Today’s Chorus is brought to you by late West Virginia alumnus Don Knotts, who despite his allegiance to the Mountaineers, would’ve probably sided with Johnny Law re: Dana Holgorsen.


• West Virginia OC Dana Holgorsen was allegedly escorted from the premises of a casino. Allegedly.

• SEC commissioner Mike Slive is proposing anti-oversigning legislation. I imagine it’s called something like the SabanSpurrierNuttPetrino Addendum. Or something.

• CBS Sports’s Brett McMurphy profiles Pitt coach Todd Graham. Graham celebrated by immediately suspending his backup QB.

• ESPN’s Joe Schad reported that former NC State QB Russell Wilson visited Auburn yesterday. Excuse me, I should have used his full name … Joe Schad According to Sources.

With the Big 10 weighing options to cover additional “cost of attendance” for student-athletes, EDSBS examines just what that means at different schools.

• Oregon coach Chip Kelly talks about his team’s unique way of naming captains. After reading this, I think I may have been inadvertently named a captain of something.

The Big 12 has dark horses. Or do they?

• Notre Dame WR Michael Floyd may not miss any games after all. Nice ‘n tidy.

Nomadic QB Tate Forcier either wants to be closer to home or doesn’t. That about covers it.

• SB Nation’s Spencer Hall has some thoughts about South Carolina being favored to win the SEC East. He feels cautiously nauseated.

Noted horrible person Senator Jon Kyl won’t be returning the contribution he received from the Fiesta Bowl.

• Boise State‘s secret? Holland pipeline, duh.


Today’s Video of the Day is the trailer for the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. I can’t argue with any of what Marty Funkhauser says.


Enjoy your Wednesday.

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