Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Freaks and Geeks AND Loyola Marymount alum Linda Cardellini. I think I like the Lindsay Weir version better.


• Arkansas RB Knile Davis is out for the season after breaking his ankle during a scrimmage. Awful news.

• Texas A&M to the SEC isn’t nearly as true as the consistently reliable Texas A&M Rivals site would have you believe.

Could Florida State go to the SEC? Probabmaybwhoknows.

We like Indiana coach Kevin Wilson a lot more after his radio appearance yesterday.

2011 will be Howard Schnellenberger’s last year coaching Florida Atlantic. Here’s to his pants being suspended in a professional, respectable way.

A nice point/counterpoint between Florida H-back Trey Burton and an interviewer. Her point is calling him hot, his counterpoint is looking at her chest. It balances out.

• ESPN figures out which teams are just big ol’ teases.

• Jim Tressel and Ohio State are testifying today before the NCAA. Perfect way to start the weekend, right?

• Fox Sports’s Thayer Evans profiles West Virginia menace DE Bruce Irvin.

•’s Andy Staples has an ACC preview, but fails to talk about Maryland scooters. This is why we win.

SEC Week is real and it’s spectacular.

• Cal lost presumed starting FB Eric Stevens to a torn ACL.

• Rivals has a Florida State preview. Conclusion: It’s Bjoern Time.

• Cincinnati‘s going black on matte black with alternate helmets.


Today’s Video of the Day is the Warcraft kid freaking out over a tattoo. This is video birth control.


Enjoy your Friday. Keep warm.

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