Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Adam “Pac-Man” Jones, West Virginia attendee and noted rainmaker. Former Fiesta Bowl CEO John Junker is seething with jealousy.


• The Fiesta Bowl was fined ONE MILLION DOLLARS for their minor corruption snafus, but will stay in the BCS. That’s a lot of complimentary 2015 tortilla chips with my name on ’em.

If the NFL lockout sticks, get ready for more four-hour college football games. This according to the people that would make money from the six minute commercial breaks.

• CBS Sports’s Dennis Dodd has decided, before even a single game broadcast, that Urban Meyer on TV isn’t right. But who replaces him in the booth? My guess — Bob Stoops.

If you’re keeping score at home, it’s been almost three and a half years since Joe Paterno has visited a recruit. And now he’ll be traveling less. Scary to think about how good Penn State will be with an acting head coach.

Former Florida CB Janoris Jenkins will be playing out his eligibility at North Alabama, whatever that is.

• ESPN’s Brian Bennett wraps the Big East spring. Long live Tino v. Geno in the backyard.

•’s Stewart Mandel answers emails. He feels good about the SEC. And there you have it.

• Clemson has no interest in Missouri QB transfer Tyler Gabbert. It’s because of the kids, you see.

Thirty percent of Virginia Tech players will receive new helmets that actually help to guard against concussions. Always good.

• Iowa has verbally offered a 15 year old (who hasn’t played a down of varsity football) a scholarship. What could possibly go wrong?

• Rivals profiles Cal QB Zach Maynard, the Buffalo transfer who’s competing for the Bears’ starting job. Oh and his little brother is Cal‘s “star” WR.


Today’s Video of the Day reinforces what we already all knew — jetpacks are awesome.


Enjoy your Thursday.

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