Today’s Chorus is brought to you by somebody named Blake Lively, who apparently is now a fake naked person who may or may not coincidentally have a movie coming out soon. Crazy how that works.


• The SEC spring meetings began and oversigning was the topic du jour.

• Kansas DC Carl Torbush decided to retire to devote his attention to battling “low grade prostate cancer.” Let’s hope for a swift, speedy Torbushian recovery.

• ESPN’s Mark May has spelling credibility! <— I don’t know what “credibility” means.

• Deadspin’s Tommy Craggs very intelligently argues that Jim Tressel is a “symptom, not the disease.”

• SB Nation’s Bill Connelly studies Rutgers. Our sympathies.

Incoming Oregon LB Tyson Coleman was chased down (on bike) and arrested by police after ditching an unopened can of 4Loko. Yep.

• SEC coaches react to Jim Tressel’s resignation. I’m not sure Houston Nutt actually knows what happened. Seriously.

• SB Nation’s Spencer Hall eulogizes Jim Tressel. Oh don’t act surprised that there’s a “suck it” reference in the first paragraph.

• Texas compliance is for real.

Top incoming South Carolina recruit Jadeveon Clowney is most likely eligible. Hurray!


Today’s Video of the Day is Jon Stewart tap dancing on Sarah Palin.

Enjoy your Wednesday.

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