Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Connie Britton, Dartmouth graduate, Friday Night Lights alumnus, and Jimmy Traina podcast guest. I think we all know what her legacy will be.


• Bruce Feldman has an army of supporters. Here’s proof. And here’s the original story.

• Georgia Tech‘s 2009 season didn’t happen and they’ll be probed closely for the next four years. For $100,000.

• CBS’s Dennis Dodd examines the new Mike Leach book, Swing Your Sword.

• Fox Sports Florida claims Florida State’s secondary is the “best in the nation” (according to the headline). Also, it’s an irrefutable fact that the Seminoles were 103rd in 2010 in total passing yards allowed and were thoroughly average even within the ACC in Y/A allowed, QB rating against, and completion percentage against. Other than that, though, LOCK DOWN.

Touted RB recruit Kenyan Drake picked his school of choice via head shaving. Yeah.

• Rivals previews Michigan. Apparently, the impact newcomer is a kicker. If that doesn’t get you fired up … you’re probably justified in your apprehension.

• Jim Tressel was officially “unacceptable.”

• Georgia LB Richard Samuel is now Georgia RB Richard Samuel.


Today’s Video of the Day is an elaborate toy war. I’m more than a little jealous.


Enjoy your Friday. Merchandise!

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