Today’s Chorus is brought to you by Morehead State attendee and perennial game show host  Chuck Woolery. The Eagles are in the tournament and won’t stop breaking hearts until, well, possibly today.


• CBS Sports’s Dennis Dodd profiles Stanford QB Andrew Luck. What I learned: He’s seen ZZ Top LIVE, which only partially explains his neckbeard.

Five-star UNC defensive tackle signee Delvon Simmons has officially been released from his scholarship and will transfer elsewhere. It’s almost as if taking an official visit to the school and meeting your position coach face to face is meaningful. Almost.

• The Pac-12 decided to welcome itself to college sports by filming a bouncy music video. It’s about as good/bad as you think it is.

• Alabama blog Roll Bama Roll previews the Tide’s defensive backfield. I’m guessing they’ll be just fine.

•’s Cory McCartney previews Notre Dame’s spring, along with the springs of other notable non-BCS conference schools. Somebody had to.

• Oh like you’ve never tried to steal a bathing suit by wearing it under your pants? Ole Miss!

• Rivals previews Penn State. “Never count out a Paterno-coached team,” they say, which makes it easier to count out Penn State.

• Rivals also previews Syracuse. You don’t just ignore the Pinstripe Bowl champ, ok?


Today’s Video of the Day is Tom Green in Afghanistan. Bum.


Enjoy your Thursday.

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