Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Mary-Louise Parker, former North Carolina School of the Arts student. And Weeds star. And … I lost my train of thought. She probably doesn’t know about Butch Davis’s troubles, and I don’t care.


• North Carolina pretty much broke every rule. Total bad boys of the ACC, for sure.

•’s Stewart Mandel thinks UNC coach Butch Davis will survive. Basically, he’s a T1000.

• CBS’s Dennis Dodd talks to Oregon coach Chip Kelly about the Ducks‘ ongoing situation with the NCAA. Win the Dodd.

• ESPN ranks Big 12 WRs/TEs and then SEC DBs. Trust me, you can’t overstate how huge the DBs are in the south.

• ESPN then ranks Big 10 QBs. Michigan QB Denard Robinson is apparently the best they’ve got.

• Pitt officially welcomed Ohio State LB transfer Ejuan Price into their awaiting arms.

• Auburn got blung (past tense of a new verb).

• Football Study Hall cracks open the UNC door and notices that things got better as games went on. Also, things could potentially get much worse.

New lesson: Always give Rick Ross credit in your tweets.

• Oklahoma St is building a $16 million practice facility. Psh, I bet they don’t even have an organic juice bar built in.

• Rivals talks to former Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez.

• Ohio State president Gordon Gee stood before a group of nuns and apologized for using “Little Sisters of the Poor” in vain. Whattaguy.

• UCLA OL Stan Hasiak is academically ineligible, which I believe brings him to seven strikes.

• LSU coach Les Miles pretty much owns an 8-foot basketball hoop. His young daughter stood no chance.


Today’s Video of the Day is Tom Hanks doing an impromptu weather report. For Spanish-speaking TV.


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