As mentioned on our Week One Preview show, we will be hosting a live VIDEO show every Saturday this fall, starting September 1st, for SB Nation. The show will tape in New York at the SB Nation studio on a custom-built set for The Solid Verbal. We’re extraordinarily excited about the possibilities.

Here’s what you need to know:

What is it?

It’s basically the show as it is today, but we’ll be two feet away from each other and we have the ability to incorporate visual elements — clips, GIFs, pictures, guests, and awesome hats — as we have a weird and occasionally informed conversation about games that have happened or will happen shortly.

We should also stress that this isn’t us simply live-streaming ourselves from a couch with a webcam. We’re in the process of finishing up The Solid Verbal’s set, a home that will include three (3!) cameras and actual lighting to make us look weird and professional.

When is it?

The best answer is 7ish ET (6 Central, 5 Mountain, 4 Pacific, 1 Hawaiian). We don’t want to go on-air until the biggest 3:30 ET game ends because, frankly, we’ll be watching it and we know you probably will be, too. That said, everybody watches everything, so we’ll make sure you know via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ (that’s still a thing, right?), etc when we’re going live. Your best bet is to follow @SolidVerbal on Twitter for to-the-second updates.

Where can I watch?

Because of SB Nation’s relationship with Google/YouTube and because they do the best job of streaming live video, we’ll be doing this through YouTube Live. You’ll be able to find it at or via and

What can I do?

Watch, tell your friends to watch, and most importantly of all, continue to be awesome Verballers by sending us tweets, emails, voice messages, hell, even videos from tailgates. We’ll use it all to make this show as weird as you’ve grown accustomed to the Solid Verbal being.

Again, watch the show. It’s better than TV, it’s The Solid Verbal.