Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Kevin James, SUNY Cortland attendee. I swear to you, he used to be a funny stand-up. I promise.


For the first time, Ohio St AD Gene Smith admits that he asked Jim Tressel to resign. I’m guessing “asked” is probably a kind word for “told.” Just guessing though.

There might not be an NFL season again. Or something.

• B1G commissioner Jim Delaney wouldn’t mind the conference going rogue. Or off the grid. Either one sounds cool.

• CBS’s Bryan Fischer has a recruiting notebook. I’ll bet it has rad, hand-drawn band logos all over it. Total badass.

• Oregon CB Cliff Harris has slowly started paying back the $8500 he owes in traffic fines. As always, money be green.

• ESPN’s Brian Bennett speaks with Indiana’s Kevin Wilson. Intensely.

• Big East safeties are ranked. By and large, they outperformed all Big East doorknobs. Nailed it.

• Former Nebraska QB Cody Green might visit USC. A private word to Cody — eating at Chano’s at 1 AM will seem like a fine idea until the next morning.

• Fox Sports Ohio lists “giant killers.” If they did crazy, petite killers, Casey Anthony would’ve been a shoe-in.

Trust me, LSU QB Jordan Jefferson is a sure-thing to have a great year. I haven’t a single question about him.

• Rivals profiles Hawaii QB Bryant Moniz.

• Washington RB Deontae Cooper tore his ACL. Again.


Today’s Video of the Day is Jake Gyllenhaal vs Wild. Ty apparently loves this stuff.


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