Today’s Chorus is brought to you by former UCLA attendee and noted insane person Nicolas Cage. It’s about time.


Does Ohio State AD Gene Smith want to hire private detectives to tail Buckeye football players? Um, possibly.

• CBS’s Dennis Dodd has ten facts about the Rose Bowl. My weird Rose Bowl fact: It’s the best place to see a game in January, but probably the worst September through December.

• North Carolina players have accrued over $13,000 in parking tickets. That sort of thing requires a professional-level ability to never, ever give a shit.

• Oregon CB Cliff Harris is at a non-Bone Thugs ‘n Harmony crossroads, says the Register-Guard’s George Schroeder.

• MGOBLOG compares Ohio St to USC. In a completely reasonable, unbiased way. Mostly.

After an unfortunate reference to Aaron Douglas (removed shortly after posting), ESPN’s Edward Aschoff ranks SEC offensive lines.

The ACC is very happy with their dainty debutante schedule, thank you very much.

• ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg ranks Big Ten running backs. He separates Wisconsin‘s two headed monster, which is a testament to just how cruel and unusual Adam Rittenberg truly is.

• Colorado C Mike Iltis is retiring due to both injury and academic concerns, making him the 18th player to leave the Colorado program this offseason. That doesn’t feel like a normal number, does it?

• Lost Letterman ranks college football’s top transfers. I hope Kansas State RB Bryce Brown makes the list again in two years.

• Auburn coach Gene Chizik was kind of surprised he was hired two years ago, too.

Incoming Ohio St linebacker Ejuan Price requests permission to become “Former Ohio St linebacker Ejuan Price.”

• Notre Dame is getting a network. You probably won’t watch it.


Today’s Video of the Day is a completely insane remix of The View. I have no idea, either.


Enjoy your Friday. Buy apparel.

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