Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Purdue graduate Jim Gaffigan, who probably, despite the bacon and hot pockets, still has healthier knees than Ralph Bolden.


• Former NC State QB Russell Wilson is officially a Wisconsin Badger. I don’t even know why we’re wasting time actually playing out the B1G season. Sam Keller approves of this message.

When it comes to the rule that allows Wilson to transfer,’s Andy Staples is a shameless fanboy.

The autopsy results pertaining to the death of Alabama OL Aaron Douglas came back positive for multiple drugs.

• The Pac-12 is bringing Apple and Google aboard. Lycos and AltaVista are still totally down to party, Big 12.

• Former Florida Gator and current Miami Dolphin LB Channing Crowder “hypothetically” sold his jerseys while still in school. Hypothetically, I don’t care.

• CBS’s Dennis Dodd profiles Miami coach Al Golden. The word “swagger” appears no less than three times.

• Former ASU WR Kerry Taylor has gone public with his lack of confidence in ASU coach Dennis Erickson. It’s almost like Taylor has closely followed Erickson’s career.

• ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg talks to Kansas OC Chuck Long mostly about non-Kansas things. Probably smart.

• Purdue RB Ralph Bolden has intact ACLs. For now.

• ESPN’s Andrea Adelson profiles Navy OL Travis Bridges. Spoiler: Root for Travis Bridges.

• ESPN’s David Ubben catches up with former Oklahoma QB Jason White. He now sells clothes on fewer intact ACLs than Ralph Bolden.

Given its recent circumstances, could Ohio State recruiting take a hit? Probably, says Fox Sports.

• SB Nation’s Bill Connelly gets all up in the Cougars. I wrote that sentence like that on purpose. BYU.

It should be known that Marshall has a RB named “Tron.” And that he is not at all above the law.

• Rivals has bounce back players.


Today’s Video of the Day is a local TV reporter casually taking a last puff from a cigarette … while covering a blazing oil fire.


Enjoy your Tuesday. Go buy things.

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