Today’s Chorus is brought to you by JJ Abrams, Sarah Lawrence alumnus and Super 8 director. And yes Sarah Lawrence actually has an equestrian team.


• Former Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor and his lawyer have threatened legal action against ESPN for “bogus” reports. Guess what isn’t happening? Actual legal action.

The photographer implicated as the person paying Pryor for memorabilia, Dennis Talbott, has denied any wrongdoing and any payment to Pryor. Hm, where should conventional wisdom fall here?

Also, this Dennis Talbott fellow is alleged to have had a ginormous, unregistered Ohio State memorabilia business. Mmhmm.

• Jim Tressel‘s still on the hook for that 250k fine.

• West Virginia coach Bill Stewart is reportedly being bought out as we speak. Damn, Holgorsen DOES move fast.

• USC coach Lane Kiffin will have a chat with the NCAA this weekend. Hopefully, for Kiffin’s sake, the NCAA promotes an atmosphere of tasty refreshments during these meetings.

• ESPN’s David Ubben reviews Big 12 Heisman contenders. I go all Justin Blackmon all the time here.

• ESPN Stats and Info break down the Heisman chances of QBs in their different QB groups. Here’s pro-style, spread, and dual threat.

• Fox Sports Detroit goes game by game with Michigan’s 2011 schedule.

• SI’s Don Banks speaks with NFL scouts about Terrelle Pryor’s NFL prospects. It’s not glowing.

• USC S Patrick Hall has torn an ACL for the second time and will miss the 2011 season.

• EA Sports held a demo for NCAA ’12 at E3. (Goosebumps)


Today’s Video of the Day is elephants going bonkers. Woah.


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