Today’s Chorus is brought to you by high school graduate (!) Kat Dennings, who, um, is in a new, uh, movie, called … yeah, I forget.


• The Pac-12 is getting PAID by Fox and ESPN. Does this mean a dedicated network? Er, at some point? Does this mean that people in western states will be able to always watch their team play? Maybe!!

• Oregon LB Kiko Alonso, who was arrested for burglary Saturday night, has been suspended indefinitely, or as it will soon be known, Kiko Alonso’d.

• Fox Sports’s Jason Whitlock spoke to Willie Lyles, the owner of a recruiting service that’s at the center of much ado. If you thought you were getting fake talk with Whitlock’s podcast, I can’t even begin to tell you how wrong you are.

• Black Heart Gold Pants does some good ol’ fashioned backdoor recruiting for the B1G Ten. Wait, that sounded … HILARIOUS.

• ESPN’s David Ubben locks in on some 2011 Big Twen 100-tackle defenders. If you don’t get on the Jake Knott bandwagon now, you’ll … probably just get on it as soon as you’ve heard of him.

• ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg does the same for the B1G Ten, but with “sack-masters.” Naughty.

• Ohio State presiden Gordon Gee is always down for a goofy group shot.

•’s Stewart Mandel examines how Auburn and Oregon can do so well with senior leadership, yet get virtually shut out at the NFL Draft.

• Syracuse was always pretty awful pre-Doug Marrone. Now they appear to be decent. Here’s how Doug Marrone used The Solid Verbal Bump to get his team on the winning track (minus The Solid Verbal Bump).

• Miami OT Seantrel Henderson denied that he’s transferring back home to Minnesota, which means he 100% is. I think.

• USC and Colorado will play on a Friday night in Boulder. Aww, just like high schools do!!


Today’s Video of the Day is the first few minutes of last night’s Daily Show. The original guest would’ve been much better.

Enjoy your Tuesday.

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