Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Mizzou’s Jon Hamm, who got richer this week. Don’t let the money cramp your saxy style, Jon. Don’t do it.


• Former UNC coach John Blake has a reputation, and part of that reputation includes biology charisma.

• Former USC WR Lonnie White (early-mid 80’s) received payments while playing for the Trojans. It all sounds about right until you hear who paid him … NCAA PRESIDENT MARK EMMERT!!!! <— I made that up.

• Florida needs warm bodies. If they don’t get them, EDSBS’s Spencer Hall may be forced to shoot video trying out for the team. He might die. Let’s save Spencer.

• New Michigan coach Brady Hoke is poking the bear. Ahem, bear cub.

• ESPN’s Heater Dinich (new name!) ranks ACC WR corps.

If you’re more bored than you’ve ever been, please accept this offering of ESPN’s best SEC kickers and punters, plus special teams. Please.

• ESPN’s Brian Bennett has a brief profile of new starting Iowa RB Marcus Coker.

Bennett’s ESPN B1G Ten partner Adam Rittenberg handles the receivers and tight ends. That sounded wrong.

• ESPN’s Ted Miller speculates on the Pac-12’s impact freshmen. Oregon State apparently has an incoming DE named Rusty Fernando. That is all.

• Football Study Hall previews Tennessee with no mention of Tyler Bray’s tattoo. And they were on such a roll, too.

• Terrelle Pryor got his own Jon Gruden segment. You can hear him apologize for nothing in particular all over again.

• Notre Dame players have new gloves that test the limits of multi-headed mascots.

•’s Stewart Mandel had the gall to take a honeymoon when so much was going on in college football. He catches up here.

• Auburn‘s getting early points from Vegas in pretty much all of their 2011 games.

• Iowa St RB DeVondrick Nealy was cited for shootin’ stuff on campus with a BB gun. Way to go.


Today’s Video of the Day is your 90s childhood quickly flashed before your eyes. It’s more traumatic than you think.


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