Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Marlo Stanfield, whose name is his name. If any college football coach yelled that at the end of an angry press conference, I think I’d abandon all Oregon loyalty and shift my allegiance immediately.


• Notre Dame reached its own conclusions in their internal report regarding the windy day and the death of a videographer, so you know it’s probably accurate.

Three high school football players of varying recruiting importance were arrested for stealing iPods and iPhones from the Georgia locker room. I’m holding out hope for Steve Jobs including this little factoid in his next keynote.

• New Michigan DC Greg Mattison is having an early effect on his players. And judging by the picture used, so is Joe Biden.

• Arizona‘s looking to do the unthinkable and win after Halloween this year. They’re hoping Texas WR transfer Dan Buckner will help.

• Tennessee QB Tyler Bray goes on a cliché-a-thon. It really is 110% impressive.

• Iowa State coach Paul Rhoads is Q’d and offers up some A’s. SO PROUD.

• FoxSports has a summary of Oklahoma’s spring game. Sooner LB Travis Lewis knew I was going to write that.

• Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino gets the SmartFootball treatment. And by that, I mean his passing plays get broken down in an intelligent fashion.

• Track ’em Tigers has an Auburn spring game report. Solid Verbal interview hero/Auburn OL John Sullen gets high marks.


Today’s Video of the Day is a collection of moderately awesome amateur videos from March.


Enjoy your Tuesday.

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