Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Daniel Tosh, UCF graduate, and possible Knight-Knight fan. Doing O’Leary proud!


• Top HS QB prospect Jameis Winston picked Florida State yesterday, though he’s expected to also be taken high in next year’s baseball draft. Wouldn’t wish his problems on my worst enemy. (video)

• The Humanitarian Bowl is no more. The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl is, uh, more.

• Oregon State WR James Rodgers has been cleared for (limited) practice, which is awful news for everybody in the Pac-12.

• CBS’s Tony Barnhart has 2011’s top ten trap games. As always, Admiral Ackbar ghost wrote most of this.

• SB Nation’s Bill Connelly has a thorough, fact-filled Auburn preview. RollsRoyce5 will immediate denounce all of it as being a sham and biased.

• ESPN’s David Ubben reflects on Big 12 media days. Guessing they weren’t served lobster like the lucky sumbitches in the Big East.

An SEC media days lookback.

• Pac-12 ditto. B1G ditto.

•’s Stewart Mandel has a new mailbag that completely ignores this season of Whale Wars, which I know Stew himself is not doing. Bring it out in the open, Mandel!

• Pre-Snap Read is counting down teams with extraordinary detail. Read it. Love it. Live it. Here’s Florida.

• Yahoo!!!!!!’s Dr Saturday continues Pac-12 week with Cal and defining games. (And no, Cal isn’t in today’s defining games post)

• Rivals has the nation’s best OL groups. Iowa is #5 despite last September’s Arizona game existing.

Touted incoming Mizzou DE Sheldon Richardson is yet to be cleared by the NCAA. Or he has. Or he hasn’t. Or he has. Or he hasn’t.

• Illinois waterskis. Simple as that.


Today’s Video of the Day is an explanation of hipsterdom, but by puppets. Of course.


Enjoy your Thursday. Rock the shwag.

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