Today’s Chorus is brought to you by former New York School of Visual Arts right tackle Fred Armisen. He also gave a commencement speech.


• Oregon CB Cliff Harris took a leisurely drive (in a dubiously rented car with a suspended license) somewhere in the 118 mph range and state police apparently frowned upon it. Whatever.

• Ohio State introduced new (interim) head coach Luke Fickell. He was asked fair questions and gave back nothing but cliches. Have fun, Columbus media.

• Former Ohio St QB Terrelle Pryor signed yesterday with Drew Rosenhaus and they’ll address the media at 2 PM ET. It promises to be definitely-miss TV.

• SB Nation’s Spencer Hall plays indoor football with an actual semi-pro team. His spleen is still MIA.

An excerpt from the 2010-2011 College Basketball Prospectus entitled “The Trouble with Amateurism.” Go get yer learnin’ on. Seriously.

• ESPN’s Chris Low ranks SEC QBs. It’s a two and a half men situation. (The half is Relf, not Jefferson, by the way)

• Nebraska AD Tom Osborne never really liked the Big 12. Rapscallion.

• Penn St QB Robert Bolden is still (as of now) enrolled at Penn St. So there you go.

• Football Study Hall thinks Notre Dame has a chance to go HAM on their schedule. Also, I’m using the term “HAM” as often as possible since learning its meaning.

Giant sports agency IMG is getting in on the 7-on-7 game. Of course.

• Hawaii REALLY didn’t want to honor a scholarship offer.

• Florida Atlantic safety Cortez Ash was arrested for stealing 400 pounds of copper, or around $1,200 dollars worth. They were THIS close to running the most kickass counterfeit penny ring in all of Indian River County. Damn.

The NCAA is inviting 50 school presidents to a retreat. Emmert’s taking care of the mallows.

• Rivals has position-specific rankings for the recruiting class of 2012.

• NC State QB Mike Glennon is profiled. He’s tall.

• Florida St kicker Dustin Hopkins takes on a Florida St women’s soccer player in a kicking challenge. An uncomfortable microphone and two superfluous minutes are involved.


Today’s Video of the Day is Conan’s commencement speech to the Dartmouth class of 2011. Finally, Ivy League kids catch a break.


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