Today’s college town restaurant/bar recommendations takes us to Baton Rouge, LA courtesy of Verballer Ryan (find his work here).  As always feel free to add anything he may have missed by emailing us at [email protected] These are his words:


Ruffino’s – Makes Herbstreit’s list of best college town restaurant pretty much every year, and was No. 1 in 2010.

The ChimesBest restaurant that’s right on campus. Fans of opposing teams flock to it every game. Great food, solid beer selection.  … Even an idiot like George W. Bush gave The Chimes some love in his commencement address at LSU in 2004.

Mike Anderson’s – Seafood and steak. Nice restaurant, relatively close to campus and owned by a former football player. Just look at the menu, for God’s sake.

TJ Ribs – Maybe 10 minutes from campus, probably the best BBQ in a so-so BBQ town, also home to Billy Cannon’s heisman trophy – it’s the South Acadian location, just fyi. (Dan edit: I’ve been here, great atmosphere, always packed, the ribs fall clean off the bone. Terrific.)

Roul’s Deli – The most underrated restaurant in BR. You’ll get major credit from LSU fans just by mentioning it. Hole in the wall place right next to Chimes that probably wouldn’t exist if health inspectors ever stepped inside, but they make the best hamburger in the city, and their shrimp burger is insane. Pretty much every review i’ve seen is like this one. “I have yet to taste a better burger than this in Baton Rouge, so until some other restaurant comes around to dethrone Roul, this is our pick for best burger in Baton Rouge.”

Raising Cane’sI don’t really count this since it’s fast food and there’s 10 million better options for visiting fans or people who don’t live here, but the original Raising Cane’s location is right next to Chimes and Roul’s. The owner created the concept as an assignment in business school and got the worst grade in his class; now they have more than 100 locations around the country. (Dan Edit: Also been here and it was great. I know it’s a chain, but this is an original location, so I’ll count it.)


As always, send in anything you think we may have missed or send in places from your own college town to [email protected]