Today’s Chorus is brought to you by ESPN’s most famous community college attendee/draft analyst, Mel Kiper Jr. I can’t pinpoint exactly what he does well or accurately, but he certainly, well, exists.


• The Fiesta Bowl‘s eligibility is being reviewed by an 11 member NCAA panel. Nine of those members went on a Fiesta Bowl sponsored vacation, but I’m sure they’ll be completely impartial about giving the Fiesta Bowl an additional BCS game.

•’s Stewart Mandel breaks down the NCAA’s notice of allegations against Ohio State. Apparently they dodged some sort of bullet. If only there was some way to commemorate this with some sort of long-lasting form of body art…

The NCAA has cleared Ole Miss QB transfer Barry Brunetti to play immediately for the Rebel Black Bears.

• Former Michigan CB Cullen Christian is officially transferring to Pitt, which is also the new home of three former Michigan assistants. So when you find yourself missing Michigan’s general secondary philosophy from the past few years, just flip on over to the Pitt game.

• ESPN’s Ted Miller points out that Arizona State believes it is their “time.” Time for what, nobody exactly knows, but many have already begun to speculate about a *possible* magical Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl run. Shh, don’t jinx it!

• ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg summarizes the action from Wisconsin’s spring game. Long story short, the QBs may have been throwing greased-up footballs.

• Baylor coach Art Briles is anti anti-taunting rules.

• ESPN has surprise SEC spring performers. It did little other than remind me that everybody should pronounce the name “Joel” as Jo-el. Let’s make it happen!

There appears to be a lot of returning passing yards in the Pac-12. And whatever it is that Colorado does in that department.

• Iowa‘s strength and conditioning coach was given the “Assistant of the Year” award by the football program. The trophy was immediately hospitalized.

Incoming Georgia DE Ray Drew hung out with fiddlin’ legend Charlie Daniels. The picture atop the story makes me happy.


Today’s Video of the Day is the best video I’ve ever seen of hipsters making beef stroganoff from scratch while also fighting a ninjas.

Enjoy your Tuesday.

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