Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Lindsay Sloane, college career unknown. I do know that she went to the same high school as Matt Cassell, she’s briefly in Horrible Bosses and will be in something called “A Good Old Fashioned Orgy.” I enjoy Lindsay Sloane.


• ESPN‘s suing Ohio State for the most valuable commodity of all — INFORMATION.

• Eleven Warriors has the requests from various CFB media for Ohio State documents. My brain is imploding.

• Excerpts from Mike Leach‘s new book, Swing your Sword can be found on Yahoo’s The PostGame (red period).

• Georgia OL Brent Benedict is transferring to Virginia Tech. Once those cows greet you as you drive into Blacksburg, IT’S OVER.

• SB Nation’s Bill Connelly tries to understand Cincinnati.

• The day has finally come — ESPN RANKS B1G SECONDARIES!!!!!!

• ESPN is previewing impact games well ahead of kickoff and about three weeks ahead of fall camp. And I’m reading them.

The toxicology reports from the death of Oklahoma LB Austin Box have been released.

• Fox Sports Detroit previews B1G QBs. If you get distracted, there are photographs of random attractive Detroit citizens to take your mind off of football.

• Things were even fishier than we probably even thought with the way ESPN’s Craig James handled the whole “I’m gonna get a coach fired” situation.

• Arizona State doesn’t stop working at 5:00. They try to sell season ticket packages to see a team in an outdated, half-empty stadium at all hours of the night. (via Dr Sat)

I didn’t even know this existed, but has recruiting rundowns by 24/7’s Barton Simmons. Start reading ’em, especially when they’re about Oregon not hurting in the short term on the recruiting trail.

• The Wiz has Army’s 2011 poster schedule. Not pictured: Patti LaBelle.

• Oregon CB Cliff Harris, after being absent from some summer workouts (presumably to work on not driving 118 mph) is back working out with the team voluntarily.

• Kansas City Royals OF Bubba Starling is in Lincoln, NE.

• Washington will play San Diego State and LSU next year. Husky games just got way more attractive (physically).

Oh don’t pretend like you didn’t see a Randy Edsall-inspired ice cream flavor coming.


Today’s Video of the Day is part one of a documentary about the recent Tuscaloosa tornado. A giant basketball player is prominently involved.