The Reverb Index: Week Four

September 24, 2013

Week Four of the college football season did not phase the Reverb line (408-VERBAL1).  Indeed, the phones continued to ring; however, moods began to wear a little thin. As you can see in the chart below, callers are slowly becoming more downtrodden.  Last week, 45.9-percent of Verbalers called to vent their frustrations.  It’s the highest we’ve seen so far.  Despite this rise in negativity, most of you (54.1-percent to be exact), were content with what you saw on the gridiron this weekend.

The Reverb Index: Week Two and Week Three

September 20, 2013

The Reverb Line is flourishing.  And surprisingly upbeat. As you can see from the following chart, while the majority of callers remained generally in a good mood, there was a decline from Week One’s 66-percent to Week Two’s 58-percent.  Week Three saw moods hold steady with nearly 59-percent of callers generally upbeat about the weekend’s events.  Further, in Week Two only about 17-percent of you were drunk when you called in. Week Three had even less, as about 11-percent of you sounded audibly intoxicated. I have to say, I remain underwhelmed in this area.

Tire Fire Alert: Week Four

September 20, 2013

Over the past few seasons, The Solid Verbal has spoken, retroactively, about the most egregious weekly performances in the world of college football.  These lowlights, referenced lovingly as “tire fires”, have become a regular part of the podcast, as well as the sport’s lexicon.  In late 2011, EA Sports felt compelled to add a “Tire Fire Offense” badge to its NCAA 12 video game, offering a small pat on the back to gamers with poor offensive aptitude.  In real college football, though, tire fires should never be considered notable or noble achievements.  Fans around the country, from Iowa to… Iowa, . . .

The Alabama-Texas A&M Running Diary: Part II

September 17, 2013

CONTINUED FROM YESTERDAY’S FIRST HALF DIARY… 5:42 – We have a second half kickoff!  Texas A&M has some work to do. 5:45 – Alabama just went three-and-out after McCarron overthrew a wide open receiver over the middle.  I’m torn on how I feel about McCarron as a pro prospect.  On one hand, he’s lost only twice over his career and has two BCS championship rings.  On the other, well, that was a bad throw he just made.  I feel the exact same way about McCarron as I did Greg McElroy, even though I know McCarron has more physical tools.