Today’s Chorus is brought to you by former Minnesota attendee Bob Dylan, who, you won’t believe this, was a heroin enthusiast for a bit. Upset of all upsets, I know.


• CBS’s Brett McMurphy eyeballs the Big East and the crossroads it may or may not find itself nearing.

When Michigan plays Notre Dame (in Michigan Stadium‘s first ever night game), the Wolverines will wear made-up throwback uniforms. Certainly one option.

Former Missouri QB Tyler Gabbert visited Louisville over the weekend. At this point, Louisville is being strongly considered as one of many options.

• Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino is the newest coach to get PAID. The good news is his buyout (should he decide to leave) is $18 million in the near future and then $10 million thereafter. And both kidneys. And an eye. And he has to be Arkansas‘s butler.

• Auburn and Alabama spend money on recruiting services. And then some more money.

• ESPN’s Ted Miller has been positively bipolar during his “Hope & Concern” series. He’s been torn up by USC and Washington so far.

• ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg analyzes Michigan’s schedule, just like he did for eight other conference teams. Basically, you can go screw off, Indiana, Northwestern, and Purdue.

• Football Study Hall gets its numbers all up in Kansas State. Bill Snyder will definitely not be reading this, which is why you absolutely should.

• The Wiz is running up the score with his bowl expense reports. Total pro.

• USC QB Matt Barkley is a History Channel superstar.


Today’s Video of the Day is Blake Griffin jumping over a tiger and begging to be in a video game. I like Blake Griffin.


Enjoy your Monday.

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