s cousin Tony.  I’ll be here all fall.

Throughout the year, I’ll keep track of the moods, rants and raves of Verballers in what we have dubbed, “The Reverb Index”.  Actually, it’s more a series of indices that will chart a number of different statistics. Hey, it’s arbitrary, but so is the BCS! (Hey-O!)

College football’s first weekend elicited more excitement than skepticism.  Sixty-six percent of Reverb dialers seemed to be in a good mood when they called.  I couldn’t tell for certain how many of these callers were intoxicated when they decided to call two strange men on the Internet, but, by my estimation, it was about eleven percent.  This is really low, people.  Get it together.

Regardless, the unbridled optimism heard below is as good an example as any of fans being hopped up on hype.  So much so that, for the first time ever, this could’ve actually been an Illinois fan:

But it wasn’t just the mood that made last weekend’s Reverbs interesting.  On college football’s opening week, Verballers called in to discuss 28 different games, the most popular of which was Temple–Notre Dame, which tipped the scales at 15.5-percent of all calls that referenced a game.  Saturday night’s Georgia–Clemson thriller was a close second with 13.3-percent of calls that referenced a specific game.  Approximately one-percent of our calls came from the guy below, who may be contracted as The Solid Verbal’s official poet before season’s end:

Of course, the popularity of the Temple–Notre Dame game among callers had mostly to do with Ty’s love of the Fighting Irish and his repeated attempts to talk himself into trusting Tommy Rees.  For what it’s worth, I almost called in about this topic.  Ty is a total head case on gameday.  We need a YouTube mashup of him watching Rees play quarterback, especially on that fated day that Tommy Turnover makes his triumphant return, violates all trust, and melts my cousin into a pool of his own sorrow.

All that aside, Rees was the most talked about player this weekend.  Of Verballers who mentioned a specific player or coach, an astounding 36.8-percent mentioned Rees or “Reesus”.  I was directed that “Reesus” needs to be in all capital letters.  Look, I’ll type it out, but I’m not going to feel that good about it.  Not yet.  I’ve watched this guy try to throw downfield… don’t push it.  Regardless, some listeners are clearly buying Tommy Touchdown’s opening week performance:

Thankfully, Johnny Manziel was not the main topic this weekend.  Ty and Dan included some of the negative sentiment surrounding Manziel in their weekly cut-up of Reverbs.  Yes, one message referenced Manziel in an extremely negative way.  By my estimation, this offended only one guy on The Solid Verbal’s Facebook page (click below to see the comment).  Everyone else was cool with it.

Finally, only 37-percent of callers actually made their rooting interests clear.  Of those that did, Michigan State fans led the way.  This was mostly to complain about a Spartan offense that, unfortunately, continued last season’s underwhelming trend:

That’s all for now. Keep calling The Solid Verbal’s Reverb line at 408-VERBAL1 (408-837-2251) and I’ll keep the books.