Today’s Chorus is brought to you by former dental student Sofía Vergara. She’ll soon return to all of our lives in wondrous HD. 


• Texas A&M absolutely did not send the Big 12 a withdrawl letter. Update: They almost assuredly will.

Top incoming Oklahoma freshman WR Trey Metoyer will be academically ineligible this season. Just between you and me, they’ll be fine.

• ESPN’s Edward Aschoff profiles Mississippi State’s linebackers. Apparently, the key for them is “working hard.” Thanks for the insight, fellas.

• Ohio State released its first depth chart with a big “OR” between Joe Bauserman and Braxton Miller at QB. Why they can’t just sew the two of them together and try to beat the system that way is beyond me.

• Florida has a depth chart. Sharif Floyd at DE seems mildly unfair.

News and notes from the Big East. Presented without further comment.

Fearless SEC predictions are available. Such courage.

• Texas has a depth chart. It was released during a six hour Longhorn Network depth chart special. Also, Mack Brown says “more unique” in an attached video, which, of course, isn’t an actual phrase.

• SB Nation’s Spencer Hall previews the Big 12. Pie charts are heavily leaned on.

Things are getting colorful for Maryland at their home opener. Good luck with all of that.

•’s Stewart Mandel has bowl projections. It’s just that time.

•’s Andy Staples has 15 impact freshmen. He calls it the Freshman 15, because, well, you get it.

Lawyerin’ is now a thing with LSU and Jordan Jefferson.

• LSU is down a starting guard. Knees are total jerks.

A new Rivals 100 is out. Adjust your Tuesdays.


Today’s Video of the Day features hilarious August injuries. It really was a great month for funny pain.


Enjoy your Tuesday.

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