Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Louis CK, non-college attendee. His show is probably the funniest thing on this summer and feature a top 5 pregnancy fart of 2011. What more do you need?

• Alabama RB Dee Hart is confirmed to have torn his ACL during 7-on-7 activity.

• Tennessee S Janzen Jackson has re-enrolled after a brief estrangement.

• Alabama and Virginia Tech have agreed to play to open the 2013 season in Atlanta. (RERUN)

•’s Stewart Mandel has a new mailbag and a new podcast. Always gotta have multiple hustles. ALWAYS.

• CBS’s Dennis Dodd wonders if teams can win without cheating, even though the word “cheating” doesn’t mean what he thinks it does.

• West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen gave his time to talk to “Three Guys in a Garage,” which is both a radio show and a very specific fetish.

• The Big East has LB corps. ESPN orders ’em up. You’ll be happy with what you get, ok?

• Fox Sports Southwest breaks down Big 12 position battles in easy slideshow form.

• Is Nebraska good? “MaybesortofIdontknow,” says SB Nation’s Bill Connelly.

• Do you get excited about preseason award watch lists? That’s weird, but I’ll indulge you anyway.

• Rivals profiles Texas DE Alex Okafor.

• A recruiting update from Nike’s “The Opening” combine/tournament.


Today’s Video of the Day is the 2010 Eurovision song contest entry from Moldova. I’m perhaps the last person to see this. Enjoy the gentleman on sax.


Enjoy your Thursday.

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