This is the section of the email Ty read out loud this week in regards to a young sports fan connected to a Verballer (Eliot from Seattle). It’s a pretty simple, non-monetary request. Worth a few seconds to read:

[…] the reason I’m emailing you is to ask a favor of Verballer Nation. My girlfriend’s cousin is a 8-year old boy battling Neuroblastoma for the third time in five years. He has an incredibly strong heart and he is a big sports fan (I suspect he is possibly even a future Solid Verbal listener). He lives across the country, so I haven’t ever had the chance to meet him but I can hardly fathom how brave and strong he must be to get up and fight cancer every single day.


SO, here’s how Solid Verbal Nation could help: His 9th birthday is coming up at the end of March and his mom is trying to get birthday cards sent to him from every state and province in the US and Canada. Naturally my first thought was that there would be no better way to get the word out to all 50 states than through my favorite (formerly) bi-coastal podcast.

The address for the cards is:

Super Nick Power
PO Box 142
Dracut, MA 01826

Have at it, folks. Let’s inundate this kid with cards from everywhere we are. A simple “Happy Birthday from all us in [city, state] Go [team]! would more than suffice. Also looking at you International Verballers…