Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Clinton High School attendee Tracy Morgan. Yep.


• Minnesota coach Jerry Kill is resting and in stable condition after suffering a seizure on the sideline Saturday. Get better immediately.

• Fox Sports sort of hates college football and its traditions. In a conflict of interest-y type way, of course.

• CBS’s Tony Barnhart has his weekend thrills. Non-surprise: His thrills involve only the largest college football programs.

• Auburn coach Gene Chizik, some time ago (via edsbs).

• Georgia‘s taking a hit at linebacker.

• ESPN‘s bloggers have power rankings. I’m told they mean something.

• Not enough? How ’bout a little “What We Learned” and some bowl projections?

•’s Stewart Mandel goes overtime.

• Cliff Harris is back, back again.

• Thirty four people out of 100 and some odd thousand people got in trouble at Michigan’s first night game. Not bad.


Today’s Video of the Day is Tracy Morgan answering questions in a closet. Hell yes it is.


Enjoy your Monday.

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