Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Methodist Ladies College attendee Isla Fisher. She was also perdy on Bored to Death this week.


• CBS’s Brett McMurphy thinks Penn State could have a hard time finding an enthusiastic bowl invite.

• CBS’s Bruce Feldman ranks the country’s top ten freshmen.

• Urban Meyer wants no part of the Arizona job.

• Arkansas WR/PR Joe Adams is eternally trolling on special teams.

• ESPN’s Ted Miller takes a closer look at new Washington State QB Connor Halliday.

• Butch Davis had no idea that former assistant John Blake was chummy with an agent. Mmhmm.

•’s Andy Staples has power rankings in which he compares his top 25 teams to early MTV videos. It’s just too bad he couldn’t squeeze Texas in for the RATT track. Oh well.

A little late (on my part), but The Wiz has Week 11 snapshots.

• Yahoo!!!!!!’s Dr Saturday has a Best of Times/Worst of Times update. Guess where Maryland ended up?

• Yahoo!!!!!! also has a Week 12 viewer’s guide. Convenient.


Today’s Video of the Day is the reel of an acrobatic stuntman. Conservatively, I don’t think I could execute any more than 30% of what he does here.


Enjoy your Wednesday.

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