Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Reese Witherspoon, one time Stanford student. Perhaps she was bummed that we had Jeff Tedford on and had a glorious time talking Cal football. It’s fine, Reese, we know where your heart really is.


• Michigan State OT Arthur Ray is again practicing after the 2007 removal of a cancerous tumor from his leg. We wish him many healthy pancakes.

• CBS’s Bryan Fischer visits Fort Worth to break down TCU’s revamped roster. I really did think the use of “revamped” would sound better than it did.

Speaking of which, take a look at TCU’s Rose Bowl ring. It’s essentially a bejeweled golf ball.

Do you have the CBS Sports Network (formerly CBS College Sports)? Do you like Mountain West games? Have I got news for you!

• Bruins Nation breaks down the Pac-12 TV contract possibilities. Every single time the word “Fox” appears in print when people discuss this story, it bums me out just a little bit.

• ESPN’s Ted Miller has notes on Stanford’s defense. I couldn’t find anything on LB Chase Thomas practicing the ol’ fake knee injury. Look harder, Miller. Look harder.

• Yahoo!!!!’s Dr. Saturday turns his QB focus to Darron Thomas, booger-pick and all.

• ESPN’s David Ubben predicts the Big 12’s 1000-yd rushers. A Bryce Brown sighting!

• ESPN’s Chris Low does the same for the SEC, but only lists Alabama RB Trent Richardson at #2. Do you not understand that he may in fact be better than Mark Ingram? Sheesh.

• Cal WR Tevin Carter left the Bears and returned home, the assumption being that Carter has no interest in continuing a football career elsewhere.

• Clemson coach Dabo Swinney talks spring football. And classic American hairstyles.

• Mr SEC has the details of alleged payments and inappropriate contact between an Alabama booster and LB signee Brent Calloway. Fun.


Today’s Video of the Day is the fake Windows 7 commercial with a storm trooper.


Enjoy your Friday.

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