Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Duke graduate Retta, who drives (easily) the best car on Parks and Recreation. We forgive her for her Blue Devil-dom.


No Big 12 proprietary networks can broadcast high school games for a year. Hear that, Cyclone Network? Exactly.

• South Carolina QB Stephen Garcia is officially back. No party is safe.

It’s been too long without an EDSBS Fulmer Cupdate. Now it’s been like three seconds.

• The Big 12 has enough receivers to rank the best ten. Garrett Gilbert has some ‘splaining to do.

• Northwestern QB Dan Persa‘s Heisman campaign (including branded dumbbells!) starts now. Or when his shredded achilles fully heals, whichever comes first… and then it starts!!!!

• SB Nation’s Bill Connelly has a Clemson preview. I had big expectations for this one after starting out strong, but it faded pretty quickly.

Media members ate well at Big East media day. Whew.

•’s Cory McCartney profiles Louisville RB Victor Anderson, he of “What ever happened to Victor Anderson” fame.

The most uncomfortable media day hundred seconds of your day now exist. I got through about 31 seconds.

• Yahoo!!!!!’s Dr Saturday has begun Pac-12 week in the Grand Canyon State.

• Maryland‘s going to have new uniforms. Calling it now — camo turtle print.

• Smart Football has highlights, clips, and insights from Mike Leach’s “Swing your Sword.”

• Rivals ranks backfields. The top two are way out west where they don’t even know how to play REAL football.

• Rivals has a Michigan State preview, which features the dreamy Kirk Cousins. (SNAP OUT OF IT RUBENSTEIN)


Today’s Video of the Day is your introduction to Chief Shark Officer Andy Samberg. Backflip!


Enjoy your Tuesday. Commerce!

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