Although my beloved Crimson Tide lost, I thought about it and have decided on my national championship game pick: The game will be Oregon vs. K-State. HOWEVER, the Alabama Crimson Tide will kidnap the Oregon players and steal their uniforms before the game and play against KSU disguised as the Ducks. The score should be something like Alabama/Oregon 203, KSU -4, with the Ducks easily covering a 3.5 point spread. After the game, the Crimson Tide players will remove their helmets and reveal their identities; they will be crowned National Champions for Life on the spot and college football will be over, its ultimate mission of proclaiming Alabama supremacy accomplished once and for all.

-Solid Lennon 8: True Alabama Fan

Several thoughts here, Mr. Lennon 8…

1) “Solid Lennon 8: True Alabama Fan?”  Is this a nickname you gave yourself or one that was given to you by a friend?  Because, you know, you can’t give yourself a nickname under any circumstance.  That’s a violation.

2) It would be just like Saban to pull a stunt like this, wouldn’t it?  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how he keeps getting top flight talent to Tuscaloosa.  Obviously, the whole “winning the SEC every year and getting guys to the NFL” thing helps.  And the University of Alabama and Tuscaloosa are wonderful places, but c’mon.  These guys have to be getting paid, right?  I know, I know… the Bama diehards out there will say that everyone else is doing it, too.  I can’t really refute this claim; personally, I couldn’t care less.  But Saban… he just must doing it better than everyone else.  I’m more impressed than appalled.

3) On that same note, what is the budget for this kidnapping operation?  I ask, because, with high definition television, the Tide will need a fleet of convincing masks and body suits to make this remotely believable.  Disguises ain’t cheap, and I doubt the Halloween superstore sells tearless A.J. McCarron masks.  The only other option is to use an excessive amount of Eye Black to conceal true identities, but that’s a risky proposition since it comes off pretty easily.

4) Here’s the good news: Alabama may not need to kidnap anyone to play Oregon.  I’m somewhat convinced that Notre Dame is losing next week to USC and that Kansas State is losing the following week to Texas.  I’ve convinced myself of this as a defense mechanism, but it is possible.  The bad news: If they play, I’m picking Oregon to win 38-30.