Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Sophia Bush, former USC student and current person who probably could not care less about NCAA sanctions. Basically she’ll looks nice on the site for a long weekend.


•’s Andy Staples says the NCAA, after the USC ruling, has “painted themselves into a corner” regarding the UNC and Ohio State cases. He also opens it with a quote from Wednesday’s South Park, so you know it’s good.

A strange “incident” occurred involving nomadic QB transfer Tate Forcier last month.

• Yahoo!!!!!’s Dan Wetzel has some advice for Ohio State.

• CBS Sports’s Bryan Fischer explains that USC never really had a chance against the NCAA. This mostly has to do with Jim Delaney not being involved in the case.

Current and former Ohio State players are upset with former WR Ray Small. Awwww.

• ESPN’s Brian Bennett drops some realism bombs on the Big East.

• Athlon has Notre Dame as their preseason #6. Also, somebody at Athlon does not care much for actually watching college football.

• ESPN’s David Ubben reveals his Big 12 dream team. I like to imagine he has posters featuring magazine cutouts with inserted hearts and glitter everywhere.

An update on Pac-12 officiating, co-starring an always-dapper Mike Pereira.

• Tulsa should be pretty good this fall. Unfortunately, so should pretty much everyone they play.

• SB Nation’s Paul Wadlington profiles Big 10 commissioner Jim Delaney. You’ll feel a bit dirty by the end.

• The Big House may not be big enough. A proposed add-on may get the noise level beyond “raucous library” … yes!!


Today’s Video of the Day is a collection of ping pong trick shots, but not of the seedy Thai strip club variety.


Enjoy your Friday.

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