Today’s Chorus is brought to you by San Francisco State Dana Carvey, whose “Critic’s Choice” standup special still holds up. Also, read an oral history of his old variety show. And chop some broccoli.


• OU OLB Travis Lewis will miss eight weeks after breaking his toe. He’s expected to tackle everyone in the hospital. Twice.

• You’ll start rooting for Tulsa QB G.J. Kinne in 3..2..1…

A limited James Rodgers is practicing for Oregon State. Scary.

More details about the arrest of Texas S Christian Scott have come out. Not good.

More Dr Saturday SEC Week lurve. Jump on it.

• Rivals has a Texas A&M preview in which they appear to be just as confused about the Aggie possibilities as we all are.

• EDSBS contributor Anonymous IV at Mono Lake has a new system of college football taxonomy. Have fun with this.

• CBS’s Brett McMurphy wonders if Arkansas can be the next Auburn. I’ll do you one better and tell you if they are with absolute certainty in mid-December.

• ESPN quickly runs down conference Heisman candidates and Nick Foleses.

• ESPN‘s bloggers give out QB superlatives. FINALLY, some attention for QBs on ESPN.

Previewing LSU might be what sends SB Nation’s Bill Connelly completely over the edge.

• Ole Miss is going to slowly flatten all of their best footballs.

• Virginia has one enormous player and many smaller ones who will hit you with flags.

• Minnesota coach Jerry Kill will make you clean a horse stall. He won’t think twice about it, either.


Today’s Video of the Day features Gabe, today’s bulldog of the day.


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